When My Love Blooms episode 6 recap and breakdown

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 11, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 6


When My Love Blooms episode 6 is painful in many ways — showing the absolute impossibility of the lead character’s situation.

This recap of K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 6 contains significant spoilers.

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How does When My Love Blooms episode 6 start?

This romantic series continues to get more complex and darker. It’s tantalising watching both lead characters go through so much stress in their respective lives.

It begins in May 1994 — Han Jae Hyun heads to the Space Rock Cafe where Yoon Ji Soo is with a large group of friends, including other boys. When he enters, Yoon Ji Soo tells the boys Han Jae Hyun is her husband. In the present day, they talk about their top moments. In 1995, Han Jae Hyun is protesting and he sees his mother looking at him — she’s worried about his safety by protesting. His father recognizes what he does is right, but wishes he didn’t protest.

This scene shows such a contrast between Han Jae Hyun’s and Yoon Ji Soo’s parents.

In the present day, Han Jae Hyun asks Yoon Ji Soo if they can be together again. She says they wouldn’t be able to smile because she’s against people like him. What an absolute burn.

What happened in the Summer of 2004?

We are back to that scene again where Yoon Ji Soo has been arrested and she won’t settle because she had intent. Lee Se Hoon tried offering support but she refused.

So that’s a bit of background before they got married and had Yeong Min.

Han Jae Hyun seems to be always in trouble.

In the present day, a search warrant has been issued for the company and the chairman tells Han Jae Hyun that Seo Gyeong has gone to the villa as she’s not used to this type of scrutiny.

A flashback reveals that Yoon Ji Soo’s father dismantled Han Jae Hyun’s protest group and placed him on the “wanted” list for creating an anti-government group which is illegal.

To cover-up that he’s on the “wanted” list, Han Jae Hyun tells Yoon Ji Soo about his bar exam and that he must study; he heads to a monastery to hide with a monk overlooking him.

The Chairman is suspicious in When My Love Blooms episode 6.

In the present day, Seo Gyeon’s father (the chairman) tells Seo Gyeon that he reckons Han Jae Hyun is trying to swallow the company slowly and believes he leaked the named accounts. He tells Seo Gyeon to move away from him little by little.

He’s finally protecting his daughter but only because of the company — this scene shows how much power is lusted over family.

What happened in March 1995.

Han Jae Hyun is asked to call Yoon Ji Soo; a friend tells her that Han Jae Hyun is actually on the wanted list for making an anti-government list.

In a major scene, Yoon Ji Soo approaches her father, knowing he put Han Jae Hyun on the list. Her father tells her to make a decision – -an opportunity cost; if she promises not to meet Han Jae Hyun again, he will remove him from the wanted list. If she sees him again, he will be arrested.

Han Jae Hyun evidently ruffled feathers when he approached her father.

What is Yoon Ji Soo’s ex-husband Lee See Hoon up to?

Yoon Ji Soo’s ex-husband Lee Se Hoon texts Seo Gyeon with the photo of Han Jae Hyun and Yoon Ji Soon and asks to meet. He wants her cooperation; Lee Se Hoon states that he wants his wife back and she wants her husband.

Yoon Ji Soo then receives a child return custody letter; Lee Se Hoon shows Yoon Jin Soo the photo of her and Han Jae Hyun — he asks her to give up custody of Yeong Min and she refuses.

The next day, Lee Se Hoon tells Yoon Ji Soo to give up the custody battle and shows her a video of Yoon Ji Soo kissing Han Jae Hyun on the beach.

Lee Se Hoon’s proposition is cruel; if she gives up the custody battle, he’ll remove the video. If she carries on the custody battle, he will release the video to the world while Han Jae Hyun is investigated — Yoon Ji Soo goes home and cries; a difficult scene to swallow. You can see the heartbreak on her face.

We are then treated to another flashback — Yoon Ji Soo tells Han Jae Hyun that they can’t see each other anymore; not because he lied about the “wanted” list but because of her father and asks him to go on his own path.

How does When My Love Blooms episode 6 end?

In the present day, Han Jae Hyun is hounded by the press regarding charges against the company. Yoon Ji Soo asks Lee Se Hoon why he wants custody all of a sudden and then in a strange turn of events she states that he doesn’t want to ruin Han Jae Hyun’s life and offers to get back with Lee Se Hoon.

When My Love Blooms episode 6 is painful in many ways — showing the absolute impossibility of the lead character’s situation.

Other Points

  • Yoon Ji Soo rings her ex-husband and asks him to not use the school incident to his benefit.
  • Han Jae Hyun sings a song that he used to sing when younger to his mother.
  • Yoon Ji Soo is warned by a friend about considering relighting flames with Han Jae Hyun.
  • Han Jae Hyun’s friend Yeong-woo admits reporting him to the police on April Fool’s day when they were younger because he was worried about Yoon Ji Soo and her father. Han Jae Hyun says he already knew.

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