Who won Next in Fashion Season 2?

March 5, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Who won Next in Fashion Season 2? We discuss the winner of the Netflix competition and will contain spoilers of the elimination order.

Next in Fashion is the Netflix reality fashion competition, which is hosted by fashion designer Tan France and supermodel Gigi Hadid. It features up-and-coming fashion designers to impress expert judges, hoping to win a $200,000 prize, but more importantly, the chance to become the next thing in fashion.
Next in Fashion Season 2 sees contestants take on a variety of challenges, with themes including royalty, thrift, swimwear, and childhood. Though a review of the show by Ready Steady Cut says that while it’s inoffensive and has a supportive atmosphere, it’s likely to send audiences to sleep unless they are passionate about fashion.
With the second season now drawn to a close, only one important question remains. Who won? That’s what this article will be addressing.

Who won Next in Fashion Season 2?

The Next in Fashion season two winner is the Atlanta-based designer Nigel Xavier. The season’s finale made him make eight specific looks as part of a cohesive collection. He got several days to do this and got help from a few team members with sewing and pulling the looks together.

The other Next in Fashion season two finalists were Deontré Hancock from Washington DC and Bao Tranchi from Los Angeles in California. Their work was impressive, but in the end, the judges chose Nigel Xavier. He’s demonstrated his talent again and again throughout the season.

What does Nigel Xavier do for a living?

Nigel Xavier works as a fashion designer in Georgia. In an interview with Netflix, he said his work is inspired by “fabrics, materials, culture, and nostalgia.” His specialism is in denim clothing, drawing heavily from the 90s-2000s fashion.

He has a prestigious list of clients, particularly across the music industry, including rapper 2 Chainz.

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Before Nigel Xavier started his career in fashion, he was a high school footballer, though he changed his mind and became the successful designer audiences know today.

Xavier shares his work and other photos on his Instagram page, called @nigelxavier_. At the time of writing, he has 46.8k followers and has posted over 300 times.

What was the Next in Fashion Season 2 elimination order?

The Next in Fashion Season 2 elimination order is as follows:

  • Usama Ishtay, from Los Angeles in California, came 12th and was eliminated in episode one.
  • Courtney Smith, from New York City in New York, came 11th and was eliminated in episode two.
  • Qaysean Williams, from Trenton in New Jersey, came 10th and was eliminated in episode three.
  • Eliana Batsakis, from Cincinnati in Ohio, came 9th and was eliminated in episode four.
  • From Los Angeles in California, James Ford and Danny Godoy came 8th and 7th, respectively, and were eliminated in episode five.
  • Megan O’Cain, from New York City in New York, came 6th and was eliminated in episode seven.
  • Desyrée Nicole from Waterford in Michigan came 5th and was eliminated in episode eight.
  • Amari Carter from Atlanta, Georgia, came 4th and was eliminated in episode nine.
  • Two runners-up in the competition were Deontré Hancock from Washington DC and Bao Tranchi from Los Angeles, California.
  • And, of course, the Next in Fashion competition winner was Nigel Xavier, from Atlanta, Georgia.

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3 thoughts on “Who won Next in Fashion Season 2?

  • March 5, 2023 at 2:06 am

    Judges made the right decision!!! Nigel Xavier Won!!!!!
    So happy for him!!! He definitely designed the most wearable clothes for both sexes and many ages (My 18 year old daughter will not be happy to know she and her 54 yo mom are wearing the same designer)! His hand designed and sewn textiles show such a range of creativity, talent and vision. I can’t wait to see what he does in the future.
    Congrats, well deserved!
    I also liked Deontre but the puffers made the outfit but are not something most people can wear in everyday life. Can’t imagine the nasty comments I would get taking up the entire space in the aisle at the grocery store! Or how can you fit in the car with the puffer in the school pick-up line?
    Bao has her own style that is really only for very slim woman and as long as she makes most of her dresses, also for taller woman. Her jumpsuit on a tall curvy model gave the illusion of the model having no figure at all. Her attempt at dressing a ‘curvier’ woman made her look dowdy and pregnant. The neon yellow dress walking the runway had a wardrobe mishap walking the runway and that was professionally edited, think what would be shown in real life!
    There is no way that I would allow my high school daughter wear Bao’s 80’s prom dress out of the house! One too many shimmies or wiggles on the dance floor and her entire hooha is hanging out! And we all know teenage girls don’t think about action/reaction.
    For a woman that claims to be all about Girl Power, why is she only designing clothes that make woman into a sex object not a powerful, strong human?

  • March 5, 2023 at 4:16 pm

    Excellent choice of Nigel. I’m sure Bao was 2nd choice.
    I loved Nigel’s finale but, damn I hope that was fake fur….

  • March 9, 2023 at 6:21 am

    Really wanted Bao to win. The guys did not clover womens looks

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