The Law According to Lidia Poët Season 1 Ending Explained – Is Lidia Poët’s appeal to be a lawyer approved?

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 16, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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The finale of The Law According to Lidia Poët is poignant and well-delivered as the inspiring lawyer takes on one last challenge.

This has been a worthwhile series. While the ending of The Law According to Lidia Poët feels half-conclusive, there’s a presumption for the audience that if it ended here, then everything would be OK. Episode 6 sees Lidia (Matilda De Angelis) take on one last challenge as she tackles a conspiracy that can shape her career forever. It’s an emotional journey for the lead character, as she has to overcome a difficult obstacle.


At the start of Episode 6, Jacopo Barberi is accused of murdering a prostitute called Maya Cristallo. He was the last man to reportedly see the woman, but he denies it. The prosecution tells him he must confess. He’s given no choice but to fight his case. Meanwhile, Lidia Poët emotionally tells Enrico Poët that Jacopo did not kill that woman. She asks him to prepare for the interview while she looks into the woman’s murder.

Lidia gets to work and investigates the crime scene, speaking to Maya’s madam for more information. However, the madam, who looks after the prostitutes, requests more money for her to talk. Lidia learns that on one day of the week (Wednesdays), Maya used to hustle with other prostitutes in the army. Lidia suspects that Jacopo has been framed.

Andrea asks Lidia to leave with him for America

Lidia learns that Andrea is leaving for America. He wants her to join him in New York once she’s done with her appeal to be re-enrolled as a lawyer. He tells her that if she wins her appeal, she can throw away her boat ticket to America. Lidia wants to know if Andrea loves her. Andrea gives her an answer by describing what he would like with her in married life. He believes she can have everything she wants in New York. Lidia tells Andrea that she’ll think about it before kissing him goodbye.

Lidia joins the prostitutes to learn the truth

To get to the truth, Lidia thrusts herself into a prostitution ring. She’s immediately pulled over by an army officer, believing she’s a prostitute. Lidia wants to find out where the Army General is, and once she is inside the headquarters, she knocks out the officer and looks around.

She finally finds General Valery, and they have a drink together. She tells him Jacopo is innocent, and he scoffs at the idea. Lidia asks what business Maya had with the army, but the General offers his gratitude to Lidia for her help in finding the real murderer of his daughter, Adele. He provides further evidence that Barberis is a murderer.

What is Jacopo’s secret?

Lidia and Enrico interview Jacopo. But eventually, Lidia wants to talk to him alone and confront his lies. Jacopo opens up about his secrets and describes how a woman he once loved, Nicole, fell in love with a revolutionary leader called  Louis, breaking his heart. He’s helping them escape the city with money, but he can no longer help them because he’s imprisoned. These two criminals are linked to the murder of Maya.

Despite Jacopo not wanting her to help (as it may limit his chances to prove his innocence), Lidia decides to support him anyway. Jacopo does have a death sentence. At this point in the finale, he’s running out of time.

Who murdered Maya Cristallo?

Lidia ends up being confronted by Louis and Nicole. She gives them instructions on how to escape. Lidia notices a similar tattoo on Nicole’s wrist to Maya’s. Nicole asks Lidia to promise to save Jacopo.

And that’s when Lidia uncovers the ultimate conspiracy. It appears Jacopo was in the wrong place, the wrong time, when Louis murdered Maya. She tells Enrico that for their theories to hold up, Nicole and Louis cannot escape. She gives Enrico a gun — she’s determined to catch them.

How does Lidia stop Nicole and Louis?

Enrico cannot keep up with Lidia, so she runs after the train herself and boards it with the gun. She finally finds Louis and Nicole on the train to stop them from leaving the city. Louis gets violent and tries throwing Lidia off the train, but a panicked Nicole stops Louis and pushes him off, presumably to his death. She looks bewildered that she has killed the man she loves. Lidia points the gun at Nicole and tells her to come to the authorities to confess. Nicole claims she still loves Jacopo, and Lidia is testing that claim.

The Law According to Lidia Poët Season 1 Ending Explained

As we reach the end of The Law According to Lidia Poët Season 1, Nicole is escorted by officers into prison. Jacopo sees her and hesitates for a second before he’s moved on.

Jacopo is then released from prison and hugs Enrico and Lidia, who give him a comforting hug. Lidia is more emotional as she embraces him, realizing she has saved an innocent man’s life.

Is Lidia Poët’s appeal to be a lawyer approved?

And then, in a damning moment, the court rejects Lidia’s motion to register her to the legal bar. The appeal decision is final. This is a massive blow for Lidia, whose dream of life to be a lawyer is shattered.

And so, Lidia packs her bags and plans to take the boat to New York. Lidia remembers when Jacopo called her dangerous because she made rash decisions. In the present, Lidia sneaks out in the middle of the night.

As she leaves, people on the street clap and cheer her. It’s a celebration of Lidia Poët. She smiles as she walks through the crowd. She deserves to be celebrated.

The finale of The Law According to Lidia Poët is poignant and well-delivered as the inspiring lawyer takes on one last challenge.

What did you think of The Law According to Lidia Poët Season 1 Episode 6, and the ending? Comment below.

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