Dead to Me season 2, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 8, 2020 (Last updated: November 29, 2022)
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Netflix series Dead to Me season 2, episode 10 - Where Do We Go From Here


Dead to Me season 2, episode 10, “Where Do We Go From Here” is a brilliant end to a brilliant second instalment that somehow pips its predecessor.

This recap of Netflix series Dead to Me season 2, episode 10, “Where Do We Go From Here” contains spoilers.

How does Dead to Me season 2, episode 10 “Where Do We Go From Here” begin?

As Jen is about to confess, Perez cries — Michelle has left. She starts spilling how Michelle felt that Perez could not turn off cop-life. Jen blurts out that she killed Steve Wood.

Meanwhile, Judy reads the letter from Jen — “You are the best friend I’ve ever had, the best person I’ve ever known”. Jen explains how Judy has paid the price and now it’s her turn.

What happens next?

Jen heads to the forest with Perez to show where Steve’s body is. She tells Perez why she killed Steve. Eventually, after walking for ages, Perez gets bored as she cannot find the body.

Jen insists that no-one is involved with Steve’s murder and Judy is completely innocent. Perez does not understand why people like Judy and Jen explains; Judy sees the good in people, even when it isn’t there.

How is Judy coping?

Judy makes breakfast for the kids and then suddenly freaks out and starts running outside. When she returns to the house, Charlie asks for the truth and gives Judy a thumb drive and phone from Steve’s car.

Wait, what’s happening here?

It’s not clear at first. Judy goes into the police station and gives Nick some information; she provides the thumb drive and phone and tells him not to play the recordings in front of the Chief.

There’s another twist coming in Dead to Me season 2, episode 10, “Where Do We Go From Here”.

So Jen is going to get arrested right?

Well, it was looking like it…

In Perez’s car, Jen breaks down about her kids and how she has let them down. Perez tells her that Steve would not leave the house and he has a history of abuse that will help her in court.

Jen opens up, explaining that she lost her mother when young. Perez explains that she lost her mother when young too. As Perez explains what is going to happen next, she gets a text from Nick saying “WE GOT HIM”.

Perez suddenly tells Jen that she’s going to drop Jen off at home and that “we were never here”. She says she doesn’t want to be a cop right now, she wants to be a person.

What a u-turn from Perez?

Yes, it seems so.

Judy sits down the kids for a meeting and tells them her mother loves them. As she is about to tell them something, Jen walks through the door. Her kids hug her and Judy tells Jen that she never gave them the letters.

Jen tells Judy how Perez just let her go and both of them are very confused. Jen apologizes to Judy for lying and letting her blame herself. Judy forgives her — “I don’t want to carry around pain anymore”. The best friends hug it out.

Jen asks Judy to just say “no” once in a while.

All looking good then?

Yes, the women look to be over a mountain.

Jen goes to grief counseling and tells everyone that she never really grieved over her mother.

Judy goes to meet her mother in prison. Eleanor makes out having a baby made her into a drug addict, which offends Judy. She then tells Judy that she’s a good girl, but then Judy tells her mother that she hasn’t got the money for a lawyer. Eleanor asks if she could write a letter for the parole board and Judy says no because she clearly hasn’t changed.

Both Jen and Judy are dealing with their demons…

Yes, but then a dog walker finds Steve’s body — so it’s not all over.

Why does Perez head over to see Judy?

Perez gives Judy her paintings back from the police station. Judy asks Perez if they listened to the recordings. Perez reveals that the chief is going to federal prison with the other Greeks. Judy tells Perez that she’s a special Perez.

Perez says she sincerely hopes she never sees Judy again.

There’s obviously hurt feelings still for Perez and she doesn’t trust Judy despite everything.

Was Judy happy to get her paintings back?

She does for different reasons. She smashes the dramas and loads of money comes out. Judy uses the money so Jen can buy out the house from Lorna. Jen tells Lorna she doesn’t want to resent her anymore by working for her — she gives Lorna the Wood estate as a parting gift. Judy asks Lorna to take care of Mrs. Wood.

Meanwhile, Ben gets a call, and presumably, it is the bad news regarding his brother.

How does Dead to Me season 2, episode 10 “Where Do We Go From Here” end?

Charlie finds a letter from Jen to Judy that she wrote when she was going to confess — this will surely have repercussions in Season 3.

Meanwhile, Jen and Judy have bought Charlie a car and on the way back, they realize that the stop sign Jen petitioned for has been put up — they stop and celebrate briefly.

Ironically, as Jen moves the car forward slightly, they are hit by another car.

It was Ben and he is drunk — before the women see him, he drives away from the scene. Jen wakes up and asks what happened. Judy makes the ironic statement: “We got hit”.

Chaos continues to follow Judy. Roll on Season 3. Dead to Me season 2, episode 10, “Where Do We Go From Here” is a brilliant end to a brilliant second installment that somehow pips its predecessor.

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