The Eddy episode 1 recap – what happened in “Elliot”?

May 8, 2020
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The Eddy episode 1, “Elliot” is well directed and gives plenty of food for thought for the remainder of the Netflix series.

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The Eddy episode 1, “Elliot” is well directed and gives plenty of food for thought for the remainder of the Netflix series.

This recap of Netflix series The Eddy episode 1, “Elliot” contains significant spoilers.

How does The Eddy episode 1 begin?

Do we even need to ask — episode 1 starts with a jazz band in full swing at the club. Audiences will need to prepare themselves for eight 60-minute episodes of jazz love — episode 1 is a great achievement in terms of an opening episode. Anyway, here we go.

Elliot is annoyed that the club is not full and the lead singer Maja is having an off night. A small label owner, Franck, is in attendance but he is not in a position to sign.

It’s a failing jazz club. Of course it is. It’s Damien Chazelle.

What happens after the night ends?

When the club shuts and everyone is gone, Elliot plays a plaintive melody on the piano. All of a sudden, some men come in and say they need money from his business partner, Farid. Elliot is confused so brushes it off, but one of the men punches him.

Noticeably in this scene, Maja leaves and ignores Elliot — there are clearly issues between them.

He heads to Farid’s house with his face wounds but he’s not home. She tends to his wounds and tells him that she and Farid have more to close than him with the jazz club.

Does he confront Farid about it?

The next day Elliot blames Farid for the punches he received. Farid admits he didn’t pay the men back for cheap booze and they owe five thousand. Elliot plays his new plaintive melody and Franck ups the tempo and joins in.

This is clearly a partnership for the love of jazz.

Who is his daughter?

The Eddy episode 1 introduces us to Elliot’s daughter Julie, who he picks up from the airport. They head to Maja’s place for something to eat and so Julie can shower.

Julie can sense the tension between Maja and Elliot and so can the audience.

While Julie is in the shower, Maja and Elliot practice Elliot’s new melody. She sings the lyrics and he says she wishes she sang like that last night.

Does Elliot meet a new band?

Elliot meets a new band with Julie. He wants Julie to play the clarinet. Elliot does a mournful sax tune but then sees the man who punched him outside and chases after him. He tells Farid but he drops worse news — Maja hasn’t turned up. He tries to speak to her at the apartment but she doesn’t answer.

How does the new band night go without Maja?

There’s a lot of confusion and anger about Maja turning up but it’s difficult to tell who the anger is aimed at — Elliot or Maja? The band night goes ahead without her. Farid gets on stage and sings flat notes — Elliot leaves the night early, clearly frustrated. When the night is over, Farid is angry that Elliot left Julie asleep in the back.

But then The Eddy episode 1, “Elliot” takes a dark turn — as Farid is doing the bins, he’s stabbed from behind.

Is Farid dead?

Elliot gets a call the next day and he heads to the hospital with Julie. He tells the police what he knows and describes the man that attacked him the previous night.

When Julie and Elliot return to the hospital with an assortment of sandwiches, they see Farid’s partner collapse to the floor as the doctor tells her something.

It’s clear by the way it is directed, without words said, that Farid is dead.

With the shock sinking in, Julie tells Elliot that if she goes home, he should come with her and questions what Elliot is going to do “here” now. Elliot reminisces how he used to play at home and his brother stiffly danced which made his mother laugh. Julie cries as she hasn’t heard him talk about Fred, his brother, for a while.

Elliot confirms that New York is not his home anymore.

How does The Eddy episode 1, “Elliot”, end?

Elliot heads to Maja’s place and asks if she’s heard the news. He also tells her he wants the club open and everyone playing.

There’s a noticeable somber atmosphere before the club opens. When the doors open, it’s empty and Maja tells Elliot that it’s obvious it was going to be empty as someone was killed here.

But then surprisingly, the club starts filling up and Elliot says it’s the fullest it’s ever been. Amongst the loud jazz, Julie tells her father that she doesn’t want to go home with him.

The final scene is Maja singing a song for Farid and she leads it into “The Eddy”.

The Eddy episode 1 is well directed — Elliot himself is a closed book and I do wonder if the remaining episodes will flesh out more of his personality as he keeps his cards close to his chest.

Other points

  • Elliot makes a sly comment that his wife got everything in the divorce.
  • Farid tells Maja to forget Elliot when she’s singing and that she did well.
  • Farid and his partner are caught together by Katarina.
  • When Maja didn’t turn up, she was hooking up with someone, getting drunk.

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