The Eddy episode 2 recap – what happened in “Julie”?

May 8, 2020
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The Eddy episode 2 demonstrates an emotionally frustrating time for the characters and brings forth the hardship of parenting.

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The Eddy episode 2 demonstrates an emotionally frustrating time for the characters and brings forth the hardship of parenting.

This recap of Netflix series The Eddy episode 2, “Julie” contains significant spoilers.

How does The Eddy episode 2, “Julie” begin?

The Eddy episode 2, “Julie” demonstrates the self-destructive nature of Julie that was on the skirts of the last episode.

It opens up innocently; Julie blows her clarinet to wake her father up.

He takes her to International School for her first day. An Irish girl called Beatrice welcomes her but she looks instantly bored in class.

Julie hides in the school bathroom and her mother rings. Her mother says she doesn’t want the same thing to happen that happened in New York — Julie says her account of what happened is different to her mother’s and is passionate and angry about it.

We understand her anger later in the episode.

How does the band practise go?

Not well — we see Elliot for the first time running a session.

Julie heads to the club and watches the band rehearse. Elliot tells them to take a faster tempo and then take a fourth up. He then tells them they are dragging and then asks why Maja what’s wrong with the high pitch vocals — she says it is too high.

Maja tells Elliot to be nice, that they are family and brings up Farid, which turns into an argument. It was good to see flickers of Whiplash in this scene.

After the argument, the police come to Elliot’s office and want the books detailing the finances.

Elliot speaks to Farid’s partner Amira.

Of course, Amira is very important to the story now that her partner Farid has died and episode 2 explores her properly for the first time.

Julie and Elliot head to Farid’s partner Amira’s house. When Farid asks her questions she says she doesn’t want to know anything. Elliot expresses that he’s afraid to tell the police in case Farid was doing something illegal and now he feels he is being followed.

Amira says she doesn’t care about the club.

While all this is happening, Julie sets a pan on fire in the kitchen — this was purposefully foreshadowing her behaviour to come.

How is Julie doing at school?

The Eddy episode 2 demonstrates how she does not care at all.

Julie leaves school early and “quits” and meets up with a jazz player, Sim, and helps him work.

They listen to music together and try to sell sandwiches in corporate offices.

The pair then sit together in a park and she opens up about her stepfather who wanted to f**k her. She explains how she got naked and got in bed with him to show who he was and when she asked her mother to choose — the stepfather or her — her mother chose the stepfather.

Julie confesses about her drug problems in the past.

How does Elliot react when he learns Julie has dropped out of school?

Julie tells Elliot that she doesn’t need to go to school.

Elliot says he doesn’t need this right now. Julie starts getting nasty, saying he lost one kid and didn’t know what to do with the other one. A frustrated Elliot says she can’t speak to him like that and he loves her repeatedly until she calms down.

This scene was fantastically acted.

Does Julie’s destructive nature continue?

Yes, it feels like a long nightmare watching her self-destruct.

At band night, Julie checks out Sim and takes him to the back of the club. She says she is the boss’s daughter and can do what she wants.

Julie starts drinking from the bottle and hooks up with Sim while the band plays — she asks him if he wants to f**k her. Julie persists and he says she’s too drunk. She’s offended by his response and runs out of the club.

Does Elliot notice she is missing?

Elliot realises he can’t find Julie and rings her phone which she’s left behind. He looks everywhere for her.

I felt his panic at this moment as he stops the band, uses the mic and asks if anyone has seen his daughter. Elliot starts regretting inviting her to the club and tells Maja that she’s hurt. He’s always worried about the men who have been following him.

A search party is put together. Meanwhile, Julie is walking around the town asking for dealers and cocaine. She runs away excitedly from two guys on bikes and tells them she isn’t scared of them.

Her frantic behaviour hints of mental illness — it’s almost like she’s not in control of how she interacts with the world. She’s clearly on a high in this scene.

What happens when Elliot asks Sim where his daughter is?

Sim admits Julie came on to him and he said no and she got offended. Elliot gets aggressive and Sim’s Grandma separates them.

Clearly Sim made the right choice by not continuing with Julie as her father probably would have murdered him.

Does Julie finally get her cocaine?

No, but the dealer gives her weed. When she insists she wants cocaine they refuse so she demands her money back. The dealers lock her in the room.

Meanwhile, Elliot is now desperate; he rings Julie’s mother saying their daughter is missing.

Elliot goes to the police and gives them more information on the men after Farid and admits he was afraid of what would happen to the club if he gave too much information away.

The investigator suggests that Elliot was involved in this illegal loan taken out by Farid and that he was nowhere near the club when Farid was stabbed.

Elliot insists he lied to the police not to protect himself but the club. The investigator tells him he is going to stay at the station while they continue to investigate.

Julie’s behaviours have caused a lot of harm.

How does The Eddy episode 2, “Julie” end?

The damage has already been done bringing a close to a dramatic episode 2.

Sim picks up Julie from the dealers.

Julie tells Sim not to lecture her about drugs when he deals; he calls her weak and fragile and claims he isn’t a dealer and gives her taxi money.

Julie returns home and calls her father and leaves a voicemail to say she’s home. She sits on her bed and sobs before playing the clarinet with a solemn look on her face.

The Eddy episode 2 demonstrates an emotionally frustrating time for the characters and brings forth the hardship of parenting.

Other points

  • Amira turns up to the club with Adam and accepts it’s her club too.

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