The King: Eternal Monarch episode 7 recap and breakdown

May 8, 2020
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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 7 adds layers to the plot and everything remains unanswered but it’s still a solid chapter.

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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 7 adds layers to the plot and everything remains unanswered but it’s still a solid chapter.

This recap of Netflix Korean series The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 7 contains spoilers.

How does The King: Eternal Monarch episode 7 begin?

The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 7 deepens the mystery between both worlds.

It begins with Lady Noh talking about the traitor Lee Lim. There are flashbacks to Prince Bueyeong giving Lee Gon Lee Lim’s death certificate. He reveals that it wasn’t Lee Lim’s body — we already know this but I wonder why the Prince didn’t tell Lee Gon this?

There’s been a murder.

In her world, Tae-eul heads to a crime scene — there has been a murder.

Sae-jin checks out the murder and the victim has critical wounds and is likely to be an acquaintance. Tae-eul interviews a witness regarding the murder and wants to know about the victim’s boyfriend, Park Jung-gu. They find a suspect’s address and do a stakeout.

Episode 7 is showing some normalcy in Tae-eul’s life.

Lee Gon is ready to cross the worlds again.

As Lee Gon rides his horse through the bamboo forest, Jo Yeong stops him and asks him if he’s off to see Luna; he thinks the King has been deceived by Tae-eul. Lee Gon invites him to go with him to the other world to prove that Jeong Tae-eul and the woman he’s chasing are two different people.

Jo Yeong continues to be very protective over the King but I suppose that’s his job.

What’s Lee Lim up to?

It’s never clear what he is up to. Lee Lim feels time stop again — he knows Lee Gon has left the palace and swapped worlds again.

How does Jo Yeong react in the parallel world?

He’s quite childish at times but it is likely to be a condition of how he’s always been Lee Gon’s security guard.

Jo Yeong asks what this world is when he sees Tae-eul — she welcomes him to the Republic of Korea. Jo Yeong meets his alternate self Eun-sup and Eun freaks out. Jo Yeong looks ashamed of his alternate self.

Tae-eul sets rules that they can’t be both outside at the same time.

Jo Yeong and Eun-sup compare upbringings — they are “worlds apart’ clearly in terms of lives.

What does Tae-eul tell Lee Gon?

Tae-eul and Lee Gon go out for a drink and food. She gives the King a phone so he has all the main contacts he needs while in her world. It’s almost like a first date, attending the fair and enjoying each other’s company.

But then the conversations get serious…

Tae-eul asks Lee Gon if there’s a dome stadium in his world with 16,390 seats and when Lee Gon asks how she knows that she says “we’re screwed”.

Tae-eul has learned that both worlds are merging; with certain “breaking news” the same and stadiums appearing in the same spot — both worlds are colliding and there can only be one winner.

The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 7 gets very sci-fi all of a sudden.

What does Lee Gon show Tae-eul?

And now it’s Lee Gon’s turn with the reveals.

Lee Gon shows Tae-eul Lee Lim’s death certificate but reveals that it isn’t his body and they need to figure out what he’s been doing in Korea for the last 24 years.

Tae-eul finds matching DNA of the body from the death certificate of Lee Lim — Lee Seong-jae. He had severe disabilities. She sees there is a Lee Gon in her world as well.

Lee Gon reveals all to Jo Yeong.

And now it’s Jo Yeong’s turn in a “tell-all” episode.

Lee Gon tells Jo Yeong that they will be staying in this world for a while and asks for his help — Jo Yeong is against staying in this world and continues showing his overprotective nature.

Lee Gon lets him know that traitor Lee Lim could still be alive and raises how there are two of every person. Time suddenly freezes — and Lee Gon wonders what the “rule” is every time it happens. He suddenly has an idea to block the forest.

He proves to Jo Yeong that time has stopped by leaving a note in Jo Yeong’s pocket. Lee Gon insists that Jo Yeong needs to stay in Korea while he returns to his world so they can keep track of Lee Lim. Lee Gon is starting to understand how the parallel worlds work.

How does The King: Eternal Monarch episode 7 end?

Prime Minister Koo is told that the fingerprints they found in Lee Gon’s palace are female and link to a criminal. Koo then sees a newspaper headline saying Donald Trump is President and has visited North Korea. The Prime Minister looks at the paper confusingly and says, “They really aren’t controlling fake news”.

Episode 7 ends with the Prime Minister meeting Tae-eul (presumably Luna) and she acts as they’ve met before.

Episode 7 adds layers to the plot and everything remains unanswered but it’s still a solid chapter.

Other points

  • Lee Gon demands a state of affairs report from Prime Minister Koo urgently. She’s wondering what’s so special about Tae-eul.
  • Lady Noh finds a spy in the palace who has been leaking information regarding the King’s romantic life.

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