The King: Eternal Monarch episode 6 recap and breakdown

May 2, 2020
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The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 6 is a solid base for the rest of the season, showing a dramatic military stand-off and a reason for Lee Gon to be prepared for Lee Lim.

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The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 6 is a solid base for the rest of the season, showing a dramatic military stand-off and a reason for Lee Gon to be prepared for Lee Lim.

This recap of Netflix Korean series The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 6 contains spoilers.

How does The King: Eternal Monarch episode 6 begin?

Prime Minister Koo is alerted about Lee Gon’s helicopter arrival. She introduces herself to Tae-eul. Tae-eul says she’s just traveling and this is the first time in Corea.

On the plane home, Tae-eul playfully talk to each other by scrawling on each other’s hands in front of the royal staff. Later, she tells Lee Gon that she realized how lonely he must have felt in her world and that he’s grown into a fine man.

Koo may possibly have feelings for Lee Gon which is why she’s so frustrated that he doesn’t pay her attention.

Lee Gon talks about how his pain and history is engraved in him after Lee Lim killed his family in an intimate moment with Tae-eul.

Does Lee Gon show Tae-eul her ID badge?

Lee Gon shows Tae-eul the ID card. She confirms it’s her ID but it doesn’t make sense as it was from 25 years ago. Lee Gon says whatever the reason is, it will be beautiful logic to how this ID ended up with him.

What disaster is occurring in episode 6?

Jo Yeong tells Lee Gon that Prime Minister Koo has assembled the National Security Council. Tae-eul tells Lee Gon that she will be fine.

The battleships of the Japanese Navy led by the Aegis are moving toward the south-southeast of Dokdo. It’s a military disaster and a strong response from Japan.

Episode 6 is heating up in an unexpected way.

An emergency meeting takes place and it is confirmed the Japanese fleet is armed and they have a response ready. Prime Minister Koo thinks it’s time to stop making peace and threaten war. She tells the council to get ready but the General says they need the King’s permission first. Lee Gon is called and he says they need a different approach — he says Japan cannot get 1mm into territorial water.

Lee Gon is showing his authority rarely here — serious and composed in episode 6.

Before Lee Gon gets to work, he gives Tae-eul her ID. He says he used to be a Navy Lieutenant and now he is the Commander-in-Chief. He asks Tae-eul if she will wait for him.

So Tae-eul returns to her world?

Tae-eul has returned home for quite some time, battling crime and doing her usual job. She is waiting for Lee Gon in episode 6 and she has no idea if he’s okay.

How does the Kingdom of Corea’s military response go?

Out of nowhere, The King: Eternal Monarch episode 6 becomes impressively cinematic as the Kingdom of Corea prepares its military response.

Lee Gon boards one of the battleships and tells the Lieutenant to protect the Kingdom of Corea. He prepares his fleet for action and full speed ahead raising the Corea flag.

Japan says because the King is on the Corea ship they will go defensive rather than offensive to let the world see they are cowards. The Japanese battle fleet enters Corea waters.

This is surprisingly tense and out of nowhere for the Korean Netflix series.

Jo Yeong tells Lee Gon they must now go on the defensive. Lee Gon says only he must worry about himself and no-one else. He asks his fleet to do a warning shot as a “generous thing to do”. Japan realize that the Kingdom of Corea is serious and stop sailing in the territory.

It’s a small but purposeful victory for the Kingdom of Corea.

What’s wrong with Jo Yeong?

He’s seemingly not okay with the arrival of Tae-eul, looking into a woman called Luna as a potential link to her.

Lee Gon tries asking Jo Yeong if he’s okay but then Prince Bueyeong enters the palace. He gives Lee Gon the cause of death of traitor Lee Lim. His neck was broken and thrown into the sea and surprisingly, his body showed signs that he was born with poliomyelitis. Both fingerprints and blood type matched with Lee Lim — he said it was odd, which is why he hid it from the King.

Lee Gon says it’s a crime hiding information like this and treason to the Kingdom. Prince Bueyeong says he wants to be freed from guilt now.

Meanwhile, Lee Lim narrates and says a typhoon is coming which will cause a lot of damage; he then scares a kid with his lightning-scarred face.

Lee Gon then narrates saying Lady Noh has every right to be worried, he’s in danger — he knows Lee Lim is alive and that he will return to get the other half of the Manpasikjeok.

How does The King: Eternal Monarch episode 6 end?

Lee Gon visits Tae-eul’s world and she’s teary, happy to see him again. He asks her if she waited for him and she runs up to Lee Gon and hugs him.

He narrates again, stating that Lady Noh is wrong, Tae-eul is not a danger to him, he’s a danger to her.

I get the feeling the story is going to get serious between both worlds from here. The King: Eternal Monarch season 1, episode 6 is a solid base for the rest of the season, showing a dramatic military stand-off and a reason for Lee Gon to be prepared for Lee Lim.

Other points

  • Lee Gon makes Tae-eul food when they return from Seoul to say thank you.
  • There’s a flashback with Sae-jin as a school kid getting beaten up, Tae-eul comes to his rescue. She introduces him to taekwondo.
  • Jo Yeong gives the police a fingerprint of Tae-eul. There is no find in the fingerprint.
  • Lady Noh notices the ID is missing from her room.
  • Prime Minister Koo’s approval ratings have shot up after a successful military response.
  • Tae-eul asks Sae-jin if he trusts her and that she will tell him something one day.
  • Tae-eul learns of a professor Lee Gon in her world and she’s made a discovery that shocks her.

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