Defending Jacob season 1, episode 6 recap – what happened in “Wishful Thinking”? Happy Birthday.



Defending Jacob season 1, episode 6, “Wishful Thinking” is the calm before the storm in a tentative but intriguing chapter.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Defending Jacob season 1, episode 6, “Wishful Thinking” contains significant spoilers.

How does Defending Jacob season 1, episode 6, “Wishful Thinking” begin?

Defending Jacob season 1, episode 6 delves into those heartbreaking days before the trial and the emotional impact on the family. The episode begins with Andy struggling at the Grand Jury. The topic has now moved on to Ben’s cellphone. In the main timeline, Andy and Joanna head to the court, and Neal asks Andy how his father is doing. Andy is furious that Neal is going to use his father against his family.

Was there anything on Ben’s cellphone?

Joanna and Andy check out Ben Rifkin’s cellphone and Andy can not find anything. At the Grand Jury, Neal tells Andy that he could not find the answers he was looking for on the cellphone.

Andy finds out about Jacob’s secret social media profile.

Andy returns home and asks Jacob if he is “Jay Kobbs” online and he’s furious at him. Jacob shows his mother his social media profile. Jacob created a meme joking how he’s a murderer. Andy tells him the court will use it against him and asks him to delete it immediately. Defending Jacob season 1, episode 6, “Wishful Thinking” shows how the pressure is mounting on both parents now, not just Laurie. Andy is acting wildly.

Andy has a new opportunity in his investigation.

There are now news reports on Jacob’s grandfather being the convicted murderer Billy Barber. Andy alerts Laurie to a car outside the house that keeps moving. When they go outside, the car is gone. During the night, Matt gives Andy a call and they meet in a diner. Matt tells Andy that Jacob didn’t do it. Andy takes Matt to the police the next day to relay his story about his meetings with Leonard Patz and how he paid Matt to touch him. The story turns relevant when Matt says that Leonard had claimed to have found a new boy called Ben. Neal has doubts about his witness account. Lynn writes up a search warrant for Leonard’s home.

Father problems.

Defending Jacob season 1, episode 6, “Wishful Thinking” shows how Andy still has problems with his father. Andy’s father Billy rings Andy and tries to have a chat with him. Andy is not forthcoming but states that he appreciates him for helping the family. Andy also tells him that he does not have a father. You can tell this hurts Billy. The police head to Leonard’s house with the warrant and ask him to come to the police station. Meanwhile, as Laurie is on a run outside, a car is blatantly following her. She runs faster to get away, jumping over fences. Andy tells Pam that someone has been watching the family.

The psychiatric report on Jacob.

We finally get a mental health assessment on Jacob in Defending Jacob season 1, episode 6, “Wishful Thinking”.

At the Grand Jury, Neal asks Andy if he really believed he could stop the trial and if Laurie shared his optimism. Neal then asks Andy about Jacob’s 15th birthday; in the main timeline, Andy and Laurie listen to Dr. Vogel’s report — Jacob doesn’t have the murder gene but he does have characteristics in his genes for violence and lack of empathy. Dr. Vogel does confirm that Jacob has attributes for lack of moral reasoning — apparently, Jacob was non-emotional about Ben’s death in the report and using practised answers like “a million people die a day”. A frustrated and emotional Laurie asks Dr. Vogel if she thinks Jacob murdered Ben but she’s not allowed to give an answer.

How does Defending Jacob season 1, episode 6, “Wishful Thinking” end?

Andy and Laurie take Jacob out for his birthday but Jacob wants to hear about his psychiatric report — they confirm he doesn’t have the murder gene. When he asks, “So there’s nothing wrong with me?” Laurie glances away for a single second which tells the story. After the birthday meal, Jacob thanks his parents for taking him out — there’s a sense in the atmosphere that this will be their last normal outing as a family together until after the trial. When the family returns home, they see the car that’s been following them. Andy grabs a crowbar and heads to the car. Andy asks the man inside the car what he’s up to — the man drives off and tells Andy to take care of his family. Andy believes it was just a reporter.

Andy tells Neal at the Grand Jury “that was it” and that after Jacob’s family they hit an iceberg. In the main timeline, the family head to court. Defending Jacob season 1, episode 6, “Wishful Thinking” is the calm before the storm in a tentative but intriguing chapter.

Other points
  • Pam tries to offer words of comfort to Andy regarding his father.
  • In the main timeline, Andy confronts Leonard Patz and shouts at him — “I know what you did!”.

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