The Great Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – “Parachute”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 15, 2020 (Last updated: December 1, 2023)
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Hulu series The Great episode 6 - Parachute


The Great episode 6, “Parachute” confuses matters for all the characters in a breakthrough episode for Catherine and Peter.

This recap of Hulu series The Great Season 1 Episode 6, “Parachute” contains significant spoilers.

How does The Great episode 6, “Parachute” start?

The Great episode 6 puts all the characters in a peculiar position — it seems that Peter has changed slightly, making the dynamics feel like a different series compared to the last five episodes. It begins with Catherine speaking to a bear and stating how she isn’t ready to lead the country. Meanwhile, Peter tells Grigor that he feels like a changed man since his near-death experience and weirdly points out a beautiful bird. He hasn’t changed in some ways — he has a food taster now to check if his meals are poisoned. He also believes that he was poisoned by the kitchen servants and staff so he hung them all. Peter makes a speech about wanting to be the most loved ruler in history and wants to be better while standing in front of the executed men.

Orlo isn’t not giving up.

Despite Peter’s change of personality (slightly), Orlo’s position remains unchanged — he wants to carry on the coup and find out who tried to kill Peter but Catherine does not seem encouraged. Marial is understandably angry at Catherine for being cowardly and showing inaction.

Peter really wants to change.

Let’s dive back into Peter’s changes in The Great episode 6, “Parachute”. He claims that having nearly died, happiness is everything — Elizabeth insists he must have an heir soon. Peter kicks out Leo from Catherine’s room so he can have sex with her. Leo looks upset but he tells Catherine that “it is what it is”. After sex, Peter strangely wants to have a bath with Catherine. Using this opportunity, Catherine tells Peter to change as a leader and be for the people. She gives Peter progressive ideas and after she tells Marial she can change Peter.

And Peter uses his new approach to leadership instantly, asking a servant how a parachute works. He then walks around the palace naked asking people how their wellbeing is and asking for suggestions. People are understandably confused by the sudden change. Peter also turns down Georgina for the first time ever.

Peter announces how he will be announcing art and science and the Archbishop is confused — when the Archbishop raises his concerns, Peter dismisses him but he is a little freaked out by what he says about his future if he takes this path.

Catherine and the Archbishop have tea.

And while having tea in The Great episode 6, “Parachute, the Archbishop tells the Empress that Peter is susceptible to weakness; he claims art and science are Catherine’s ideas. Catherine tells him that things must change and when the Archbishop tries quietening her with his fingers, she bites them violently and blood gushes in her mouth.

Catherine and Peter have their lame sex again but this time Auntie Elizabeth prepares them and tells Peter when to do certain thrusts and times when he ejaculates in a rather odd scene. When Elizabeth leaves, Catherine and Peter laugh; Peter tells Catherine that he’s thinking about stopping art and science — he’s clearly freaked out by the Archbishop.

How’s Orlo doing?

Orlo ends up in a violent altercation with some men while heading to the frontline. He tries to reason with them but it doesn’t work and he ends up killing one of the men. He’s given the man’s head as a souvenir. This experience will change Orlo, forever.

How does The Great episode 6, “Parachute” end?

While Catherine and Peter are in bed, a bird attacks — Peter believes this is a sign that he’s going down the wrong path but one of his servants tells him that the Archbishop let the bird loose on purpose. Peter brutally punches the Archbishop.

The next morning, Peter is talking about science again. Catherine manages to negotiate to get Marial’s dog back. She tells Marial that she can steer Peter to a new Russia. Peter starts a new science project and gets everyone outside of the palace — he throws the dog off a balcony with the parachute. It works and everyone claps. Catherine now believes the future is bright — she still has to juggle with the fact that Peter is a fragile character and she is very much in love with Leo.

The Great episode 6, “Parachute” confuses matters for all the characters in a breakthrough episode for Catherine and Peter.

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