I Love You, Stupid review – Spanish rom-com hits home truths regarding break-ups Following the steps to be a better person.



I Love You, Stupid is worth a punt — and if you have gone through a similar thing you’ll understand the thought process the lead character goes through.

Netflix Spanish film I Love You, Stupid was released on the platform on May 15, 2020 — this review of the comedy does not contain spoilers.

I Love You, Stupid follows a man that painstakingly proposed to his partner at a fancy meal but for her, the meal was a ‘break-up date’. The Netflix film follows the routine behavior that follows a painful split and the motions you go through to better yourself.

Marcos believes that he has to be different — his first port of call is “how do I get her back”, watching countless YouTube videos and listening to motivational advice to form himself into a different man. I Love You, Stupid is a tragic case study of what a break-up does to the brain. Plenty of Ted Talks claim love is equivalent to being addicted to cocaine and the break-up is the equivalent pain of breaking your leg; the brain reacts in the exact same way.

I Love You, Stupid is a romantic comedy, so do not confuse this review to be foretelling some heartbreaking tragedy. As Marcos navigates his new life, he learns how to dress differently, speak to women in various approaches, and find ways to get laid. His entire goal is to get over his ex and follow advice videos that change his perspective. Marcos is a 30-something generic man who has let himself go somewhat and his life is spiraling.

The Spanish film is okay; it lacks a little chemistry between Marcos and his supposed new love interest but the characters are interesting in terms of what they have to say for themselves. It’s just hard to imagine a romance between them — it felt like a mismatch. The way Marcos navigates through life is odd and amusing but I Love You, Stupid could have benefitted from a few more funny gags to keep the story moving — it does become overreliant on Marcos who isn’t meant to be the most interesting man in the world.

Netflix’s I Love You, Stupid is worth a punt — and if you have gone through a similar thing you’ll understand the thought process the lead character goes through.

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