When My Love Blooms episode 8 recap and breakdown

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 19, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 8


When My Love Blooms episode 8 is a breakthrough chapter, with both characters doing whatever it takes.

This recap of K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 8 contains significant spoilers.

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How does When My Love Blooms episode 8 begin?

We never got a sense up until now of how far Han Jae Hyun is willing to go. Episode 8 gives the mantra of his ‘all in’ mentality despite the adversity against him. It begins with the scene between Han Jae Hyun and Lee Se Hoon from the last episode. Han Jae Hyun leaves, making his wishes clear. Seo Gyeong asks Yoon Ji Soo if she and Han Jae Hyun loved each other so much, why did they break up; Yoon Ji Soo explains her life was in despair and suffering — she didn’t want to hurt Han Jae Hyun.

Han Jae Hyun heads to Yeong Woo’s bar; Yeong Woo tells him that what he’s doing now looks greedy and selfish and that he will be intervening in Yoon Ji Soo’s life. Afterward, Han Jae Hyun rings Yoon Ji Soo’s and tells her not to go through the reunion as she will lose everything and he’s prepared to be thrown out into the streets.

May 1995

We move to May 1995; Han Jae Hyun is arrested again. Yoon Ji Soo knows this is her father’s doing. In the present day, Yoon Ji Soo rings Lee Se Hoon and calls off the reunion of marriage. Lee Se Hoon rings Seo Gyeong and updates her; he tells her that Han Jae Hyun will reconcile with Yoon Ji Soo if the video is released. Flashbacks reveal that Seo Gyeong was abandoned by her mother at an amusement park; in the present day she tells Han Jae Hyun not to throw her away, it hurts her self-esteem. Later on, Seo Gyeong finds some old photos of a younger Yoon Ji Soo and asks the maid to throw them away. Yoon Ji Soo tells Han Jae Hyun that she’s not reuniting with Lee Se Hoon and that it might be best she keeps her distance from him as well. When My Love Blooms episode 8 is getting super complicated for everyone involved.

What about Yeong Min?

It’s easy to forget there’s a child involved in all of this — Yeong Min. He’s completely understanding of why his mother doesn’t want to live with his father again. Yoon Ji Soo and Yeong Min do some gardening together. In flashbacks, she sends Han Jae Hyun letters and selfies — apparently, Han Jae Hyun is serving as a soldier. Seo Gyeong has a drink with her father; she brings up her mother at the amusement park and then tells him how Han Jae Hyun is willing to lose everything for Yoon Ji Soo. The next morning Han Jae Hyun wants to talk to Seo Gyeong; she tells him the video will not be released so he doesn’t have to be responsible for “that woman”.

In the office, prosecution officers have arrived but Han Jae Hyun is calm — “The real game has arrived”. He sees Yoon Ji Soo outside with the labor union playing the piano. The chairman learns that Yoon Ji Soo is part of the union outside. Han Jae Hyun asks the department manager for the photos he took of the union outside and sees they are all Yoon Ji Soo and deletes them.

The chairman learns that his grandson had a chair thrown at him by another child — he’s starting to learn about everything that’s happened recently and puts Han Jae Hyun in a bad spot.

Parents observation day.

Yoon Ji Soo heads to a “parents observation day” with other mothers; Seo Gyeong is there. She joins the other mothers for something to eat. They ambush her for “flirting” with Seo Gyeong’s husband to get what she wants. Yoon Ji Soo reminds them all that she has a record for assault and disarms one of the women’s arms and walks off. This was a bad-ass scene in When My Love Blooms episode 8. I expected Yoon Ji Soo to crumble under pressure but she takes it in her stride.


The prosecution officers interview Han Jae Hyun again and they tell him it will be difficult to protect him as an anonymous whistleblower and they must cast the net wider. He offers to help and they go through loads of files. The investigation is now rife in the media, with the company exposed. Lee Se Hoon stands with one of the protestors on the news; I’m assuming we’ll find out in later episodes.

How does When My Love Blooms episode 8 end?

In 1995 during a protest, Yoon Ji Soo hides Han Jae Hyun during a church mass. The priest notices something is up and gives him his blessing. In the present day, Yoon Ji Soo is at the same church and Han Jae Hyun meets her inside and smiles. They sit outside the church and talk. He puts his arm around her and she accepts it. She closes her eyes as he holds her hand — despite Yoon Ji Soo pushing Han Jae Hyun away, they both can’t keep away from each other. When My Love Blooms episode 8 is a breakthrough chapter, with both characters doing whatever it takes.

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