When My Love Blooms episode 9 recap and breakdown

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 24, 2020
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K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 9


When My Love Blooms episode 9 balances the complications between past and present that are presenting both lead characters from moving forward.

This recap of K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 9 contains significant spoilers.

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How does When My Love Blooms episode 9 open?

Episode 9 begins with Han Jae Hyun walking home with Yoon Ji Soo — they decide to eat ramyeon together before the night ends; Han Jae Hyun asks if this is the first day of dating — Yoon Ji Soo fears getting stoned but Han Jae Hyun claims he will take the hits and she is his Iron Man suit. They carry on with the night, discussing her father and music. They stay out so late the light comes out. It seems they are both finally reconnecting. When My Love Blooms episode 9 feels more romantic for the older version of these characters.

The piano

Yoon Ji Soo takes her father to a care facility and he is delighted to see a piano. Han Jae Hyun donates it to the place. He tells her to play it to bring her father’s memory back. In the evening, they walk together again — Han Jae Hyun tells Yoon Ji Soo that he will get back with her and that he won’t turn back — Yoon Ji Soo says she has felt like a protagonist in a movie and this is the best scene but her footsteps have felt heavy. When My Love Blooms episode 9 sees Yoon Ji Soo resisting Han Jae Hyun’s words again and you wonder when they will properly reconcile.

The chairman and a broken marriage

The chairman learns of the warrant on the company which will include the slush funds and ghost accounts — he knows it is Han Jae Hyun and he wants to take him down. One of the directors has an idea — “a place he visits often”. Meanwhile, Han Jae Hyun tells Seo Gyeong that even before Yoon Ji Soo their marriage was over as she found a man; he claims she is not responsible and he expects her to ruminate for everything she wants. It’s heartbreaking as she tells him she still feels love. It’s easy to wonder if Seo Gyeong will forgive Han Jae Hyun in the later episodes.

The chairman meets Yoon Ji Soo; he tells her the world is a small place and he knows her father and asks why the daughter of such a respected man is seeing his son-in-law; he questions if she needs money. The chairman offers Yoon Ji Soo a warning. When My Love Blooms episode 9 sees a direct threat from the chairman for the first time.

The homeless man protesting outside

Han Jae Hyun is curious about the homeless man outside protesting on his own. A flashback shows him having a negotiation meeting with the homeless man’s son Kwon Hyeok Su and two other men — Kwon Hyeok Su tells Han Jae Hyun that the company’s decisions are a matter of life and death for the labor workers. Lee Se Hoon meets the homeless man and tells him of the bad treatment of Kwon Hyeok Su by Han Jae Hyun and they must get payback — it’s revealed that due to the company’s decision, Kwon Hyeok Su committed suicide. Lee Se Hoon tells Yoon Ji Soo that Han Jae Hyun is the target of the Kwon Hyeok Su suicide scandal and that there’s a lot of stories surrounding him.

A drunk Han Jae Hyun

Later in the night, Han Jae Hyun is very drunk outside Yoon Ji Soo’s apartment. He talks about his mother, how stupid he apparently is, his wife, and then Yoon Ji Soo and her son. He feels that life is holding him to get Yoon Ji Soo back. Yoon Ji Soo states life is harsh. She places Han Jae Hyun on her sofa so he can sleep, watches him with a slight smile on her face, and then rests her head next to his. Han Jae Hyun wakes up to a note from Yoon Ji Soo telling him next time she will let him freeze in the street.

The birthday meal

Yoon Ji Soo goes out for someone’s birthday — when they start singing happy birthday she appears sad. A flashback shows her choosing a dress; it’s her birthday and it’s also Han Hae Hyun’s visit day. In the present day, she heads home early. She returns to a clean and tidy apartment. She sees a note in one of her shoes from Han Jae Hyun – he admits that they have lived very different lives and he would have left her too if it was the other way around.

The past haunts Yoon Ji Soo

The next day Han Jae Hyun rides the train to school and sits next to Yoon Ji Soo. He states that she does everything alone so he wants to make sure she doesn’t do the train alone. The train stops and the lights cut out — there’s an issue with the generator. Yoon Ji Soo starts having a little panic attack. Meanwhile, Yoon Ji Soo’s father leaves the care facility suddenly wanting to find his daughter thinking she’s unsafe. In a flashback, Yoon Ji Soo visits Han Jae Hyun; on the news, a store has collapsed in Seoul. Her father was in the accident and she is in shock. Han Jae Hyun tries to calm her down — she leaves the army base. Han Jae Hyun tries leaving the base but he is not allowed. As Yoon Ji Soo returns home, the train stops and she panics, blaming everything on herself.

How does When My Love Blooms episode 9 end?

In the present day, she’s reliving the past on the train. The train starts moving again and she cries. Han Jae Hyun finds her — she tells him she can’t remember her mother and Ji Young’s last faces and sobs while he holds her. When My Love Blooms episode 9 balances the complications between past and present that are preventing both lead characters from moving forward.

Additional points
  • Han Jae Hyun gets secretary Kang to install a new security system in her home.
  • Yoon Ji Soo waits outside of school and it’s a little tense as the other mothers see Han Jae Hyun outside as well. Yoon Ji Soo learns of her son Yeong Min’s scholarship abroad — she talks to him about it, claiming nothing is for free; her son did not expect to go anyway.

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