When My Love Blooms episode 10 recap and breakdown

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 25, 2020 (Last updated: February 6, 2024)
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K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 10


When My Love Blooms episode 10 is quite eventless until the end where more twists are revealed.


This recap of K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 10 contains significant spoilers.

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How does When My Love Blooms episode 10 open?

Episode 10 starts with a repeat of the previous chapter as usual; Yoon Ji Soo is on the train having a panic attack regarding the past when the store collapsed and hurt her family. Flashbacks reveal that when she got to the hospital she hoped they were in the emergency department, not the funeral section; she always has the same dream where she cannot see the faces of her mother and sister. In the present day, she tells Han Jae Hyun that she wishes she saw them more — Han Jae Hyun comforts and listens to her, offering wise words. Meanwhile, her father is wandering aimlessly around the hospital.

Another fight at school

In school, Yeong Min tries ringing his mother but then Jun Seo fights him over the gossip about his mother and father. When Yoon Ji Soo gets to the school, her son is in the medical room. The principle believes Yeong Min started. Two witnesses tell the principle the fight started due to the rumors regarding Yoon Ji Soo and Han Jae Hyun.

A flashback shows Yeong Woo asking Yoon Ji Soo if she plans to return to school — she plans not to and explains how her father has been expelled from his job and he’s not himself anymore. She plans to leave the town — Yeong Woo asks about Han Jae Hyun as part of these plans; she writes a letter for him. Han Jae Hyun has a drink with his friends and he is sad that he cannot find her. In the present day, Han Jae Hyun explains his past about Yoon Ji Soo to his son and how he happened to meet her again.

A helpless father

Han Jae Hyun tells Yoon Ji Soo that her father has left the hospital. They head to the hospital and they find him outside the emergency department. Her father tells her that he’s glad they at least found her mother and sister’s bodies as some families don’t even get that. They cry and hug it out.

In a breakthrough moment in When My Love Blooms episode 10, Yoon Ji Soo admits she tried to blame Han Jae Hyun after her mother and sister died — she hoped distance would make them hate each other. She knows Han Jae Hyun isn’t to blame. She even explains that the school incident isn’t his fault. She ends her statement with the fact that their children need time to heal as well as them. Yoon Ji Soon always seems to find reasons not to reconcile with Han Jae Hyun.

Yeong Min takes the initiative

When My Love Blooms episode 10 sees Yeong Min showing his maturity. Seo Gyeong plans to try to get Yeong Min expelled but Jun Seo admits to hitting back. Yeong Min tells the principal that he knows that he believes Jun Seo over him and that he withdraws from the school. As they leave, Jun Seo cries in his mother’s arms. Yeong Min asks her mother that if he asked her to stop seeing Han Jae Hyun, would she. Meanwhile, Seo Gyeong tells Han Jae Hyun that the divorce won’t be easy and questions if he will abandon his child. She gets his mother involved but Han Jae Hyun explains that this has nothing to do with her.

The suicide case

A lot of the story seems to involve the suicide story and When My Love Blooms episode 10 brings further context. Han Jae Hyun meets the investigators again and this time the subject is the laborer that committed suicide — he states he is not responsible for Kwon Hyeok Su’s death and the company did a vicious attack to take down the labor union. Meanwhile, Lee Se Hoon tells Kwon Hyeok Su’s father that Han Jae Hyun has been let off the hook and there is no other legal remedy — he calls Han Jae Hyun an underhanded, dirty man.

How does When My Love Blooms episode 10 end?

Yoon Ji Soo meets the chairman and asks him to stop tailing her. He explains how much power he has — she highlights how illegal all this is. Yoon Ji Soo rings Han Jae Hyun and she wants the full, long story regarding Kwon Hyeok Su; he said the story starts with the army when he got a call from his father before he committed suicide because he apparently betrayed his fellow workers and took bribes to destroy the labor union — the same company that Han Jae Hyun works for twisted the story to make out that his father destroyed the union. When My Love Blooms episode 10 is quite eventless until the end where more twists are revealed.

Other points
  • The principle updates the chairman about the school incident.
  • Yoon Ji Soo offers to teach a student piano lessons for free.

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