Ted Lasso season 1, episode 9 recap – what happened in “All Apologies”

September 25, 2020
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The penultimate episode is all about compassion and kindness as Ted has a big decision to make.

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The penultimate episode is all about compassion and kindness as Ted has a big decision to make.

This recap of Apple TV+s Ted Lasso season 1, episode 9, “All Apologies” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Ted Lasso season 1, episode 9, “All Apologies”

Ted finds Roy in the medical room — he is hiding and embarrassed; an own goal by him lost them their latest game. He’s in an ice bath in a bin which adds to the comedy. Ted enters the room and tells him not to be hard on himself. The media isn’t being too kind to him either, stating he’s old and finished.

Roy is already insecure and the penultimate chapter toys with him even more.

You need to tell Ted

It seems Higgins has quit for real. Rebecca asks Ted how he feels about the final weekend and team morale. Keeley walks into the room and Rebecca looks nervous. Privately, Keeley tells Rebecca that she needs to tell Ted what she’s done as soon as possible. Keeley tells Rebecca that if she doesn’t tell him she will think lowly of her.

The series has put Rebecca in a position where she’s made true friends on this journey and it adds an emotional edge to the storyline; she needs to come clean in order to save friendships that she now values.

Bench Roy

Beard and Nate talk to Ted in private. They tell him that they need to take Roy out of the team because he hasn’t played great. Ted tells them they are not benching Roy because he’s the captain but he respects their opinion.

Rupert’s big news

Ted has a meeting with Rebecca. She is all over the place and acting super awkward. She backs out in telling him her secrets because she’s too nervous. Ted leaves and then Rupert walks in which catches her by surprise. He reveals that he and Bex are having a baby. Rebecca is shocked because Rupert never wanted kids with her. She’s absolutely fuming that he’s having a child at 70 years old. He tells Rebecca that it’s all about meeting the right person. As he leaves, Rebecca’s eyes fill with tears and she has a despondent look on her face.

I’ve been a f*cking b*tch

Rebecca enters the player’s changing room and approaches Ted in his office; she admits to being a f*cking b*tch and that she’s purposefully sabotaged the club and him all this time — she admits she wanted to cause pain and suffering for Rupert. As she confesses, she’s emotional about it and apologizes. Ted tells Rebecca that he forgives her because divorce is hard. Ted makes her laugh and he admits the job has changed his life. Rebecca hugs him tight.

This scene shows a level of compassion that we shouldn’t take for granted in real life — forgiveness is tough but Ted as a character shows how being empathetic and understanding of other people’s issues can make you into a kinder person. The message is clear — kindness is power, which is why it throws Rebecca off; she wasn’t expecting so much from Ted after her confession.

Silent treatment

At training, Beard and Nate are giving Ted the silent treatment over the Roy decision. During training, Roy is struggling to keep up. Ted talks to Roy privately after the training; Roy gets emotional as Ted suggests he will be benched and walks off.

I’m sorry

Rebecca meets Higgins in his home. He’s playing instruments and has strange facial hair. She tells him she’s come clean to Ted. Rebecca then apologizes to Higgins for treating him poorly.

It’s a good writing choice that Rebecca was an easily forgiven villain — it might have diluted the message if Ted and Higgins were furious with her.

You are not just a footballer

Keeley meets Roy — he talks about being on the bench; she sits him down so they can talk properly. He states he has been a star all his life and that’s all he’s ever known. Keeley asks Roy’s niece what she thinks of Roy — she describes him, leaving out that he’s a footballer and that she loves him. Keeley is proving a point — he’s not just a footballer.

Losing has repercussions

Ted has a beer with Coach Beard at the pub. He talks about Roy’s reaction and that he’s not benching him — Ted continues and says that their measure of success is not just about winning. Beard slams his fist on the table which silences the customers in the pub and says “Damm it, it is!”. Beard says winning matters to him — “Losing has repercussions. We lose, we get relegated”. Coach Beard calls Ted selfish and walks out.

Coach Beard has a point in this scene; while relegation may not have applied to Ted’s previous teams, it does here and his blase approach could impact many people.

Let me know how you want to play it

As Ted leaves the pub very drunk, Roy stops him from being nearly run over. Roy heads to Ted’s house and apologizes for shouting at him. Roy says his niece will still watch the match if he doesn’t play which annoys him. Ted offers to pretend that Roy is injured but it’s up to him how he plays it to the media or the game itself.

The ending

During the pre-game talk, Roy walks in and puts on a substitute bib. He tells them that the second team is going to kick the first team’s arses.

The penultimate episode is all about compassion and kindness as Ted has a big decision to make.

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