Ted Lasso season 1, episode 7 recap – what happened in “Make Rebecca Great Again” Coming to terms with losses.



Ted Lasso continues to impress and “Make Rebecca Great Again” is surprisingly emotionally moving as characters come to terms with their losses.

This recap of Apple TV+s Ted Lasso season 1, episode 7, “Make Rebecca Great Again” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Ted Lasso season 1, episode 7, “Make Rebecca Great Again”

Ted’s wife asks about the divorce papers and if he’s looked at it. He promises to look at it as soon as possible and sign it. Keeley and Rebecca have made plans to go to Liverpool together and they are ready to blow off some steam.

We can never beat Everton

In the changing room, Ted tries to pump the team up but they seem depressed. The team is down because they haven’t beaten Everton in 60 years. Journalists ask Ted what he feels about the risk of relegation — he talks about how much he misses Jamie in the team. Noticeably, all the journalists seem to be warming up to Ted now — he’s a popular man.

It’s our anniversary

When they arrive in Liverpool, Rebecca gets emotional as it’s her anniversary weekend with her ex-husband. Keeley gives her a big hug. It’s hitting Rebecca more than she thought it would do. Keeley is on the adverts for the hotel. Flo Collins joins them — Rebecca’s best friend. In the receptionist, Ted bumps into Flo and they have a back and forth conversation. Flo returns to Keeley and says she has met a man (referring to Ted). She also says that the real Rebecca is silly, not cold. “Make Rebecca Great Again” is clearly designed to get the football club owner out of her shell.

Looking over the papers

In his hotel room, Ted looks over his divorce papers while drinking. He then gets a text message from his wife’s lawyer asking him to hurry up. Nate then gives Ted his thoughts on the team for tomorrow but a frustrated Ted tells him to go back to his room — this was out of character from Ted which makes the scene shocking. The next morning, Ted apologises to Nate for biting his head off. He tells Nate to give the pre-game talk.

The team encourages him to give his speech. He calls one of the players a “Dumb p*ssy”. Nate starts ripping into each player and it becomes a roast. Nate tells Roy that he’s slow now but his superpower is anger — silence takes over the room as Roy destroys one of the benches and is pumped up. Richmond beat Everton for the first time in 60 years.


After the game, the team celebrates by going out drinking and singing karaoke. Rebecca, Flo and Keeley join them. Rebecca apologises to Flo for disappearing from her friends and that her ex took a lot from her — Rebecca then goes on the karaoke and sings “Let It Go” from Frozen. Everyone is amazed by her singing ability. But Ted isn’t okay and leaves the group. His head is ringing. Rebecca finds him and tells him to breathe because he’s having a panic attack. The reality has sunk in for Ted, he’s getting divorced and sadness lurks over the entire episode from here.

The ending

Ted heads back to the hotel after he calms down. He walks away looking like a lonely man, a defeated man. When he gets to his room, he signs the divorce papers. As everyone leaves the karaoke bar, Keeley decides to walk home with Roy. Flo decides to stay out and Rebecca heads back to the hotel.

When Roy and Keeley return to the hotel, they kiss, then Roy stops the kissing and says “Goodnight” and quickly walks off, leaving her shocked. Ted texts Rebecca and thanks her for being so kind to him throughout the journey. Flo visits Ted’s hotel room as the chapter ends.

Ted Lasso continues to impress and episode 7 is surprisingly emotionally moving as characters come to terms with their losses.

Additional points
  • Rebecca is annoyed at Higgins and tells him to stay behind.

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2 thoughts on “Ted Lasso season 1, episode 7 recap – what happened in “Make Rebecca Great Again”

  • September 11, 2020 at 8:30 pm

    “Ted Lasso” has slowly but steadily become my favorite comedy of the year. I was not expecting that before the show had started. Not at all! 🙂

  • September 13, 2020 at 1:32 am

    Really really good show. Maybe you have to be European to get it but it’s very funny. But the last five minutes of episode 7 was amazing how the writers pulled everything together. Great writing. And the score was fantastic. Celeste and “Amazing“ was exactly precisely that. Amazing.


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