Ted Lasso season 1, episode 6 recap – what happened in “Two Aces”

September 4, 2020
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“Two Aces” sees Ted go to great lengths to help raise team spirit.

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“Two Aces” sees Ted go to great lengths to help raise team spirit.

This recap of Apple TV+s Ted Lasso season 1, episode 6, “Two Aces” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Ted Lasso season 1, episode 6, “Two Aces”

Ted places his wedding ring in a box; an end of an era. When he gets into work he’s a little frantic with his conversations when he sees Beard and Nate. I think the shock has settled in from his separation with his wife.

Manchester City make a threat

In a press conference, Trent Crimm asks Ted if Jamie will be back in the next game. Ted states it’s up to Jamie if he wants to play. Rebecca tells Ted that Manchester City is going to terminate Jamie’s loan if he doesn’t play. Ted has a plan for Jamie but what was hilarious is he thought Rebecca meant they were taking Jamie’s house. He didn’t understand how a loan worked.

Giving the hairdryer

Drama is around the corner as Jamie states he won’t practice as he’s hurt. Ted approaches Jamie and reminds him that it’s only practice and he should be leading by example. This is the first time Ted has blown up in front of the team and it was effective.

In place of Jamie, Ted puts Daniel Rojas in his position for practice and he impresses. Jamie seems bothered and Roy teases how good Rojas is.

Old Rebecca

Keeley tells Rebecca that the hot woman from the party “Bex” has replaced her in the media because she has a romance with Rupert — Rebecca is now known in the media as “Old Rebecca”. This is showing the cruelty of the media against women.

Keeley then talks to Roy at the gym and walks next to him on the running machine. She has researched his history for the player bios but it looks like any excuse to talk to him.

Treatment room and the curse

Daniel Rojas is soon injured which ruins the plans of the team. Nate tells Ted that the treatment room is cursed. Ted wants to reverse that curse immediately.

The whole team group at the pub and Ted gives a speech about curses that don’t last forever. The landlady talks about how the club in 1914 teased young men to join the club to trick them into enlisting. Those injured from the war ended up in the treatment room. Ted tells all the players to find a sacrifice; he asks them to bring something valuable to the club at midnight. This is a mad process but you can tell Ted is doing this for team togetherness. “Two Aces” sees how far he’s willing to go to bring the team together during a tough period in the season

Stop battling people

Jamie meets Keeley about the curse that Ted wants to remove; he feels it is bullsh*t. Keeley tells Jamie to stop battling people who are trying to help him.

Bringing something valuables

At the midnight gathering, Rebecca joins. The players and staff take turns in putting something valuable in the circle. In the end, Jamie joins and brings the boots his mother bought him — that’s what got him into football. He explains how his father always called him soft which is why he always acts tough. That explains a lot about Jamie.

The ending of Ted Lasso season 1, episode 6, “Two Aces”

Ted is about to burn the barrel of valuables but Beard tells him to do it outside. Ted then tries to speak to the spirits and then Daniel Rojas arrives with a bottle of spirit. Rebecca recognizes that the team is reunited — Ted reveals that it was Higgins’s idea that they don’t reveal to the team that Daniel Rojas is no longer injured until after the ceremony.

Rebecca is fuming and heads home.

The next day, Ted learns that Jamie has been recalled by Manchester City and he marches up to Rebecca; he’s furious. He cannot contain his anger and gives Rebecca the biscuits before walking out. The reality of English football is sinking in for Ted. Episode 6 sees Ted go to great lengths to help raise team spirit.

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