When My Love Blooms episode 11 recap and breakdown

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 31, 2020 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 11


When My Love Blooms episode 11 triggers a whole host of emotions — gripping the viewer and providing a lot of answers.

This recap of K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 11 contains significant spoilers.

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How does When My Love Blooms episode 11 open?

Episode 11 is by far the best one in this series so far as answers are provided giving plenty of context and emotional engagement for the audience. Episode 11 opens with Han Jae Hyun explaining the story again regarding his father and the labor union; his father committed suicide after false accusations that claimed he took the lead of the destruction of the labor union and acting as an informant on the company’s side. The ex-employees starting suing Han Jae Hyun’s father; Han Jae Hyun described it as a lonely funeral as everyone thought his father was a traitor and it disgusted him and that’s when he “made his mind up”. Han Jae Hyun then states that Kwon Hyeok Su’s death reminded him of his father and he learned that Chairman Jang was behind both deaths. Yoon Ji Soo holds Han Jae Hyun’s hand to comfort him.

After Han Hae Hyun’s father died he felt resentment and guilt and he missed him more. The chairman learns this story as well from another executive and realizes how connected they are in a twisted way. The start of When My Love Blooms episode 11 gives the audience plenty to chew on.

Fall of 1995

Episode 11 then turns to the Fall of 1995 — Han Jae Hyun is looking for Yoon Ji Soo. Yoon Ji Soo walks up slowly behind him while he listens to music but she doesn’t approach him. There’s then a montage of memories of them both together as he reminisces. He returns for service at the army and he thinks about his father.

Back to the present day — the chairman versus Han Jae Hyun

The chairman invites Han Jae Hyun for a discussion and asks him how far is he willing to take it — “Do you want to replace me as chairman?”. The masks are off in this conversation — the chairman says theft between accounts in the family isn’t theft. Han Jae Hyun raises how he and the chairman are different blood. The chairman raises that some of the money is for his grandson and that he knows about the school incident with Yeong Min. It’s heating up between both of these men and it’s evident that future chapters will see their paths cross in a bitter legal battle.

The day gets busier for Han Jae Hyun as his wife Seo Gyeong wants to talk. Flashbacks show the couple flirting and arranging to date. He takes her on a ride at the fair so her last memory on it isn’t her mother, who left her at the fair. In the present day, she tells Han Jae Hyun he should have abandoned her that day and begs him to stay with her, stating she got bored initially but she wants to go back in time. Seo Gyeong promises to put the broken glass back together.


When My Love Blooms episode 11 provides a pivotal moment between Yoon Ji Soo’s father and Han Jae Hyun. As we all know, he is one of the many reasons why the pair could not be together properly and caused years of pain for them both.

Yoon Ji Soo’s father asks Han Jae Hyun to meet him at the hospital and they go for a walk. The father tells Han Jae Hyun not to forgive him and that it’s fine to push him off a cliff — he wants punishing and doesn’t want his daughter in any more pain. And then there’s a significant confession; Yoon Ji Soo’s father admits to prosecuting Han Jae Hyun’s father — it was the year Han Jae Hyun ran off with Yoon Ji Soo, and at the time, he was enraged so he got his revenge. Chairman Jang asked Yoon Ji Soo’s father to quash the allegations against the company and frame Han Jae Hyun’s father. After this event, Yoon Ji Soo’s father had lost his house and family. Yoon Ji Soo’s father tells Han Jae Hyun that he’s truly sorry and the crimes against him are grave and deep and then he sobs at the cliff edge. If we peel away at the layers here — sometimes forgiveness can be deep-rooted and you can feel it in this scene.


When My Love Blooms episode 11 closes in more upsetting circumstances. Yoon Ji Soo gets a call to say her father is in the ER after struggling to breathe. He currently can’t breathe on his own and he’s in the intensive care unit. Yeong Woo turns up to support her. Han Jae Hyun learns that Yoon Ji Soo’s father is in the ICU.

Yoon Ji Soo is told by the doctor to have her final moments with her father. She sobs with her father who has signed papers to stop life-sustaining treatment. Her father says he will take away all the wicked things he has done so she can have the good things and live happily. Yoon Ji Soo cries uncontrollably as he cries. This is a hard scene to take as an audience member; Yoon Ji Soo does not have much left in her life and this was another blow.

How does When My Love Blooms episode 11 end?

Yoon Ji Soo walks outside of the hospital and sees Han Jae Hyun. She tells him she doesn’t want anyone else to leave her anymore and cries — Han Jae Hyun hugs her. Could this be the pivotal moment in emotional and stressful circumstances that brings both characters back together officially? When My Love Blooms episode 11 triggers a whole host of emotions — gripping the viewer and providing a lot of answers.

Other points
  • Yoon Ji Soo talks about opening up a piano academy to one of her students. She has found a place to rent but she isn’t ready to buy yet. The student’s mother finds out Yoon Ji Soo never graduated.
  • Yeong Woo reminisces about Yoon Ji Soo.
  • Han Jae Hyun asks his son if he’d like to go on a trip.
  • A flashback reveals that Han Jae Hyun’s father had to take on a new job with little money after the scandal.
  • Seo Gyeong’s lover doesn’t want her to get a divorce because he thinks she’d have a hard time because she still loved him. She throws a drink over him.
  • Yoon Ji Soo’s father tells Yeong Min to look after his mother.
  • Han Jae Hyun walks with Yoon Ji Soo and asks how she can make ends meet now she’s lost her job at the academy. He offers her his personal credit card but she declines it. Later on, a big food order arrived sent by Han Jae Hyun.

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