Aranyak season 1, episode 4 recap – the coerced confession

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 10, 2021
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Netflix Aranyak season 1, episode 4


Episode 4 ups the mystery with a coerced confession and an exciting twist at the end.

This recap of Netflix’s Aranyak season 1, episode 4 contains spoilers. 

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The first three episodes were okay, but luckily episode 4 levels up and gives the audience some plot points to care about.

Aranyak season 1, episode 4 recap

Episode 4 opens with Angad making a deal with Leopard-Man — a trade for his son. In the present day, Angad looks at CCTV that shows Aimee on a scooter with a student named Bunty — the same boy that is in a relationship with Nutan, Kasturi’s daughter. When they head up to Bunty’s house, the father is startled — Bunty has gone and the father isn’t sure what happened to him. Angad runs into a nearby forest and he’s faced with the black leopard — he scares the leopard away by using a firing shot.

Checkpoints are set up and a red alert is issued to find Bunty. His phone is also turned off. But then, Bunty turns up at the police station — he surrenders himself. Kasturi and Angad interrogate Bunty — shockingly, he confesses to raping and killing Aimee. Kasturi asks if he’s been forced to say this. Bunty claims not, and flashbacks show how they became friends, which turns to a night at Hotel Bom — he claims Kanti turned up and took her to a room upstairs. Kasturi feels there is holes in his story, but Angad wants to take s***n samples and see the reality of his confession. It’s clear it isn’t Bunty.

When Kasturi returns home, her daughter Nutan is feeling low and tired. Earlier in the day, Nutan did not do well in her exam. Kasturi then sees her daughter has a bracelet from Govind’s cafe. She then asks about Bunty and whether she knew him — she reveals they arrested him and Nutan is alarmed.

Minister Jagdamba takes an interest in Bunty being arrested. She’s then alerted about Mr. Manhas (Ravi’s father-in-law) and his project. Jagdamba makes it clear that they can’t shake hands with a snake.

The ending

Julie tells Bunty that she knows he’s lying. Angad says they cannot be sure and tells her to be silent. Bunty’s father arrives at the police station, and Kasturi wants him to get Bunty to tell the truth. Bunty tells his father that he made a mistake. The father tells Bunty to tell the truth — he walks away, and Bunty shouts after his father, reminding him to take his medicines.

Mahadev asks Bunty’s father about access to the courts — he believes he can prove that his son is innocent. As the episode ends, Ravi is handling a gun again. He visits Julie — the wedding photographers are nearby recording without his knowledge. Julie tells Ravi that he can’t be here and asks him to leave. Woah, that’s a plot twist.

Episode 4 ups the mystery with a coerced confession and an exciting twist at the end.

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