When My Love Blooms episode 12 recap and breakdown

June 1, 2020
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When My Love Blooms episode 12 brings our lead characters closer together in times of despair but a threat is lingering.

This recap of K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 12 contains significant spoilers.

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How does When My Love Blooms episode 12 open?

Episode 12 opens up with Yoon Ji Soo’s father’s death again — emotions are high and she tells Han Jae Hyun she doesn’t want anyone else to leave her life. At the funeral, Yoon Ji Soo asks her deceased father to send on a message to her mother and sister. The high emotions continue in When My Love Blooms episode 12.

Chairman Jang

The Chairman is annoyed that Yoon Ji Soo’s father is dead because he cannot use him as a pawn, highlighting how truly evil he is. Seo Gyeong is concerned for similar reasons, realizing Han Jae Hyun will feel sad for Yoon Ji Soo. When Han Jae Hyun gets home she berates him but he wants it to stop. Chairman Jang is concerned that his share position is going to weaken against Han Jae Hyun. He wants to know the men funding Han Jae Hyun and states they are not super investors — he’s very frustrated. Chairman Jang tells his executives to look at it from Han Jae Hyun’s perspective. He wants to step on them like ants.

The diary

Yoon Ji Soo’s father left behind a diary for his daughter, where he regrets fighting with her and that he tried to cling to reality, recognizing that she has worked hard. He praises Han Jae Hyun and saw how much they loved each other and it weighed on his mind — he felt guilt. It’s then revealed that Yoon Ji Soo does not know her father helped in the indictment of Han Jae Hyun’s father which led to the suicide. When My Love Blooms episode 12 shows how there is still a lot left to be brought in the open between both characters.

Filing for divorce

It was going to happen eventually… Seo Gyeong is shocked to see a divorce application from Han Jae Hyun. Chairman Jang reveals that Yoon Ji Soo doesn’t know her father led the indictment against Han Jae Hyun’s father and it will break them both. Seo Gyeong meets Yoon Ji Soo about the divorce application from Han Jae Hyun — she reveals that her father was responsible for Han Jae Hyun’s father’s death before walking off and ripping up the application. Seo Gyeon tells Han Jae Hyun that she ripped up the application and he tells her he created a monster.

Yeong Woo accepts the reality

Yeong Woo meets up with Han Jae Hyun and explains that Yoon Ji Soo knows about her father preparing the indictment against his father. Yeong Woo recognizes that Han Jae Hyun and Yoon Ji Soo get through the rough times. When My Love Blooms episode 12 sees Yeong Woo accepting defeat in this scene, knowing Han Jae Hyun and Yoon Ji Soo are meant for each other.

Meeting at the park

Han Jae Hyun and Yoon Ji Soo agree to meet at the park. She gives him her father’s diary and says it will give him more use as it mentions Chairman Jang. Yoon Ji Soo admits to battling with her father charging Han Jae Hyun’s father but then she realized she doesn’t want anyone to leave her anymore. Han Jae Hyun explains that he met her father a few days before he passed — he discusses the resentment her father felt when he ran away with his daughter. Han Jae Hyun explains that her father wanted his daughter to be clear from pain; he holds Yoon Ji Soo’s hand and explains that he wants her to be happy. Yoon Ji Soo explains she doesn’t want to make the same painful mistake again and they kiss. When My Love Blooms episode 12 shows, for the first time, both characters on the same page.

How does When My Love Blooms episode 12 end?

Yoon Ji Soo heads to the mall and sees a guitar place. Han Jae Hyun sneaks up behind her and makes her jump. He’s buying a piano for her academy that he wants to donate and she works out how she can pay him back. In the store, they play the piano together and for the first time, they look like a couple. Afterward, Han Jae Hyun and Yoon Ji Soo have dinner together — someone is taking photos of them. Yoon Ji Soo sees the place she wants to rent has graffiti on it that says “demolish”. It’s going to get nasty from here on in. When My Love Blooms episode 12 brings our lead characters closer together in times of despair but a threat is lingering.

Other points
  • Yeong Min tells his father Lee Se Hoon that he wishes to move in with him so he can make his mother happy so she can marry.
  • Yoon Ji Soo is looking for a new house. Yeong Woo goes for lunch with Yoon Ji Soo and her son and blows off steam, going to a fair and having some fun.
  • In a flashback, Yoon Ji Soo returns home and meets up with her friends. She tells her friends that she has little money and family. In the present day, Yeong Woo confesses to Yoon Ji Soo that he called the police on Han Jae Hyun years ago and that he still feels the guilt of what it caused years later — he also realized he’d never get a chance with her and tells Yoon Ji Soo to not live life with guilt.

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