When My Love Blooms episode 15 recap and breakdown

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 14, 2020 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 15


Episode 15 is a dramatic penultimate episode, leading to a juicy showdown for the finale.

This recap of K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 15 contains significant spoilers.

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How does When My Love Blooms episode 15 open?

Episode 15 begins where episode 14 ended with Han Jae Hyun about to tell Yoon Ji Soon that he is his old self again and then the father of Kwon Hyeok Su stabs him. Han Jae Hyun is taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The father of Kwon Hyeok Su, Mr. Kwon, is arrested immediately. When they reach the hospital, Yoon Ji Soo is not allowed to follow him as she’s not a guardian or wife. Seo Gyeong arrives and she’s Yoon Ji Soo in the waiting room; Yoon Ji Soo tells Seo Gyeong that she was at the scene and in return, she puts a policy down — “family only”.

Meanwhile, Chairman Jang is wondering about Han Jae Hyun’s chances of survival. When My Love Blooms episode 15 is a cruel opening. Yoon Ji Soo is outside the hospital, feeling helpless — not knowing if her childhood sweetheart will survive.

Why did you cry?

Episode 15 then moves to November 1995; Han Jae Hyun and Yoon Ji Soo are on the bus, sharing a walkman and listening to music. Yoon Ji Soo asks Han Jaw Hyun why he cried all the time and states she cries all the time — she calls him cute. Later on, Han Jae Hyun is hurt by the police in a protest and Yoon Ji Soo rushes to the hospital. While he sleeps, Yoon Ji Soon writes on his cast and sings. Han Jae Hyun wakes up and listens and she’s unaware.

Time to recover

Back in the present day and Yoon Ji Soo stayed on the bench outside the hospital all night. Seo Gyeong is alerted by the doctors that the surgery went well and Han Jae Hyun needs time to recover. Yoon Ji Soo doesn’t want to leave the bench and her friend tells her to go home as she’s freezing. Meanwhile, Lee Se Hoon sees the news and gets a call — he will be Mr. Kwon’s lawyer. When My Love Blooms episode 15 adds more complication — Lee Se Hoon did not plan this but he helped it happen.

Taking advantage

Chairman Jang tells Seo Gyeong that this is the best time to take advantage and states that she should get her act together. Seo Gyeong is showing a rare sign of compassion during this time while Chairman Jang wants to capitulate and save his side of the business.

Yoon Ji Soo confronts Lee Se Hoon and suggests he is behind the stabbing and that she will find out soon enough what truly happened. You don’t mess with Yoon Ji Soo; she shows if she loves you, she will do anything. Flashbacks show Lee Se Hoon continuing to ring Mr. Kwon, egging him on.

Waking up

Han Jae Hyun finally wakes up and he sees Seo Gyeong and Secretary Kang — Seo Gyeong asks Han Jae Hyun if he’s looking for Yoon Ji Soo but states she cannot help him as it’s family only and she has a duty as his wife to take care of him but that she will happily pass on the message. Seo Gyeong then brings his son Jun Seo to the hospital. Yoon Ji Soon lurks and looks through the door window and sees the family together. She understandably feels confused and ousted.

Meanwhile, Lee See Hoon is told he cannot represent Mr. Kwon on the case because the investigator plan to subpoena him. They know he rang Mr. Kwon two hours before the stabbing.

Please give up

Han Jae Hyun’s friends visit Han Jae Hyun in the hospital. Yoon Ji Soo receives a photo of a selfie from the hospital to prove that Han Jae Hyun is looking well. Seo Gyeong then rings her and asks her to come outside — she wants more information on the attack. Yoon Ji Soo blames herself for not arriving earlier. Yoon Ji Soo then apologizes to Seo Gyeong, presumably for getting back in her husband’s life.

Seo Gyeong tells Yoon Ji Soo to give up and if she does, she will stop intruding in her life — she’s willing to beg. But Yoon Ji Soo refusing, stating she does not want to say goodbye. Seo Gyeong’s tone changes and she firmly says she will not give up. When My Love Blooms episode 15 shows how nothing has changed even in tragic circumstances.

Thank you

Han Jae Hyun visits his mother for a catch-up and then visits Mr. Kwon in prison — he explains the story of how his father worked for the same company as his son and he valued and cherished it. Han Jae Hyun explains how he felt exactly the same when his father committed suicide. Mr. Kwon states he had no idea and apologises but Han Jae Hyun thanks him as for the first time since his father died, he has let go.

Chairman Jang learns of the shares increasing on Han Jae Hyun’s side every day and he’s frustrated — he realizes that Han Jae Hyun wants to end it and invites him on.

Meanwhile, Lee Se Hoon is in a tight spot as Mr. Kwon has told all. He will be going to court.

The meeting

Chairman Jang welcomes Han Jae Hyun into his office and tries hugging him but he brushes him off. They exchange niceties but there’s an underlying tension. Han Jae Hyun tells Chairman Jang to step down as he’s well aware he cannot go ahead with the third-party allotment and that he will chair an extraordinary board meeting to put it to a vote. Han Jae Hyun is not going down without a fight.

Yoon Ji Soo meets Han Jae Hyun’s mother. Han Jae Hyun turns up. She’s curious about what he was going to say before he got stabbed and they go for a walk together. He thanks her, stating he wouldn’t have got this far without her and then joins her on the bus to Seoul.

How does When My Love Blooms episode 15 end?

As we draw nearer to the end, Chairman Jang heads over to the office — as he enters Seo Gyeong cries. As Chairman Jang arrives at the office, Prosecutor Kang greets him and wishes him well after a busy day. Meanwhile, Seo Gyeong remembers the time Han Jae Hyun stated their marriage was over before Yoon Ji Soo and Yoon Ji Soo’s promise not to disappear.

Prosecutor Kang asks Chairman Jang a series of questions and gets out the many files that prove many charges.  Seo Gyeong then tells Yoon Ji Soo that Han Jae Hyun is planning to take over the company for money and power and asks isn’t that the type of person she hates. Meanwhile, Chairman Jang learns that Han Jae Hyun is gathering the leaders of the joint labor-management conference and the executive members of the union. Chairman Jang is furious, realizing that Han Jae Hyun is trying to win over the shareholders.

Seo Gyeong tells Yoon Ji Soo to stop Han Jae Hyun and if she does, she will sign the divorce papers and leave him, for good. What an ending and one last throw of the dice by Seo Gyeong. Episode 15 is a dramatic penultimate episode, leading to a juicy showdown for the finale.

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