When My Love Blooms episode 16 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 15, 2020 (Last updated: February 6, 2024)
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K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 16


When My Love Blooms episode 16 is a heartwarming end to a series with plenty of drama and brings perspective to life, especially in turbulent times for family and friends around the world.

This recap of K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 16 contains significant spoilers.

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How does When My Love Blooms episode 16 open?

Episode 16 begins with Seo Gyeong’s ultimatum. Stop Han Jae Hyun and in return, she will divorce him. Seo Gyeong believes Han Jae Hyun wants power and money for only his benefit and is trying to convince Yoon Ji Soo of the wrongdoing. Yoon Ji Soo tells Seo Gyeong that she will not stop him because Han Jae Hyun will make sure no-one loses anything if he is the man he claims to be. When My Love Blooms episode 16 shows that these two will never see eye to eye.

A new era

Han Jae Hyun starts his board meeting and hails a new era for the company and that he will propose that Chairman Jang is fired and that he will resign. He asks for the union for their shares so he can gain their support. Meanwhile, Chairman Jang is arrested as the investigators provide the evidence against him and put in an indictment. Han Jae Hyun has decided he doesn’t want the power of the Chairman anymore after wise words from Yoon Ji Soo. It’s reported in the news that Han Jae Hyun has given up rights to management.

Since the announcement that he has removed rights to management, Han Jae Hyun meets up with Yoon Ji Soo. The pair seem very relaxed, showing a beginning to an end after weeks of stress.

The vote passes

Chairman Jang heads into the detention center. Seo Gyeong waits tentatively in the car. The Extraordinary General Meeting begins and Han Jae Gyun heads to the office. The vote passes; Chairman Jang is dismissed and Han Jae Hyun has resigned — a new era for the company has dawned in When My Love Blooms episode 16.

Chairman Jang attends court to start the proceedings for his financial crimes and the denial of human rights. The prosecutor asks for severe punishment and Seo Gyeong watches on with increased anxiety. Han Jae Hyun tells Seo Gyeong that nothing really changes for her; she and her father still own the majority of the shares and his shares go towards a nonprofit foundation — he believes the company will be run better now.

A breakthrough, finally

In a surprise moment, Seo Gyeong hands Han Jae Hyun the divorce papers signed. Her change of heart was determined by Yoon Ji Soo having such confidence that Han Jae Hyun would be a better man when it came to the company. Also, during court proceedings, she thought about her father and Han Jae Hyun’s father and the impact of everyone’s life. Seo Gyeong accepts that she will be looking after her son Jun Seo and Han Jan Hyun insists he will keep in touch.

Seo Gyeong has one question, however — “Why did you marry me? Was it because I threatened to kill myself or out of pity for me?”. Han Jae Hyun states he pushed himself into a world of torture where he believed he couldn’t be happy and that she comforted him and he thought he could fall in love over time. Seo Gyeong shares the same sentiments. Han Jae Hyun tells Seo Gyeong that he wants her to be happy. When My Love Blooms episode 16 provides a clear breakthrough that was mature and conclusive and it was heartwarming to see.

Off the hook

Lee Se Hoon is let off the hook as Mr. Kwon has changed his statement and claims he didn’t push him to stab Han Jae Hyun. The police have closed the case. Han Jae Hyun petitioned for Mr. Kwon to be let off for his attack despite the stabbing, saving both Lee Se Hoon and Mr. Kwon from any prosecution. You can see the guilt etched on his face when he realizes that Han Jae Hyun is a good man. Yoon Ji Soo tells Lee Se Hoon that she accepts he is her son’s father and she only wants one thing — “I need you to change. I think you can change”. Yoon Ji Soo sees good in her ex-husband and the finale is becoming more about forgiveness than resolutions.

I’ll always be your father

Han Jae Hyun speaks to his son Jun Seo to try and form an understanding — his son understands what his father has gone through. He tells his son he will always side with him. As they are having this conversation, they are fishing. It’s love and forgiveness all-round.

What present shall I get

Back in 1994, Han Jae Hyun asks his friend what to buy Yoon Ji Soo for her birthday — his friend recommends a cheap buffet. He’s low on money so his friend suggests maybe singing her a song. Han Jae Hyun takes Yoon Ji Soo out for her birthday and she points out that he doesn’t have a lot of money but he insists he does. At the end of the meal, he passes her a gift and she starts to cry and tells him he’s her present. Inside the present is a tape of songs he has recorded for her. As she listens to them, Han Jae Hyun goes to the restroom.

Surprise cake

In the present day, Yoon Ji Soo sits in a bar waiting for Yeong Woo and suddenly, Han Jae Hyun and friends walk in with a surprise cake — she cries. She can’t blow the candles and make a wish because of her family — Han Jae Hyun suggests her family would want her to have her birthday. Her friends jokingly recommend she can get 20 years of birthday presents from Han Jae Hyun. Yoon Ji Soo closes her eyes and blows the candles. When My Love Blooms episode 16 continues the theme of “moving on” in emotional circumstances.

Yoon Ji Soo has the dream again when she begs for her mother and sister to turn around so she can see their faces; this time they turn around and it’s a pivotal moment, signifying that Yoon Ji Soo is ready to make peace with her past.

You’re mine

The big moment arrives; while looking at the stars, Han Jae Hyun puts an engagement ring on Yoon Ji Soo’s hands and for the first time, they are each other’s to keep. When My Love Blooms episode 16 has well and truly reached a natural ending here. In a flashback, when Yoon Ji Soo first meets Han Jae Hyun, she gives him a remedy to help him with the tear gas after a protest.

How does When My Love Blooms episode 16 end?

As we draw near the end, the finale shows how the characters have moved on; Lee Se Hoon is doing divorce cases free, Yeong Woo has a new love interest and Han Jae Hyun is starting his new venture that doesn’t involve primarily power and money. Meanwhile, Yoon Ji Soo is following her dream — giving piano classes in her own small school. The ending moments show younger Han Jae Hyun and Yoon Ji Soon combined; Han Jae Hyun thanks Yoon Ji Soo for recognizing him, even though he has changed — older Yoon Ji Soon hugs her younger self and thanks her for holding in there. Han Jae Hyun puts a hand on his younger self and thanks him for doing amazingly well.

There’s an appreciation for their younger and older selves to round off a wonderful, well-acted, K-drama series that values friendship, love, and forgiveness in a cyclical manner. When My Love Blooms episode 16 is a heartwarming end to a series with plenty of drama and brings perspective to life, especially in turbulent times for family and friends around the world.

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