When My Love Blooms episode 14 recap and breakdown

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 14, 2020 (Last updated: February 6, 2024)
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When My Love Blooms episode 14


When My Love Blooms episode 14 is a tentative chapter as decisions need to be made but a cloud looms as Han Jae Hyun’s past catches up to him.

This recap of K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 14 contains significant spoilers.

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How does When My Love Blooms episode 14 open?

Episode 14 opens up with Yeong Woo angry at Han Jae Hyun but accepts there is nothing he can do — he knows Han Jae Hyun and Yoon Ji Soo are destined to be together; he asks her to make sure she doesn’t stand alone. The scene then flits to Yoon Ji Soo preparing her power move as she heads to the hotel, putting on her make-up — she’s ready to put the cards in her hand — knowing full well she can control one element of this war between her and Seo Gyeong.

Power play

Seo Gyeong heads to the hotel room. Han Jae Hyun answers and she scopes out the room, and she isn’t there. Yoon Ji Soo obviously changed her mind. Yoon Ji Soo is sat down at reception so the women chat — Yoon Ji Soo says that’s the best she can hurt her but she’s going to do everything the right and proper way. Seo Gyeong smashes a lamp nearby and states she smashes and hurts things. When My Love Blooms episode 14 shows how one woman will do anything to destroy them, while the other wants to make her moral compass.

Parental rights

Yoon Ji Soo heads over to see Yeong Min and learns Lee Se Hoon has been intercepting her messages and calls. She raises how she still has parental and custody rights and that Yeong Min staying at Lee Se Hoon has been illegal. Her mother-in-law raises her hands and threatens to raise an assault case as well — Yoon Ji Soo has transformed since the previous episode and When My Love Blooms episode 14 is seeing her in full flow.

Punishment will come

Lee Se Hoon tells Seo Gyeong that he wishes many misfortunes for Yoon Ji Soo and Han Jae Hyun. Meanwhile, Han Jae Hyun thanks Yeon Woo for telling him to stand with Yoon Ji Soo and asks if he’s okay. Yeon Woo states he is okay and it’s something he has taken responsibility for himself and jokingly. Lee Se Hoon then meets the father of Kwon Hyeok Su, the man that committed suicide due to unfair dismissal and is connected to the labour union case. Lee Se Hoon continues to stir the pot. The father states he will be punished and Lee Se Hoon looks concerned.

Brain surgery

Yoon Ji Soo learns that Seon Hee has collapsed and that she needs brain surgery; the friend reveals it had happened at work as well and that the labour union seems unwilling to help. Yoon Ji Soo visits Seon Hee in hospital; Seon Hee wonders if she’ll be able to even enjoy socialising again.

Those who need help

Han Jae Hyun puts a plan in place to file a lawsuit against Chairman Jang even if it won’t work to spread a rumour about the competition of management shares — he wants to put in a long term plan to defeat the Chairman rather than short term victories. Han Jae Hyun tells Yoon Ji Soo that without the executives on his side, he cannot win and he won’t win with the labour union on his side — he wants revenge and reward. Yoon Ji Soo says Han Jae Hyun will win at the expense of weak people and asks about his character — she states this is an obstacle between them and that she hopes he can return to defending those who need help. When My Love Blooms episode 14 gives Han Jae Hyun a decision to make.


Yoon Ji Soo goes home and she vows to fight for Seon Hee who has been wrongfully dismissed — she starts a petition and meets a labour union lawyer. She then meets Seo Gyeon by blocking her car and gives her the petition of everyone she used to work with and states she needs to reverse the decision she will face fines/fees and a court showing by law; Yoon Ji Soo also states the lawsuit will be broadcast.

How does When My Love Blooms episode 14 end?

Han Jae Hyun looks into the previous case against the company and meets the previous prosecutor who lost his job over it because of how much everyone protected Chairman Jang — Han Jae Hyun tells him that justice will come. It looks like he is changing his mind. In the past, Han Jae Hyun bought Yoon Ji Soo many roses and asks if they can stop arguing — in the present, he is doing the same before he meets her. When he meets her the father of Kwon Hyeok Su approaches Han Jae Hyun and stabs him in the stomach — a shocking ending. When My Love Blooms episode 14 is a tentative chapter as decisions need to be made but a cloud looms as Han Jae Hyun’s past catches up to him.

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