When My Love Blooms episode 13 recap and breakdown

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 9, 2020 (Last updated: February 6, 2024)
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K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 13


When My Love Blooms episode 13 shows a cold war brewing and it tests whether the lead characters can maintain resolve.

This recap of K-drama series When My Love Blooms episode 13 contains significant spoilers.

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How does When My Love Blooms episode 13 open?

Episode 13 Yoon Ji Soo begins with enquiring about her property that will be demolished; the new owner is Seo Gyeong. Meanwhile, Han Jae Hyun learns that Seo Gyeon has taken a trip but not a return ticket.


The next day the demolishment team comes around and Yoon Ji Soo tells them that what they are doing is illegal and that CCTV is recording everything. We then revert to September 1994 — Yoon Ji Soo and Han Jae Hyun open up a small little school for kids. Yoon Ji Soo tells Han Jae Hyun that she wants to teach children piano for free who cannot afford to. Later on, the demolishment team trashes their small school and Yoon Ji Soo is distraught. The pair have a late-night walk and end up watching Han River. Back in the present, Yeong Min joins her on the steps outside the property.

Han Jae Hyun stops the demolishment

Han Jae Hyun learns about Seo Gyeon buying the property. Suddenly, the demolishment team arrives and Han Jae Hyun’s assistant talks to them and they walk away — Han Jae Hyun paid for the cost of the demolition but told them to stop. Han Jae Hyun learns that an emergency board meeting was held and they decided to increase capital by issuing new stocks to third parties. The appointed opponent is Shin Il Property Management. Han Jae Hyun asks his assistant to look into the company and hold a meeting with the investors.


Seo Gyeon tries to give Yoon Ji Soo compensation so she can move after she has demolished the property — Yoon Ji Soo declines it and Seo Gyeon tells her she is going to continue bothering and threatening her. Afterward, Yoon Ji Soo has a fever so Han Jae Hyun picks her up to take her to the hospital. When My Love Blooms episode 13 is showing just how far Seo Gyeong is willing to take this — it’s gone beyond reasonability.

October 1994

Episode 13 then moves to October 1994; in the library, Han Jae Hyun suddenly realizes Yoon Ji Soo has a fever but she doesn’t want to go to the hospital as she wants to spend time with Han Jae Hyun. She lays on him on the park bench as he reads. He kisses her despite Yoon Ji Soo having a fever. In the present day, Yoon Ji Soo’s fever has gone down at the hospital but she wants to leave so she and Han Jae Hyun walk outside. There’s a piano so Han Jae Hyun plays a few keys. They play the piano together. As they walk, someone is taking photos of them. Yoon Ji Soo sees the photos on the internet later in a news article claiming Han Jae Hyun is dating a “single Mom beauty”. Episode 13 sees the cruel tactics start by Chairman Jang and Seo Gyeong.

I’ll defeat you

Seo Gyeong receives a letter in the post; a divorce suit. When she returns home, Han Jae Hyun has started to pack. Seo Gyeong tells him that she will defeat him. She calls Secretary Kang — she asks him where he’s been spending his time: “the Bell Hotel”. Journalists harass Han Jae Hyun as he enters work about his relationship with Yoon Ji Soo. When My Love Blooms episode 13 highlights the problem will not go away.

It’s falling apart

And then the scenario gets worse in a series of events…

Lee Se Hoon tells Yoon Ji Soo that their son has decided to live with him; he cruelly tells her he’s giving her up and taking their son as soon as possible. Min Ji’s mother cancels her daughter’s lessons with Yoon Ji Soo as she wants to be “careful”. When she leaves the house, she sees a video on the internet of her kissing Han Jae Hyun and she’s devastated at how far they are taking it.

Subsequently, Lee Se Hoon tells Yoon Ji Soo that their son saw the videos and the article and doesn’t want to talk to her; he states he has overflowing reasons to take custody. He was lying, Yeong Min did want to talk to his mother.

And finally, Yoon Ji Soo is told that Sun Hee, her friend, has been dismissed from her job for poor performance by Chairman Jang. She rings Seo Gyeong who refuses to talk to her about it. As Yoon Ji Soo leaves the office building, one of the mothers from Yeong Min’s school throws coffee all over her.

How does When My Love Blooms episode 13 end?

Yoon Ji Soo thinks about all the threats and the actions Chairman Jang and Seo Gyeong is taking. Yeong Woo shouts at Han Jae Hyun in his office about Yoon Ji Soo’s suffering — “Don’t make her stand alone”.

In a bold move, Yoon Ji Soo texts Seo Gyeong — “Now I’m also going to do what will cause you the most pain. Something that you can’t do, even with all your money and time”. Yoon Ji Soo is truly demonstrating her thick skin. Seo Gyeong learns that Yoon Ji Soo is heading to the hotel where Han Jae Hyeon is and is furious and trashes her desk. Yoon Ji Soo is taking a stand. When My Love Blooms episode 13 shows a cold war brewing and it tests whether the lead characters can maintain resolve.

Other points
  • Jun Seo asks Chairman Jang asks if he can stop his mum and dad getting divorced.

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