Blood & Water season 1, episode 5 recap – what happened in “Frenemy No. 1”?

May 20, 2020
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Blood & Water season 1, episode 5, “Frenemy No. 1” is a firm penultimate episode that wisely leaves everything for the finale.

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Blood & Water season 1, episode 5, “Frenemy No. 1” is a firm penultimate episode that wisely leaves everything for the finale.

This recap of Netflix series Blood & Water season 1, episode 5, “Frenemy No. 1” contains significant spoilers.

How does Blood & Water episode 5, “Frenemy No. 1” begin?

Blood & Water season 1, episode 5, “Frenemy No. 1” shows how everything is coming to the surface and the ultimate truth will possibly be revealed with fireworks. It begins with Wendy telling the Principal about the inappropriate relationship between teacher and student — Chad and Fikile. Meanwhile, Fikile and Puleng apologize to each other. The Principal wants the witness to be revealed or Wendy will face disciplinary action for lying. Wendy tells Puleng that she needs her as a witness or she’ll be suspended for “making up lies”. Puleng feels guilty. Wendy is an actual snitch.

Puleng has no choice but to tell the truth

Puleng and Wendy are called to the Principal’s office — Puleng tells the story of Chad and Fikile. The Principal tells them that they cannot speak a word until the investigation is over. Puleng tells Wade that Fikile’s parents call Fikile a “miracle child”. She also tells Wade that the Principal knows about Chad and Fikile. He tells Fikile she’s better than this. The Principal tells Chad that Fikile is 17, so it’s consensual — if he’s honest, she won’t reveal the reason for dismissal. He flatly denies it.

Fikile is in hot water.

Chad messages Fikile saying that the Principal knows about their fling and asks her to delete his messages immediately and throw away everything in her locker. She’s then called to the Principal’s office. Fikile’s mother asks her for the truth so they can manage the situation — she denies her relationship with Chad. When her mother walks off, she instantly texts Chad.

Pool party

Puleng heads to Fikile’s house to hang out after they recently apologized to each other. She starts taking photos of family portraits and the mother catches her. Puleng says she is doing it for her Pinterest. Puleng then asks for baby photos and the mother says they are with the grandparents. I found this to be a naive move by the character, especially as the mother caught her in the act. Fikile and her friends chill beside the pool but then Fikile randomly leaves to meet Chad in a hotel room — he suggests cooling things off for good and gets upset. To make matters worse, Chad reveals that Riley is pregnant. Chad thinks Puleng is the one that said something.

Fikile is devastated

Fikile heads back outside and she’s evidently still upset; she tells Reece and Chris that Chad ended it and that Riley is pregnant. Chris tells Fikile that she must be the victim now and expose the swimming coach. Fikile says that Puleng grassed on them. Meanwhile, Puleng tells KB that she’s not ready for sex in the hotel room — Fikile then texts Puleng to “go f*** herself”. Blood & Water season 1, episode 5, “Frenemy No. 1” quickly sees Puleng back to being an enemy — that did not last long. Fikile leaves Chad a voicemail saying she’s told her parents about this and that they don’t want this to go quietly. Chad has no choice but to tell Riley the truth.

Jealous Wade

Puleng tries to talk to Wade about the Fikile/sister situation and he’s in a mood about KB. He tells Puleng that he likes her and that he went to prison to see Brenda but he cannot do the friendzone thing anymore — he’ll look into the photos and that’s it.

How does Blood & Water episode 5, “Frenemy No. 1” end?

Chad heads into school and confesses to the Principal. When he returns to the car, Riley is gone. Riley enters the school looking for Fikile. She angrily confronts her — “My baby is going to be born into a broken marriage”. Everyone has their phones out recording it and Chad grabs his wife and takes her away. In the aftermath, Chris and KB have a quick brawl and Chris tells him to choose Puleng or Fikile.

Wade looks into KB’s father Mr. Molapo, thinking he might be linked to the child abduction — Point of Grace is a company he used to work for that was accused of fraudulent actions linking to child abductions and fake birth certificates. Puleng heads to KB’s house for dinner and it’s full of people. Fikile is there.

Blood & Water season 1, episode 5, “Frenemy No. 1” is a firm penultimate episode that wisely leaves everything for the finale.

Additional notes
  • KB asks Puleng to voice her poetry on one of his tracks. She records a track with him and his friend.
  • KB’s mother lives in London and doesn’t see her much.
  • Puleng’s mother tells Puleng that it’s time to move on.

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