Blood & Water season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

May 20, 2020
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Blood & Water season 1, episode 6, “Trippin'” is predictable but it’s also explosive — it ties a few of the stories together but provides the ultimate reveal with a natural lead to the second season.

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Blood & Water season 1, episode 6, “Trippin'” is predictable but it’s also explosive — it ties a few of the stories together but provides the ultimate reveal with a natural lead to the second season.

This recap of Netflix series Blood & Water season 1, episode 6, “Trippin'” contains significant spoilers for the Blood & Water ending.

How does Blood & Water season 1, episode 6, “Trippin'” begin?

Blood & Water season 1, episode 6, “Trippin'” has all the hallmarks of a finale but naturally leading to a second season. It begins at KB’s house where the father has put a dinner party together. Fikile and her mother are there and it’s very awkward for Puleng. Puleng hears the voice note from Wade that suggests KB’s father was involved in her sister’s abduction. The student-teacher affair is brought up but Fikile’s mother changes subject putting the attention on Puleng. Fikile takes hold of the conversations raising how Puleng’s father was accused of human trafficking. KB’s father claims that her father Julius will be cleared in the trial in a few days. Puleng leaves the table, shocked about the trial that she did not know about.

Puleng returns home upset that her father kept it from her about the trial. He doesn’t want her there because of things they are going to hear about him; some of it will be lies and some of it will be true.

A moment with an old flame.

Fikile tells KB that Chad was steady and made her feel secure and that she loved him. KB expresses how much he likes Puleng but she keeps pulling away. Fikile tells KB she’s sorry and they kiss but they are interrupted in a timely manner when Fikile’s mother knocks on the door. Meanwhile, Puleng’s mother tells Puleng that she has been distant recently and wants to know what is going on — she states that they will have to band together.

KB spills his feelings

Puleng then speaks to Wade about the information he has; KB’s father’s law firm was an adoption agency that was apparently a part of human trafficking. Puleng says she’s tired of hurting people with these investigations; none of the evidence means Fikile is her sister. KB tells Puleng that he should have stood up for her and he’s sorry. She tells KB that they should lock themselves away for a while. The previous night’s events make them closer and KB tells Puleng that he loves her.

The WhatsApp group

The Principal brings up how a vicious WhatsApp group has been set up against Fikile. Fikile tells her parents that Chad did not take advantage of her. Fikile’s mother reminds the Principal how much money she funds for Parkhurst and she must find the culprit of the WhatsApp group. Blood & Water season 1, episode 6, “Trippin'” shows for the first time the kind of power and money Fikile’s parents have in the area and it’s quite sinister.

There’s a party as always.

It’s party time! Puleng tells KB that no-one has ever told her they love her like that before. She’s worried that if he discovers more about her, he won’t want to be with her — “I love you KB”. KB and Puleng have sex for the first time.

The big realization

When Puleng returns home, the police are in the house — someone broke in. Puleng realizes her laptop has been taken. Puleng tells Wade about how an SUV keeps parking outside her house with an emblem — Wade asks her to describe the emblem. The emblem is the same as KB’s father’s firm; Mrs. Bhele couldn’t have children and then suddenly had a fake birth certificate — Wade and Puleng suddenly realize that Fikile is 100% Puleng’s sister. This realization impacts Puleng instantly — she’s breathless and has no idea how to handle this information. What’s she’s been searching for all series has finally come true, but the truth is harder in reality.

An upset Puleng tries to flee home as she’s upset and KB offers to give her a ride. Meanwhile, Fikile is losing her mind at home with the pressure of recent events clouding her life. She gets very drunk and walks around the pool and then dives in — Chris gets her out of the pool as he’s worried she was drowning. Chris tells her that Puleng was interested in Fikile before she moved to Parkhurst when they met briefly at the house party at the beginning of the series. Fikile says, ” If Puleng has a problem with me, she can say it to my face”.

How does Blood & Water season 1, episode 6, “Trippin'” end?

Puleng watches her father at the trial. She learns her father registered his sister to an adoption agency months prior to her birth — the same agency that was charged with trafficking. He also asked his wife to get an abortion. Puleng walks out of the court shellshocked.

Fikile asks Puleng to come to the school immediately to talk. Fikile wants to settle everything and wants the truth — everything that has been bottled up has reached to this moment and you can feel it steaming from the scene: “Why are you f*****g with my life?” A picture book drops out of Puleng’s bag with photos of Fikile, her friends, and her as a baby. Puleng tells her that she was born on the same day as her sister and she believes Fikile to be her sister. The scene then feels still as episode 6 ends.

Blood & Water season 1, episode 6, “Trippin'” is predictable but it’s also explosive — it ties together a few of the stories but provides the ultimate reveal with a natural lead to the second season.

Additional notes on the Blood & Water ending:
  • Tahira confirms to Wendy that she likes Wade.
  • Wendy tells the Principal that Fikile should be punished and tells a news channel the identity of the teacher-student affair.
  • Chris tells Zama that he really likes her but he also likes Mark — he suggests a threesome.
  • Chad’s wife Riley kicks him out and orders him an Uber. Riley says she stood by him and loved him. She gets frustrated and asks him to leave.

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