Can You Hear Me? season 1 review – an unhinged comedy drama that will be relatable

June 4, 2020
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Netflix’s Can You Hear Me? feels like a car crash in the opening two episodes but stick with it; it’s a compelling story.

Netflix Series Can You Hear Me? season 1 was released on the platform on June 4, 2020. This review of the comedy-drama contains no spoilers.

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Can You Hear Me? is a deceiving series. From the first episode to the last is like a completely different story from tone to style. The opening of the series is purposefully kooky and unhinged, presenting what deems to be a group of degenerate friends who bounce off each other’s vibes. It’s difficult to engage in the series’ own indulgence as the characters parade in each scene.

But if you give this Netflix series patience, it’s realised that this comedy-drama is a firm narrative on a range of issues; broken families, relationships, money and mental health. The three leading characters combine all their issues together, forming a sisterhood, where they can lean on each other for support. Can You Hear Me? is a slow-burner, that’s for sure.

And eventually, you realize that the three leading women are cast absolutely right and they bounce off each other marvelously. Each character represents a different issue but the script manages to make it intertwine — their issues are shared not individualized; their pain is felt together rather than alone. Can You Hear Me? makes the effort to not silo the individual plot points too much, making the friendship vibe relatable.

And the Netflix series is advertised as a comedy but it could be argued that it lacks the laughs. The characters are infectious in some ways but dull the next; Can You Hear Me? is more a drama than a comedy, bringing some home truths. The series also gives an insight into poverty, as all three characters are seemingly living below the living wage, fighting for scraps and dealing with turbulent family issues.

Netflix’s Can You Hear Me? Season 1 feels like a car crash in the opening two episodes but stick by it, it’s a compelling story.

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