Can You Hear Me? season 2 review – the series has managed to glow-up

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 2, 2020 (Last updated: February 10, 2024)
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Netflix series Can You Hear Me? season 2


If there’s ever a series that shows a glow-up, Can You Hear Me? is that series.

This review of Netflix’s Can You Hear Me? season 2 contains no spoilers. 

We recapped the ending — check it out. 

Despite the shaky, unaccomplished start, I really liked the first season of Can You Hear Me? It had a real quirk to it, and my main fear was that it was not going to get a Season 2. The series feels like a french Skins, delving into characters that have not yet matured and gripped the world with direction and precision. This is a series that despite its comedic undertones is strangely realistic, with natural-looking characters, removing the usual, generic-looking Instagram-feel cast members. Can You Hear Me? is the hidden teen gem on Netflix.

Can You Hear Me? season 2 continues where it left off; Ada is in prison after attempting to cut off the p***s of Carolanne’s abusive boyfriend. If we do a quick refresher: Fabiola and Carolanne refuse to visit Ada in prison; Ada is ousted and is left to fend for herself. Despite defending her friend, her out-of-control and violent actions were not embraced; instead, it ripped the trio apart.

Season 2 continues from this moment, with Ada in prison and emotionally crippled from loneliness – the only sure thing in her life was her two best friends, and she does not even have that anymore.

With a more established story, Can You Hear Me? season 2 feels more matured and better directed than its predecessor. With Ada having to make up for the lost time and seek forgiveness, we have a story that conveniently has the characters having to figure out their place in the world. The writers have managed to make sure that the trio is back at square one, recklessly taking on life and two steps away from making bad decisions.

The themes heavily rely on “growing up” and domestic abuse again. Season 1 skimmed the surface of the hell of domestic abuse, but Season 2 digs into it, showing a horrifying depth. The trio has to focus on preparing their friendships while considering their love life, gaining new jobs and taking on the adult world (something that they always struggle to do).

And because the characters are embedded into the Netflix series, Can You Hear Me? season 2 feels effortless in engaging with the audience. You feel like you know the characters more than ever; their quirks and traits and impending pitfalls. If there’s ever a series that shows a glow-up, Can You Hear Me? is that series.

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