El Presidente season 1, episode 1 recap – what happened in “Not your Typo”?

June 5, 2020
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El Presidente season 1, episode 1, “Not your Typo” is an intriguing opening episode, laying the games for the corruption to come.

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El Presidente season 1, episode 1, “Not your Typo” is an intriguing opening episode, laying the games for the corruption to come.

This recap of Amazon original series El Presidente season 1, episode 1, “Not your Typo” contains significant spoilers.

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How does El Presidente season 1, episode 1, “Not your Typo” open?

Episode 1 begins in Zurich, Switzerland — July 27th, 2015. There is a tour boat and a man on it is holding a briefcase close to him; the tension in the music increases. He heads to the FIFA Headquarters and watches a conference — Joseph Blatter is giving a speech and then the man walks in with the suitcase full of money to expose his corruption. He throws the money in the air.

It then brings us to a funeral and the dead man narrates, saying they are on the property of the Association of Argentine Soccer — the dead man explains he lived for 82 years, went through a war, met three popes and met fifteen presidents. He goes on to state he lived through the Maradona and Messi era. He says some people at the funeral helped him manage the football business for half of his life. Meanwhile, a woman named Nené tells Sergio Jadue not to make a scene. The dead man continues to narrate stating the footballers are the real stars and he and his associates are just owners. El Presidente season 1, episode 1, “Not your Typo” reveals it is centering itself on the FIFA 2015 scandal.

They are vultures

It then splashes on the screen that Sergio Jadue is the President of Chilean Soccer. The narrator then points out the presidents of the South American Soccer Confederation (CONMEBOL), calling them vultures — he states how beneficial it is being a president of a soccer association. Sergio does not wish to join the other presidents at the funeral for a secret meeting. The narrator is Julio Grondona, who was the head of the AFA and served 26 years as the Vice President of FIFA. He points out that the presidents looking sad at his funeral are upset due to change in regulations and then explains the money cycle in the “beautiful sport” that FIFA makes as a non-profit. Joseph Blatter turns up at the funeral — Nené asks Sergio why he keeps crying but he tells her to give him space.

Going back to the past

El Presidente season 1, episode 1, “Not your Typo” shows us how Sergio became the President of Chilean Soccer. Sergio Jadue attends a football game at Unión La Calera with his family — he’s the head of the club. He gets mad at a certain player who is not running. He heads downstairs to beat up the playing staff. Nené stops him, telling him that their dream will be here soon and it’s what they deserve. She takes the weapon off him and he heads to the dressing room.

One of the players tells Sergio that the football club is sinking and checks have bounced. The player tells him that with no money, they won’t play well and there will be no promotion. Sergio offers the players money and gives them his car keys as a warranty. The players win the game and are promoted to Division 1. When he goes home, Nené tells him it is time to get a higher position. She throws him on the bed and asks him to visualize being the youngest president ever. El Presidente season 1, episode 1, “Not your Typo” sees Nené being the influencer to Sergio’s decision making.

Sergio flees to the ANFP

Sergio heads to the ANFP (Asociación Nacional de Fútbol Profesional). When he gets there he isn’t on the list but he explains to the security how he’s one of the Heads in the First Division. Sergio introduces himself to Jorge Segovia, Spanish Union and SEK President, and lists his achievements and credentials but Jorge just wants his vote and is not interested in his sales pitch — they are voting for a new president of ANFP.

They need to vote again as there wasn’t enough of a majority; the executives devise a plan where they choose a president they can use as a puppet, so they drag Sergio into a room and ask if he’d like to be the president — he’d have to take the political price of getting rid of Bielsa. He becomes the President of the ANFP and the narrator hails him as the “least influential president in soccer’s history”. What follows is plenty of celebrations.

On his first day, Sergio gives a speech to a few of the players, and they are not inspired by him. They tell him that they want to carry on working with Marcelo Bielsa. He states Bielsa will be at least with them until the next World Cup.


Sergio gets a flight to a small town called Luque where the CONMEBOL is — the presidents chose this town because they have diplomatic immunity in this place. It works like an embassy; the presidents can combine work with pleasure. Jorge Segovia tells Sergio to get out of the president’s meeting as he will take it for him and explains how the Biesla situation is a pressure cooker. Sergio is frustrated and angry at being ousted at the first hurdle and heads to the bar.

Undermining Jorge Segovia

At the bar, one of the staff introduces herself as Rosarito, stating he looks angry and he should enjoy his drink. He hears two men at the bar discuss the “Hinkis” era that will follow the “Hawilla” era. Sergio introduces himself to Julio Grondona. They go for a walk outside and Grondona tells Sergio he needs to get people to respect him and discusses Bielsa. The next day Bielsa has resigned and Jorge Segovia is spinning it in the media, making out like he tried to patch the relationship with Sergio and Bielsa.

Sergio gets an envelope under his door. It’s a list of intercepted calls that undermines Segovia’s story — while Segovia tries to get a handle on the story, Sergio attends the president’s meeting. In the next meeting, they vote on how to spend some money — Sergio states he cannot vote yet until he thoroughly analyses the project. They need to carry on voting so Sergio votes against them. On the way out of the meeting, Sergio mocks Segovia and joins the photo opportunity for CONMEBOL.

How does El Presidente season 1, episode 1, “Not your Typo” end?

Back to the present day, and Sergio walks away from the funeral. He heads to where the other presidents are speaking. Meanwhile, the FBI is on standby and they state that Sergio has bailed. El Presidente season 1, episode 1, “Not your Typo” is an intriguing opening episode, laying the games for the corruption to come.

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