El Presidente season 1, episode 7 recap – what happened in “Mentira”? I can't lie anymore.



El Presidente season 1, episode 7, “Mentira” deals with the aftermath of the FBI making several arrests with the episode focusing on more of the personal issues that have arisen from the corruption.

This recap of Amazon original series El Presidente season 1, episode 7, “Mentira” contains significant spoilers.

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How does El Presidente season 1, episode 7, “Mentira” open?

Episode 7 begins with Rosario (now referred to as Lisa Harris, her American name) daydreaming about releasing a book about unveiling FIFA’s corruption. In real life, that’s not the case and she is struggling to make ends meet. Meanwhile, it’s clear Nené is plotting against her husband, the board of ANFP has decided to return their salaries, and Sergio is fuming. El Presidente season 1, episode 7, “Mentira” sees his secrets spilling out slowly. Sergio then gets a call from Ciro, Jinkis’s accountant so he heads out to meet him — Nené secretly follows. She rings him and he lies about his whereabouts. Ciro asks Sergio for cash to help Jinkis out — “Throw him a bone”. Sergio agrees to get the money in a few days.

Losing legal immunity

Lisa Harris meets Sergio and she makes him aware that legal immunity in Luque is soon to be over. Later at the dinner table, Nené presses Sergio about where his mind is. They have an intense discussion and Lisa listens in. The presidents have a meeting in Luque and realize they are no longer untouchable. They turn their attention on Sergio and they ask about Ciro. One of the presidents asks if there is another mole in the room. Sergio defends himself but a scuffle starts. One of the presidents grabs Sergio’s key chain and splits it apart but there’s no microphone inside which eases suspicions. Lisa made the decision not to wire him this time.

Desperate to tell the truth

El Presidente season 1, episode 7, “Mentira” makes it clear that Sergio is tired of lying. The 2015 Copa America starts and Julio Grondono narrates about how the consumers help the rich; as they sit down for the game, Nené tells Sergio that she knows about the woman he is seeing. On the news, superstar player Vidal has crashed his sports car in suspicious circumstances which have caused controversy at the wrong time. Sergio heads to the police station to free him. Vidal apologizes to the nation at a press conference. Sergio daydreams him apologizing to the CONMEBOL for working with the FBI.

How does El Presidente season 1, episode 7, “Mentira” end?

Sergio meets Ciro and tells him their legal immunity is up. The police turn up with Lisa Harris to arrest Ciro. Sergio explains that Ciro is not an animal, he is just an accountant. As the FBI arrest Ciro, he shoots himself in the head. Sergio tells Lisa that he cannot keep lying — Lisa says she can’t either. Nené heads outside to see Lisa and Sergio. Nené tells Lisa she has a nerve coming to the house. Lisa tells Nené to ask her husband to explain. Sergio tells Nené that Lisa is not his mistress and that he is an informant for the FBI and after the tournament, they will need to leave for the trial. Nené tells Sergio that they are not moving the family. El Presidente season 1, episode 7, “Mentira” deals with the aftermath of the FBI making several arrests with the episode focusing on more of the personal issues that have arisen from the corruption.

Additional notes
  • Jashir notices the year on the Copa America merchandise is wrong.
  • Lisa Harris asks for a raise from the FBI but it is refused. In their stakeout van, she has sex with Dave.
  • Nené is convinced that Sergio is sleeping with Lisa. She goes to a car scrap yard and smashes cars up to release her anger.
  • Lisa tells one of the hotel staff named Fanmy that she is an FBI agent and Luque will lose immunity. Fanny is angry because, without the president’s money, she will lose her job at the hotel and become poorer. She doesn’t understand why Lisa wants to stop the old men from taking money off richer people.
  • Lisa has a threesome with the couple that use her apartment while she’s on the operation.
  • Jashir approaches Sergio and accuses him of lying; Sergio admits he is a rat and that he’s an FBI informant.

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