Curon season 1, episode 5 recap – families strain under “The Curse”

June 10, 2020
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“The Curse” proves to be the strongest episode of Curon thus far, as major revelations come to light, and the kids resolve to learn the truth.



“The Curse” proves to be the strongest episode of Curon thus far, as major revelations come to light, and the kids resolve to learn the truth.

This recap of Curon season 1, episode 5, “The Curse”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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The flashback that opens Curon episode 5 is the most revealing yet. We start with young Anna and young Albert; the former is leaving for good and informs the latter that she’s pregnant with another man’s baby. Albert takes the news horrendously, at which point we’re introduced to young Klara, who goes out with the grieving Albert on a rowboat. While they’re on the lake, she explains that she knows what it’s like to love someone who doesn’t love you back. She kisses him, but he pushes her away. Suddenly, Albert is gripped by a crippling headache and complains of the ringing bells — of course, Klara can’t hear them. When he looks over the side of the boat, he’s pulled beneath the water by his reflection. Klara falls in too. There’s a struggle, and when they’re both able to climb back into the boat, Albert is visibly different. Has he been his evil doppelganger all this time? Klara knows something’s up, but Albert silences her with a kiss. Klara has always known, but she was always so in love with him that she shelved the truth in order that they could be together. The flashback ends with the corpse of Albert floating in the lake.

Anna, having returned, consoles Mauro and Daria. She claims to have simply been lost, but Mauro isn’t buying it — Daria chastises him for it, but it’s hard to disagree. He rightly thinks she might be one of the doppelgangers. Thomas, meanwhile, is in the hospital, having just had his pacemaker replaced. The kids confess to Anna that Pietro may be at the hotel since he was the one who stopped it burning down. Berger watches them as they leave.

Albert leaves custody in Curon episode 5, and he’s welcomed by Klara if not necessarily Micki and Giulio. He senses the tension, and Micki reveals that they saw the cabin. He says he used to take girls there when he was young and now takes poached animals there to clean the meat — hence the blood. Nobody’s buying that.

Pietro has left a heater at the hotel since the furnace is out, but Anna insists he’s just trying to impress them, and that people like him never change. The tension here is once again palpable; “The Curse” mirrors these two households, with siblings mistrustful of parents that may or may not be evil replicas. The lack of trust is getting between the brothers and sisters, but Giulio and Daria are bonding, as are Mauro and Micki.

At school, Lukas surprises Micki in the bathroom. He once again professes his love for her, proving that being a supernatural lake monster gives you no game whatsoever. She’s able to get away and he looks on ominously — this performance might be a bit too cliched evil for me.

Klara confronts Anna in Curon season 1, episode 5, and she reveals in the conversation that it’s Anna’s fault Albert was in prison. Hmm. Anna enters the cage of the wild wolf Thomas has been training and the animal whimpers at her feet. She takes off its chain and sets it free, but it won’t leave. Klara watches all this from nearby.

When Klara returns home she finds Albert slicing raw meat; he explains a dream he had in the cell of slicing off his own fingers and serving them to his family, who just ate it without question. How romantic! Klara reports how Anna went into the cage and the wolf was terrified of her; she equates it to a similar scenario in the mountains when a wolf was scared of him and makes reference to the sequence we saw at the top of the episode. Albert reminds her that they agreed never to speak of it.

Pietro arrives as the hotel while Anna is there — she immediately goes for a knife, which seems like an overreaction, but he lunges towards her just as the kids arrive. He apologizes for the trouble but reminds them that they’re his children too. He leaves. Meanwhile, Micki confesses to Giulio what happened with Lukas.

Anna cooks for the kids, but just as Mauro thanks her for protecting him from Pietro all these years, he begins to choke. There are hazelnuts in the cake, which Mauro is badly allergic too. Anna seemingly had no idea of the allergy. Daria’s quick thinking saves Mauro, who thinks that their real mother might be giving them a sign that this one is an imposter. Anna heads out in Thomas’s truck.

Micki and Giulio go to confront Lukas together. Their dog, Atlas, smells something nearby and goes to dig it up. It’s Lukas 1’s corpse. Lukas 2 arrives and sees that the body has been dug up. Atlas whimpering gives Micki and Giulio away, and they flee.

Anna, meanwhile, returns to the real Anna, who she’s holding captive. Mauro was right — the hazelnuts were a sign. Anna 1 (our Anna) says that she’s figured out what happened to their mother; Anna 2 killed her. She admits it outright. Thomas faked the suicide story to justify sending Anna and her family away, to protect them. Anna 2 tells her she’s going to stay there and die of starvation. She then goes to pick up Pietro. They drive out into the woods, to an old spot of theirs, and she shoots him with a rifle. Hell hath no fury, and all that.

Daria and Mauro speak with Thomas in the hospital and tell him that they know Anna has a double. He explains that everyone has two sides to them; usually, they live side by side, but sometimes one tries to take over, to live the life denied to it. It starts with the headaches and the bells ringing — this is the curse of Curon. Thomas kept Anna 2 captive so she couldn’t pursue them, and also in the naive hope that he could tame her, like the wolf.

Elsewhere, Klara catches Albert and Anna 2 smooching. She surveys them through the scope of a rifle but can’t bring herself to shoot either of them. The kids, meanwhile, all get together and share what they know, deciding to look for their real parents together. Giulio, now a dedicated weed head it seems, suggests that there are only two viable places their parents might be. The cabin, which they can rule out, or the Plain of the Dead, which doesn’t sound like a fun destination. Curon season 1, episode 5 ends with Klara hearing the bells of Curon.

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