Lenox Hill episode 1 recap – what happened in “Growth Hurts”?

June 10, 2020
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Episode 1 is a fascinating entry into the working lives of Lenox Hill, giving us a basis to what the hospital is all about.

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Episode 1 is a fascinating entry into the working lives of Lenox Hill, giving us a basis to what the hospital is all about.

This recap of Netflix documentary series Lenox Hill episode 1, “Growth Hurts” contains episode-specific information.

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What’s Lenox Hill episode 1, “Growth Hurts” about?

Episode 1 opens up stating that Lenox Hill is competing with the biggest health institutions. It provides this notion that it has improved over the years, striving to deliver the best healthcare in the city. Episode 1 gives the audience a taste of what it’s like at Lenox Hill.

Finding cancer

Lenox Hill episode 1, “Growth Hurts” sees John Boockvar checking on a patient named Phylliss who has a mass on her head —  she has a history of cancer but John’s prognosis is that the plate in her head has moved. Before they do the surgery they practice mindfulness to calm them all down before doing complicated surgery. As they do the surgery, John believes they’ve found cancer and he takes a sample to pathology. What was heartbreaking about this moment is when John had to tell the patient that they’ve found a little piece of cancer — it demonstrates the hardest part of their jobs to deliver bad news.

ER can bring anything

Episode 1 sees Mirtha Macri take on a range of different patients, from the homeless to a man that needs a lump on his behind lancing, which is an extremely awkward scene. Mirtha believes that the dream of becoming a doctor is rooted in childhood — it takes a level of compassion. We learn in Episode 1 that ER can bring anything — no day is the same.

The 20s, 30s filled up

Amanda Little-Richardson discusses how Obstetrics and Gynecology take up a large portion of your life and it’s your 20s and 30s gone. She’s 7 weeks pregnant in episode 1. Amanda comes across as a wise head, which signifies the type of person you need to be in this department, delivering babies on a daily.

Complex surgery

David Langer is looking at a patient named Mitzie that has a tumor that will be difficult to remove. There are plans to remove it in stages. If the complex surgery doesn’t work, she’ll have a stroke. David states there’s a lot of juggling between being a Chair and giving care. They manage to close the artery in Mitzie’s brain so phase 1 is a success. It’s fascinating how this complex surgery is part of a normal day for someone.

Lenox Hill episode 1, “Growth Hurts”, closes with the staff from Lenox Hill going home; it’s symbolic of how normal they look when they are out of their work gear and I guess that’s the point — doctors, MDs, Chairs are human too. Episode 1 is a fascinating episode into the working lives of Lenox Hill, giving us a basis of what the hospital is all about.


Mirtha Macri, DO — Emergency Medicine

Amanda Little-Richardson, MD — Chief Resident, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

David Langer, MD — Chair, Neurosurgery.

John Boockvar, MD — Vice Chair, Neurosurgery.

Rafael Ortiz, MD — Chief of Neuroendovascular Neurosurgery

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