Lenox Hill episode 7 recap – what happened in “Pain”?

June 10, 2020
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Lenox Hill episode 7, “Pain” is a warming Christmas-themed chapter in this docuseries.

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Lenox Hill episode 7, “Pain” is a warming Christmas-themed chapter in this docuseries.

This recap of Netflix documentary series Lenox Hill episode 7, “Pain” contains episode-specific information.

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How does Lenox Hill episode 7, “Pain” open?

Episode 7 begins with everyone wearing their Christmas sweaters. On the video call, Mitch picks a winner. Lenox Hill episode 7, “Pain”, gives a window into what it is like at Christmas time at the hospital. Amanda and Kevin attend a parents night for parents that are expecting. The pair squabble over who is in charge in a joking way. Amanda is worried about labour support.

Mitch returns

Mitch returns to the hospital and his face has changed but John thinks he looks great — he narrates saying coming back to work tells him he is alive. David gets Mitch back into surgeries but only a low volume so he can at least work and the team can support him. David tells Mitch to go see a therapist. Mitch performs his first surgery and David is proud of how his team has managed Mitch’s illness and return.

Painful surgery

David sees patient Christy, 16 years old — she has an isolated cavernous formation. Her insurance didn’t cover this so David decided not to get paid for his time; he talks how humanity and empathy drives him first. During the surgery, Christy is crying but they still manage to get the tumour out. The family is ecstatic. After, Christy feels way better after. Lenox Hill episode 7, “Pain” shows how private medical insurance can result in patients not getting treated and it takes a doctor with a moral compass to approve the time.


Sherese feels guilty over Agy’s death and she feels like she should go out there and do her bucket list. John states it is easy to feel discouraged and demoralised. Episode 7 gives perspective to some of the team after a patient’s death.

Difficult time of the year

Mirtha explains how Christmas is a difficult time of the year in the ER. It reminds her that humans need love and support. She has one patient who is close to a bad break down — he’s over-stressed at work and he’s found out his partner has a husband; he feels he has no-one. Mirtha suggests therapy before taking a medication course; she believes that psychiatrists are too quick to give out medication.

Her second patient is in a lot of pain and wants medication. She provides him with some painkillers but he’s going through a lot of medication already. Mirtha sympathises and calms the patient down; she doesn’t want her child to see all the pain the city brings. Lenox Hill episode 7, “Pain” provides perspective at a time of year where family and friends are important.

Early delivery

Amanda teaches a patient how to deal with the contractions, breathe and push. The patient is not getting relief from the epidural. Amanda tells the patient that the baby has an infection and that’s why her temperature is rising; she tells her she needs a direction as a vaginal birth isn’t working. The episode ends with Amanda having to deliver early as her water has broken proving that giving birth is always unexpected. Lenox Hill episode 7, “Pain” is a warming Christmas-themed chapter in this docuseries.


Mirtha Macri, DO — Emergency Medicine

Amanda Little-Richardson, MD — Chief Resident, Obstetrics and Gynecology

David Langer, MD — Chair, Neurosurgery

John Boockvar, MD — Vice Chair, Neurosurgery

Rafael Ortiz, MD — Chief of Neuroendovascular Neurosurgery

Sherese Fralin, NP — Director of Advanced Practice Nursing

Eran Bornstein, MD — Vice Chair of Obstetrics

Mitchell Levine, MD — Director of Spine Surgery

Jill Kalman, MD — Executive Director, Lenox Hill Hospital

Nancy Lipsitz, MD — Anesthesiology

Amanda Amarin, Manager — External, Relations, Neurosciences

Kenneth Court, Director of IT — Neurosurgery

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