Into the Dark: Good Boy review – they do say dogs are protective

June 11, 2020
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Into the Dark: Good Boy is not a dud and provides a sinister dog story with a character attempting to catch up in life.

This review of Hulu’s Into the Dark: Good Boy (Episode 6 of Season 2) contains no spoilers — the film will be available on Hulu on June 12, 2020. You can read the review of the previous instalment of the series by clicking these words.

Yes, I’m a broken record. Every review I write regarding Into the Dark I state it is hit and miss. It’s usually more duds than a worthwhile watch but Into the Dark: Good Boy hits the quality list.

The main reason Good Boy hits the right notes is that it’s highly character-focused rather than throwing in the usual horror tropes. The feature follows Maggie (Judy Greer) — a thirty-something journalist, insecure that her biological clock is running out and feeling like she needs to appease her peers by hitting certain standards. With IVF on the way, Maggie is an optimistic type on the surface but she’s clearly on a knife-edge. The story goes full circle when her friend recommends that she gets a rescue dog for ’emotional support’.

The horror element of what feels like a schmoozy story is that the dog is incredibly violent and protective and suddenly, those that hurt Maggie soon become ravaged. Into the Dark: Good Boy presents an owner/dog relationship that’s sinister and serves the emotional needs of Maggie.

As the story progresses it gets less fluffy and darker, relying on the anticipation of the dog striking. It puts the question on the lead character Maggie — what type of person is she and where does her moral compass lie? Into the Dark: Good Boy is not the most creative in the series in terms of special effects but the script is solid, giving a chance for the story to shine.

Yes, Into the Dark: Good Boy is not a dud and gives a sinister dog story with a character attempting to catch up in life.

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