Love, Victor season 1, episode 8 recap – “Boy’s Trip”

June 17, 2020
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Love, Victor season 1, episode 8, “Boy’s Trip” represents the supportive LGBTQ+ community and how it becomes a family.

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Love, Victor season 1, episode 8, “Boy’s Trip” represents the supportive LGBTQ+ community and how it becomes a family.

This recap of Hulu series Love, Victor season 1, episode 8, “Boy’s Trip” contains no spoilers.

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How does Love, Victor season 1, episode 8, “Boy’s Trip” open?

Episode 8 begins with Victor thanking Simon for making him feel like there’s a world beyond High School. He’s planned a trip to New York to go visit him. Meanwhile, Mia is annoyed at Victor for bailing again and ends up flirtily texting Andrew. Lake accidentally texts Mia which was meant for Felix. It’s all heating up in episode 8.

New York, New York

When Victor arrives in New York, Simon texts him to make aware that he isn’t there. Simon instead introduces Victor to Bran to show him around New York. Bran introduces Victor to Justin and Kim. They want to take him to a messy boots party but Victor doesn’t want to go. Victor tells Bran that he’s not ready to open up and “come out” to a group of strangers yet.

Bran takes Victor to play basketball so he can experience sport in New York. Bran reveals afterward that the people playing are all part of gay-league. He tells Victor to not be afraid and to “belong”. Love, Victor season 1, episode 8, “Boy’s Trip” gives the title character an entire weekend to experience himself in an LGBTQ community.

Keep it on the “dl”

Andrew, Mia, Lake, and Felix have detention on a Saturday. Mia notices a hickey on Lake’s neck. They are tasked to clean up the school. Mia tells Felix that Lake and Andrew are hooking up so he takes it on himself to clean with Lake. He confronts Lake and she explains how Mia has seen hickey and assumed it is from Andrew. Lake admits to being a little embarrassed by him and wants to keep it on the “dl” but Felix is not interested in that and walks off. Episode 8 shows how Lake does not understand how she’s hurting Felix.

In character?

Victor asks Bran’s friend Justin why he dresses as drag — “Do you like to be in character?”. Justin explains that the person he was before he came out was him acting as a character. Victor admits he is really afraid to come out to his parents.

Lake tells Mia she’s not hooking up with Andrew. Mia admits that Andrew kissed her when she felt lonely when Victor did not show up; she admits to losing her virginity to Andrew. Lake admits she is hooking up with Felix — Mia tells Lake it’s about time she likes a nice guy.

How does Love, Victor season 1, episode 8, “Boy’s Trip” end?

Bran and his friends take Victor to a gay party. They all know about Benji because Simon told his friends; Victor is disappointed that they have been lying to him. Meanwhile, Andrew asks Mia if he’s a “bad guy” and wonders if he’s a “nice guy”. Mia says that deep down he’s a good guy but it doesn’t matter if on the surface he’s a “total jerk”. Lake sits next to Felix and apologizes and tells him that he isn’t embarrassing — “I’m not ready for everyone to know but I did tell Mia about us. So baby steps”.

As the episode draws to an end, Simon arrives and welcomes Victor but Victor is annoyed about how his story was shared with Simon’s friends. Simon explains that he did not want to push Victor too far so he consulted with the others — “Every one of my friends had a little bit to offer”. Simon tells Victor that he is one of them, a family. Victor enjoys the rest of his night while Mia tries to call him. Love, Victor season 1, episode 8, “Boy’s Trip” represents the supportive LGBTQ+ community and how it becomes a family.

Additional notes
  • Pilar and her mother agree to go shopping together. Pilar gets her ear and tongue pierced. Her mother just wanted Pilar to forgive her.
  • Felix tells Andrew that no-one laughs at his jokes because he’s funny, they laugh because they don’t want to be a victim of a jock. Later Andrew writes on the school walls that Felix has big balls, “plural” to try and be a nice guy.

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