The Kitchen 2 – Should We Expect a Sequel to the Netflix Sci-Fi Movie?

By Louie Fecou
Published: January 22, 2024 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
The Kitchen 2 - Should We Expect a Sequel to the Netflix Sci-Fi Movie?
The Kitchen | Image via Netflix

Dystopian UK sci-fi thriller The Kitchen explores the nature of oppression and the strength of community, but it does leave the final scene open-ended leading to speculation about The Kitchen 2 and further stories based in the dystopian London that the film is set in. However, there is currently no confirmation of a sequel being in production, or even that it’s planned. A sequel may well depend on the first film’s success on Netflix.

Will there be a sequel to Netflix’s The Kitchen?

At the time of writing, there is no confirmation about a sequel to The Kitchen, but it may depend on the success of the first film. However, despite the usual publicity that surrounds the new Netflix release, there is nothing to suggest that there is another one planned.

The ending of the film does perhaps suggest that there could be more to the story, but it does not seem that the creatives behind the production, Daniel Kaluuya and Kibwe Tavares, are expecting to do any more with the premise. We do not believe any sequel is planned.

What could The Kitchen 2 be about?

The sequel would have to focus on the relationship between Izi and Benji, and what happens to them after the end of the first film. We hear the door of the apartment being broken down, but we do not see the aftermath, so we would have to see the outcome of that scenario resolved.

The film also leaves some loose plot threads, including the exact nature of Life After Life, and that too could be explored while continuing to build the world that the characters live in. It should be noted that the allegorical nature of the film may make it difficult to place meaning and context satisfactorily within its confines, and further explanation could dilute the essence of the screenplay, so perhaps this should be left as a stand-alone feature.

How did The Kitchen 1 end?

The film ends with Izi and Benji in their old home and Izi giving Benji the memorial plant — the gesture helps them to become friends again and implies a change of attitude for Izi, but the moment is interrupted as the police launch another raid. The pair take cover, and Benji takes the moment to ask Izi if he is his father, but the answer is ambiguous, and the screen fades to black as we hear the door of the flat being broken down.

The assumption is that the police broke through with more explicitly violent intentions for evicting the residents of the Kitchen. However, Izi will be there to protect Benji whatever happens.

 5 Similar Movies to The Kitchen

District 9

With a similar vibe, but with aliens, this almost slice-of-life sci-fi drama also deals with the problems of housing in a dystopian future, using allegory to make its points.

High Rise

Based on the classic sci-fi novel by J.G. Ballard, this Tom Hiddleston vehicle follows the chaos and existential dread of living in a tower block, which is a metaphor for the class divide.

The Platform

This Spanish slice of madness features a prison built vertically, housing prisoners that are fed on a descending platform, who only have a limited time to eat what they can, and damning or blessing the lower tiers depending on the choices they make. Nightmarish and visceral, The Platform is a cutting exploration of the human condition.

A Clockwork Orange  

Stanley Kubrick’s controversial and over-analyzed adaptation of the Anthony Burgess novel is set in a dystopian UK and follows Alex and his droogs, in an exploration of society twisted out of shape, and the government’s attempts at controlling its populace.


Again set in a future that looks like the past, this Terry Gilliam masterpiece is a cutting look at a world consumed by inane bureaucracy and police brutality, and just like The Kitchen, it leaves the audience with a bitter and maddening conclusion.


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