Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 10 recap – [spoiler] is the Crown Prince

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 18, 2020 (Last updated: February 6, 2024)
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Netflix K-Drama series Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 10


Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 10 is leading to a natural conclusion as the revelations of true identities are brought to the surface.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 10 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 10 open?

Episode 10 begins with the Queen telling the young Weol-ju that she does not wish to see her again and that she should stay away — the Queen then tells the Crown Prince that they have an arranged marriage for him and that he should forget about Weol-ju.

You are the Crown Prince

And then it moves to the woman from the last episode who is actually human and not a spirit; she had a coma and she can remember her previous life — she calls Guibanjang the Crown Prince. This is predictable but at least it is now confirmed. The woman is the Crown Prince’s mother — the Queen. She asks Guibanjang for forgiveness for not understanding the extent of her son’s feelings. Guibanjang states there is no need to apologise for something that happened 500 years ago. Flashbacks show Yeomradaewang giving the Crown Prince a place in the After Life police rather than Hell after dealing with violent Kim Won-Hyung. Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 10 adds a new layer to the story.

A peaceful life

Han Kang Bae reiterates to Weol-ju that he wants her to have a peaceful life. Weol-ju hints that because of her actions, someone precious to her has suffered 500 years of agony so she doesn’t want Han Kang Bae to worry.

The Cinnabar

At the mart, Weol-ju tells Kang Yeo-rin that she knows she likes Han Kang Bae and that they should start dating as soon as possible. Flashbacks show Samsin telling Weol-ju that Kang Yeo-rin is the Cinnabar so she is trying to force both characters to fall in love. Seeing this is going to be a difficult objective to achieve, Weol-ju looks into ways Hang Kang Bae can impress Kang Yeo-rin with Guibanjang’s help — Guibanjang becomes dating Coach Gui but Weol-ju believes his advice is terrible.

Shin Ji-hye

The Crown Prince’s mother enters (now Shin Ji-hye) the Mystic Pop-Up Bar and Weol-ju senses who she is straight away and is alarmed and wants her to leave — she asks for Guibanjang. When he arrives in the tent, he is also startled but makes out she is a fashion designer.

Guibanjang takes Shin Ji-hye outside — she asks him why Weol-ju doesn’t know that he is the Crown Prince. Guibanjang expresses that he is happy helping her and that bringing up the past may bring up old wounds and let her lose focus on the task to reach 100,000 grudges; it seems that Guibanjang is choosing to love Weol-ju by supporting her. Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 10 brings context that explains the previous chapters to why Guibanjang is so loyal to helping Weol-ju and not rejoining the After Life police.

I’m her boyfriend

At work, Kang Yeo-rin is getting upset by one of her exes berating her, so Han Kang Bae heads over and pretends to be her boyfriend and has a go at the man. The man apologises and walks off and Kang Yeo-rin is surprised by the whole ordeal but it’s also brought up bad memories.

In the Mystic Pop-Up Bar, Han Kang Bae does not want to touch the customers to help settle grudges; Guibanjang thinks it is because of the spirits but the audience knows it is because he doesn’t want Weol-ju to be summoned to Hell forever. When Guibanjang finds this information out he is oblivious to the deal Weol-ju made — Han Kang Bae tells him that Weol-ju has lost her chance to be reincarnated by finding out the identity of the Cinnabar. It dawns on Guibanjang that it doesn’t matter if Weol-ju gets 100,000 grudges settled, she will end up in Hell anyway and he is angry. Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 10 sees a new Guibanjang — a one that shows feelings.

An insightful flashback

A flashback shows Yeombujang with his spirit son Kim Won-Hyung — Kim Won-Hyung destroys his father’s spirit and takes his identity and appearance; this explains why Yeombujang (Kim Won-Hyung) has been working against Weol-ju. He wants to destroy her.

Guibanjang confronts Weol-ju and is frustrated by her scenario — he tells her to stop settling grudges until he nullifies the contract. She mocks him for being so bothered but Guibanjang expresses that after supporting her, he is not giving up now. Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 10 puts Weol-ju’s choices in a bad predicament for all the characters.

More meddling by Kim Won-Hyung

Yeombujang (Kim Won-Hyung) tells Shin Ji-hye to enter Weol-ju’s dreamworld so she knows the Crown Prince did nothing wrong and so that she knows who Guibanjang is — Yeombujang wants Weol-ju to complete the 100,000 grudges so she goes to Hell. Meanwhile, Guibanjang heads to Samsin’s place and starts trashing the place to find the contract; he begs Samsin to help and insists she should have stopped Weol-ju. Samsin tells Guibanjang to stop because he has helped enough.

We like each other

Han Kang Bae takes Kang Yeo-rin out for cake to cheer her up. She explains how she used to be referred to as “Date Bully” as when she touched a boy they always ran out. She explains that’s why she turned him down in fear that he would run away. Han Kang Bae explains how he used to be referred to as “The Cursed Boy” as he brought everyone bad luck. They admit to having feelings for each other. Weol-ju is happy for Han Kang Bae on establishing a relationship with Kang Yeo-rin.

Dreamworld in Joseon

Shin Ji-hye visits Weol-ju at the Mystic Pop-Up Bar and has a drink. Shin Ji-hye talks about a man she was deeply in love with but his parents didn’t approve — the man she was with left her for another woman. She wants to know why he left her so Weol-ju wants to help and gives her the magic drink. When she enters the dream world she’s in a village in Joseon where Weol-ju was born; Weol-ju sees the Queen berating her younger self and she realizes Shin Ji-hye is the reincarnation of her.

Weol-ju sees the Crown Prince getting prepared to meet the Crown Princess and she thinks he lived happily ever after, even after she died. Guibanjang enters the dream and stops Weol-ju from approaching the Crown Prince. Guibanjang wakes up Weol-ju and Shin Ji-hye. Weol-ju grabs Shin Ji-hye angrily and reminds her that she has been punished for 500 years. Shin Ji-hye wants to tell Weol-ju who the Crown Prince is but Guibanjang asks her to leave urgently, leaving Weol-ju in tears.

Guibanjang speaks to Shin Ji-hye and demands that she stop meddling in their lives.

Taking responsibility

Meanwhile, Yeomradaewang has a meeting with Guibanjang — he asks how she can keep punishing Weol-ju after 500 years but Yeomradaewang reminds him that disclosure of secrets is a grave sin and someone must take the responsibility. In a brave moment, Guibanjang takes over the responsibility from Weol-ju — he wants to go to Hell for her.

Good news

Guibanjang returns to the bar and reveals that Weol-ju’s contract has been nullified — Yeombujang (Kim Won-Hyung) is irked by it. Guibanjang explained how he negotiated with Yeonradaewang due to something he did when he was an Afterlife detective — he managed to find out about the higher-ups’ dirty little secrets and he handed over the secrets from the files which were a bargaining chip for his negotiation with Yeomradaewang — Weol-ju still has to do 100,000 cases but she will not go to Hell if she succeeds. Yeombujang (Kim Won-Hyung) storms out, clearly disappointed. But the question is, is Guibangjang telling the truth? Is he still going to Hell for Weol-ju?

How does Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 10 end?

Weol-ju wants to talk to Shin Ji-hye as something doesn’t feel right but Guibanjang tries to encourage her to stay away. Yeombujang (Kim Won-Hyung) approaches Shin Ji-hye and tells her she has failed — he transforms back into Kim Won-Hyung and kills her.

At Han Kang Bae’s work, Weol-ju hears him say some words to Kang Yeo-rin that reminds her of the past and asks Han Kang Bae where he got those words from: “Was this just work for you? It was love for me. I despair because I can’t bring you home”. Han Kang Bae reveals he got the words from Guibanjang — the truth dawns on Weol-ju and she walks off. She knows Guibanjang is the Crown Prince. Weol-ju enters the Mystic Pop-Up Bar and looks at Guibanjang longingly with tears in her eyes – “Who are you?”. Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 10 is leading to a natural conclusion as the revelations of true identities are brought to the surface.

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