Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 11 recap – is [spoiler] Weol-ju’s child?

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 24, 2020 (Last updated: February 6, 2024)
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Netflix K-Drama series Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 11


Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 11 finally sees Weol-ju and Guibanjang show their true feelings to each other as the past becomes clear.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 11 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 11 open?

Episode 11 opens up with Weol-ju asking Guibanjang who he is while getting upset. When Guibanjang doesn’t understand, Weol-ju acts like nothing is wrong. Later on, when the Mystic Pop-Up Bar is open, Weol-ju is being erratic. Han Kang Bae tries to find out why she is in a bad mood. Han Kang Bae gives Guibanjang a hint as to why Weol-ju is in a mood and Guibanjang suddenly realizes why Weol-ju is upset. Meanwhile, Weol-ju confides with Samsin her anger at what she learned. Episode 11 brings forward 500 years of pain into one chapter as Weol-ju comes to terms with the truth.

She can’t touch him

Han Kang Bae and Kang Yeo-rin grab a lunch date together and are highly excitable to be around each other. While walking together, Kang Yeo-rin tries holding Han Kang Bae’s hand but she hears a voice that says “Get away from him!” and understandably, it freaks her out. It’s the Cinnabar that doesn’t want Kang Yeo-rin to get close to a man.

The argument

Guibanjang returns to the Mystic Pop-Up Bar and he’s understandably nervous, trying to overdo the chores to help Weol-ju. Weol-ju breaks the silence that she knows who he is — the Crown Prince in a past life. She feels that in her past life, she was naive enough to think Guibanjang would protect her, and now it feels embarrassing that she needed him for 100,000 grudges. Weol-ju asks Guibanjang why he betrayed her and let her die. Guibanjang states that he could not save Weol-ju back then, so he’s trying to save her now. Weol-ju tells him that he hasn’t changed with his noble blood; still dictating who lives and who dies — the pair argue passionately and Weol-ju slaps Guibanjang and asks him to leave.

Weol-ju gets the required context

Kang Yeo-rin ends up at the Mystic Pop-Up Bar believing it to be the CIA base (she still believes the story Weol-ju and Han Kang Bae sold to her). Weol-ju pours her some soju. Kang Yeo-rin tells Weol-ju about the voice she hears when she’s about to touch Han Kang Bae. A brief flashback shows the conversation between Weol-ju and Samsin when Samsin revealed that the Cinnabar suffered a lot in a past life.

As Weol-ju leaves the bar briefly to sort out the sign that has been knocked over, Kang Yeo-rin drinks the magic juice and she transforms into the Cinnabar who wants to know why Weol-ju is setting up Kang Yeo-rin with Han Kang Bae. Apparently, she hates men due to a bad experience in a past life — the flashback reveals that man to be Kim Won-Hyung who shows his true colors — he wanted more of rock from the cinnabar.

Kim Won-Hyung was planning an uprising against the King. The cinnabar reveals that Kim Won-Hyung murdered the shaman and Weol-ju realizes this story is linked to her when the story moves to how the daughter hung herself after her mother died. It sinks in that the man is Kim Won-Hyung — Weol-ju wonders if the story was different all along and considers that Kim Won-Hyung was the reason behind the betrayal as he was planning an uprising against his best friend. Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 11 sees the ultimate truth sink in — 500 year’s worth.

I’m responsible for my son’s crimes

Guibanjang speaks to Yeombujang about Shin Ji-hye’s death — Yeombujang reveals that the evil spirit Kim Won-Hyung, who escaped Hell to get revenge, is responsible. Yeombujang states that Won-Hyung is his son, no matter the crimes, and apologizes for not coming to Guibanjang sooner. When Yeombujang leaves, it’s revealed that he is still taken over by Kim Won-Hyung.


Weol-ju speaks to Guibanjang and asks him about the Cinnabar’s story and whether Kim Won-Hyung planned an uprising and killed her mother. Guibanjang admits that he found out too late — “The day Kim Won-hyung raided your house was the day I was going to propose to you”. Guibanjang wanted Kim Won-Hyung to feel everything he did when he lost everything. Flashbacks show the Crown Prince bringing Kim Won-hyung to justice in front of the palace and executing him. Devastated by recent events, the Crown Prince (Guibanjang) promised to protect Weol-ju in her next life.

Guibanjang tells Weol-ju that he didn’t tell her he is the Crown Prince because he wanted to live up to his promise, with actions, to protect her. He then shows her the ring he was going to propose with and apologizes that he took so long. Weol-ju accepts it. Meanwhile, Yeombujang (Kim Won-Hyung) learns that Weol-ju went into Kang Yeo-rin’s dream world from Hang Kang Bae and he tracks her down. As he walks up behind her, Guibanjang finds Yeombujang (Kim Won-Hyung) and has a casual conversation with him. Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 11 finally sees Weol-ju and Guibanjang show their true feelings to each other as the past becomes clear.

Settling the Cinnabar’s grudge

Weol-ju picks up Kang Yeo-rin and gives her a coffee, which is really the magic drink and she falls asleep. Suddenly the Cinnabar appears. Weol-ju wants to repay the Cinnabar for helping resolve a misunderstanding of 500 years. The Cinnabar, Weol-ju, and Samsin sing and dance with each other in disco lights to help her heartbreak. The women enjoy food after. Samsin tells the Cinnabar it would have been nice if she had someone to console with back then. Weol-ju tells the Cinnabar that Han Kang Bae is a really nice guy. Han Kang Bae and Kang Yeo-rin meet each other and she can touch him without hearing voices.

Prospective parents

Because Weol-ju settled Cinnabar’s grudge, Weol-ju is now on 99,999 grudges. One more to go. Weol-ju and Guibanjang go out for a celebratory lunch; Weol-ju tells Guibanjang that babies are beautiful and asks if he would have been a good dad if he had a child with her.

Han Kang Bae sees how close Guibanjang and Weol-ju are and is confused — he knows something is up so they tell him the truth. Han Kang Bae is taken back by the news that they used to date in a past life. Han Kang Bae and Guibanjang leave, leaving Yeombujang (Kim Won-Hyung) with Weol-ju. Yeomradaewang rings Guibajang and asks for his presence so he has to leave.

How does Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 11 end?

Yeombujang (Kim Won-Hyung) tells Weol-ju that parents always feel responsible for their child’s wrongdoings. Weol-ju reveals that she also has a child who is suffering endlessly every time they are reincarnated. Weol-ju asks Yeombujang (Kim Won-Hyung) if he volunteered to work as Death in order to pay for his son’s sins because even 5,000 years will not repay his sins. Suddenly, Yeombujang (Kim Won-Hyung) gets angry and tells Weol-ju that it isn’t his fault she committed suicide. Weol-ju suddenly recognizes who he is. Yeombujang (Kim Won-Hyung) grabs Weol-ju by the neck and says, “I was also wrongfully murdered by the Crown Prince”.

Han Kang Bae walks into the bar and sees that Weol-ju is slowly dying. Guibajang sprints towards the Mystic Pop-Up bar. Suddenly, there’s a booming voice asking Yeombujang (Kim Won-Hyung) to let go of Weol-ju and Han Kang Bae rises with energy forming around him. Flashbacks show Han Kang Bae standing outside the sacred tree — is he Weol-ju’s son?


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