Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 12 recap – the finale explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 25, 2020 (Last updated: February 6, 2024)
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Netflix K-Drama series Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 12


Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 12 is a great ending to a fun, creative and imaginative story that provoked plenty of theories about life and death.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama series Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 12, the finale explained, contains significant spoilers.

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How does Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 12 open?

Well, we’ve made it to the end after 11 chapters of quirky magic — this K-drama has been hella infectious and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Episode 12, the finale, starts with Han Kang Bae waking up on a chair in a middle of what looks like a warehouse — he sees a broken bottle in the middle of the floor and suddenly cries.

Are you the sacred tree?

Yeomradaewang warns Guibanjang about Yeombujang & Kim Won-Hyung so he runs towards the Mystic Pop-Up Bar. Yeombujang (Kim Won-Hyung) asks Han Kang Bae if he is the Sacred Tree as he rises from the floor. Han Kang Bae manages to fight him off and asks Kim Won-Hyung to remove himself from Yeombujang. Eventually, Han Kang Bae forces the evil spirit out and Kim Won-Hyung quickly departs. As Guibanjang arrives, Han Kang Bae collapses.

The binyeo chose you

As Weol-ju cares for Han Kang Bae who is recovering, flashbacks show her mother giving her the binyeo — “It will bring the person you desperately seek,” suggesting the binyeo chose Han Kang Bae. Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 12 prepares itself for an emotional finale, with the characters facing the likelihood of losing everything.

We had a baby

Weol-ju tells Guibanjang that they had a baby when they were alive but she didn’t know until she died — she explains how she did the 100,000 grudges to stop the endless suffering of their child. In another twist, she reveals the spirit of their baby is in Han Kang Bae (as suspected in the last episode). Weol-ju is upset that she didn’t recognize Han Kang Bae from the start as he was suffering. They also have another problem — Han Kang Bae kissing the Cinnabar will not close his spiritual door — not until they settle the Sacred Tree’s grudge. Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 12 gives a finale-esque problem.

Expanded powers

Han Kang Bae has recovered but as he walks the streets, he keeps having traumatic flashes of the Sacred Tree and the binyeo. Suddenly, his powers work by just looking at people. This suddenly becomes awkward as Kang Yeo-rin’s friend opens rather quickly and rips into their relationship. His spiritual vision is expanding and crowds follow him to the Mystic Pop-Up Bar.

One last grudge

Weol-ju and Guibanjang meet Yeombujang and he’s apologetic and offers to be their final customer to settle a grudge after failing to raise his son properly. He’s upset about being an incompetent partner. Weol-ju agrees to settle his grudge.

I will miss you terribly

Weol-ju and Guibanjang tell Han Kang Bae that they no longer require his services and have a farewell meal with him. Han Kang Bae is very appreciative of them both and states he will miss them terribly.

A nice family

Weol-ju tells Guibanjang to stop being loud and allow their son Han Kang Bae to study. Guibanjang and Han Kang Bae end up playing FIFA. Weol-ju is proud that Han Kang Bae has high scores at college. It’s a little nice family but it’s a dream by Han Kang Bae. Weol-ju watches him sleep and a tear rolls down her cheek as she plays with his hair. Weol-ju and Guibanjang sit in silence, savoring the moment. Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 12 adds the notion of Weol-ju having the family she wanted for the first time. Meanwhile, Kim Won-Hyung is plotting and sends a man to Mystic Pop-Up Bar.

Evil spirit found

The same man heads to the bar and tells Weol-ju and Guibanjang he has found an evil spirit. Guibanjang wants to go alone but Weol-ju states how dangerous it is. Guibanjang assures her that he will catch Kim Won-Hyung.


It’s obviously a trap as Kim Won-Hyung enters the Mystic Pop-Up Bar to confront Weol-ju. He calls her a lucky b*tch. Weol-ju reminds him that his father used to remember him as sweet and kind. Guibanjang heads to the building and realizes Kim Won-Hyung isn’t there and the man’s eyes roll back and turn black.

I’m going to hurt Han Kang Bae

Kim Won-Hyung is shocked at his father’s life-long desire to settle the grudge and thinks he is selling him out. He wants Weol-ju to experience pain as he did. Kim Won-Hyung suddenly hints he is going to hurt Han Kang Bae so Weol-ju goes to get him. She takes him to the place where Guibanjang is trapped and we suddenly realize Kim Won-Hyung has taken over Weol-ju’s body. Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 12 kicks in the mother’s instincts but unfortunately, the evil spirit wins the first part of the chapter.

Yeo-rin the warrior

Kang Yeo-rin finds Weol-ju unconscious. Guibanjang arrives at the bar and they head to Han Kang Bae’s location which is surrounded by evil spirits. Guibanjang gets out his weapon and offers to fight them all. Kang Yeo-rin enters the fight and takes them all on.


Kim Won-Hyung tries telling Han Kang Bae that all his suffering was because of Guibanjang and Weol-ju but Han Kang Bae disagrees, stating the suffering started with Kim Won-Hyung. And then, cruelly, Kim Won-Hyung pours the magic juice down Han Kang Bae and he falls asleep. As he’s about to touch him, Guibanjang raises his weapon to him. Game on.

Fatal blow

Guibanjang and Kim Won-Hyung fight. Kim Won-Hyung ends up throwing the weapon towards Han Kang Bae — Weol-ju tries to get in the way but Guibanjang takes the fatal blow and starts dying — Guibanjang starts crying that he couldn’t protect Weol-ju. Weol-ju is distraught, telling Guibanjang that she loves him. They hold each other as his spirit evaporates. Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 12 gives a depressing moment for Weol-ju, losing the one she loves after 500 years.

Goodbye son

Meanwhile, Kim Won-Hyung is in the dream world with Han Kang Bae and tries to drop him deep into the abyss. Suddenly, Weol-ju freezes Kim Won-Hyung and asks him if he didn’t see this happening in the dream world. Weol-ju explains she has spent 500 years trying to make up for her wrongdoings while he was blinded by revenge. Weol-ju chooses to not get revenge by throwing Kim Won-Hyung down the abyss as she doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

Kim Won-Hyung manages to unfreeze himself and throw Weol-ju down to the abyss with him but Han Kan Bae manages to grab hold of Weol-ju — he’s struggling to hold on — Weol-ju tells Han Kang Bae to live his life and be sweet and sincere: “And don’t let go of those you love”. Han Kang Bae calls her “Mom” and cries. Weol-ju let’s go and falls into the abyss. Episode 12 brings plenty of tragedy, making you wonder if there will be a happy ending.

Coping mechanisms

Han Kang Bae wakes up and we are at the beginning of the episode where he is wailing. The Mystic Pop-Up Bar disappears. Han Kang Bae then narrates that he has the same dream every day and he now has to wear sunglasses to avoid spirits and his powers from impacting people.

The meeting

Weol-ju has a meeting with Yeomradaewang. She tells Yeomradaewang that she failed on her 100,000 grudges. Yeomradaewang announces that as she has settled 100,000 grudges and her son’s spirit is relieved from repeating painful lives. Weol-ju is confused as she didn’t solve her last case — Yeomradaewang states she did because she saved Han Kang Bae by sacrificing herself, therefore realizing her long-standing wish. Weol-ju is emotional and thanks Yeomradaewang. Kim Won-Hyung is also in Hell.

How does Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 12, the finale, end?

Weol-ju is allowed to be reborn and Yeomradaewang asks if there is any life she would wish to live in particular. Weol-ju states she doesn’t wish to be reborn but to return to the Living Realm and live among humans and listen to them wholeheartedly. Yeomradaewang reopens the Mystic Pop-Up Bar and gives her a companion — Guibanjang. They hug. As Han Kang Bae walks the streets, he sees the Mystic Pop-Up Bar and is surprised. He enters and sees Weol-ju and Guibanjang. Mystic Pop-Up Bar episode 12 is a great ending to a fun, creative, and imaginative story that provoked plenty of theories about life and death.


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