The Politician season 2, episode 2 recap – “Conscious Unthroupling”

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 19, 2020
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Netflix series The Politician season 2, episode 2 - Conscious Unthroupling


The Politician season 2, episode 2, “Conscious Unthroupling” tackles outdated attitudes and discusses themes of the younger generation’s views on sexuality.

This recap of Netflix series The Politician season 2, episode 2, “Conscious Unthroupling” contain spoilers.

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How Does The Politician season 2, episode 2, “Conscious Unthroupling” open?

Episode 2 begins with Hadassah and Astrid having lunch and raises how Payton is sitting with a reporter from the New York Times. Payton wants to give the Times an exclusive and if the story is dropped, Dede’s career is over, which means Hadassah’s career is over. Hadassah wants to generate some countermeasures and asks Astrid about Payton’s threesome. Unfortunately, Astrid cannot remember the details of what happened so Hadassah tells her to get Payton drunk and get the story on tape.

Controlling the story

Andrew brings a tape and a transcript to Payton’s campaign team. The transcript reveals that Dede has brought William back into her life and Hadassah is dismayed by the news, stating how she’s sacrificed everything for her life with Dede’s office. Hadassah initially quit but then her plan is to act like she is with William to remove the rumour of the throuple. Hadassah and William move in together and attempt to get to know each other.

This way, Dede does not have to break up with her partners. The Politician season 2, episode 2, “Conscious Unthroupling” brings themes of controlling the story. Hadassah is still angry about the lies and maybe it will be important later in the second season.

The night of the threesome

Astrid and Payton reminisce over River and how he saw them both as good people. Astrid brings up how she doesn’t remember their threesome and wants to know the details. Payton relives the story of what happened that night in the hotel room. At one point during the threesome, Astrid got angry and locked herself in the bathroom. There was no penetration at all. Payton reveals he was not attracted to River in that way but he wanted to feel close and intimate to him. Astrid reveals she cried because River loved Payton more than her. Both characters knew River was not gay. At the end of the night, Astrid kisses Payton and wonders if being together would be a way of feeling close to River again. Payton reminds Astrid that River is gone.

As Astrid heads inside her apartment, Alice shows up and tells Payton that she suspects that Astrid is a mole. She then tells Payton to have an affair with Astrid until the election. The Politician season 2, episode 2, “Conscious Unthroupling” shows how nothing has really changed between Alice and Payton. They are always plotting.

A lot of sex

Alice tells Astrid that Payton needs the attention of more than one person and that they should have a threesome. Astrid lays down the ground rules that include no eye contact afterward. This is Payton and Alice’s strategy to keep Astrid on their side. Meanwhile, William tells Hadassah he wants to have sex with her — Hadassah agrees.

Tino tells Dede that he only needs 11 states to win the presidency. Dede asks Tino if he has considered anyone else for VP — “Maybe an exciting young woman”. Dede tells Tino that she’s been in a throuple for the last 10 years. Tino states that perversion does not sell votes but Dede counters that by saying it does for the under 25s — the young are fluid. Dede has also done a secret poll and 62% of women over 40 would vote for a woman who is sexually proud.

How Does The Politician season 2, episode 2, “Conscious Unthroupling” end?

Astrid tells Hadassah that she does not remember the threesome but Hadassah senses she is lying and that Astrid is back under the Payton campaign — “You’re fired as my mole”.

Payton delivers a speech at a rally again that is inspiring but when he finishes, he learns that Dede is going to make an announcement. On TV, Dede talks about her out-dated attitudes and reveals she has been in a sexual relationship with two men. She is now controlling the narrative. Payton is confused to what just happened — McAfee says, “I think she just lost the election”. Meanwhile, Dede celebrates that she got a text from Oprah — she’s up 6 points but William ruins the dynamic saying he does not want to be the third wheel anymore and picks Hadassah. The Politician season 2, episode 2, “Conscious Unthroupling” tackles outdated attitudes and discusses themes of the younger generation’s views on sexuality.

Additional notes
  • In the campaign room, McAfee begins to cry and explains to the audience how her life was full before New York. She explains how since she has started working on Payton’s campaign they’ve been involved in a super-toxic dynamic. McAfee has a mini-breakdown and states she is going to go out on a date and have sex. The entire campaign ends up at the same show anyway and the toxicity continues.

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