Who are the unnamed man, elderly man and child in Dark season 3?

June 27, 2020
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This article “Who are the unnamed man, elderly man and child in Dark season 3” contains significant spoilers regarding the Netflix series.

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At the start of Netflix’s Dark season 3, a group consisting of a man, elderly man and a child enter the room that Adam often resides in. All three of these characters are unknown and unnamed, with their identities only brought to the surface in slightly predictable ways at the end of the season. But it is a mystery at first.

Who are the unnamed man, elderly man, and child?

Although most viewers likely guessed who they are with the hypothesis of “the origin”, up until this point, you witness the group of characters conducting vicious acts. The man is Martha’s (counterpart) child and thus so is the elderly man and child.

How did Martha conceive this child?

With Jonas and Martha bound by endless, undying love, with the height of the time-traveling war peaking, their teen selves realize that their love has no boundaries and they have sex — it spans across different versions of themselves. Both Adam and Eva believe that the unborn child is “the origin” — the reason for this cycle of cause and effect and the drastic apocalypse.

Why are the man, elderly man, and child unnamed in Dark season 3?

Our theory is that they are unnamed due to the consequences of Adam’s actions on teen counterpart Martha in the penultimate episode. Adam uses the dark matter to engulf and destroy Martha while she was pregnant, so her child was never named. The unnamed man even makes a point that he has no name.

Who do they work for?

It appears later in season 3 that the man, the elderly man, and the child work for their mother Eva which would explain their violent acts — they are helping to put forward a set of motions to help Eva’s plan to counter Adam.

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2 thoughts on “Who are the unnamed man, elderly man and child in Dark season 3?

  • June 30, 2020 at 5:51 pm

    How they were born? They didnt show us.
    Is it that they have lived infinite times, so chances are martha gave birth a few times, so they are 3 different unnamed man from different time but same person.??

    • June 30, 2020 at 5:53 pm

      Hi Sunil, I imagine you are right but the writers cruelly decided to keep the answers away regarding these three characters. But as Adam, Eve and Claudia suggest — this cycle has happened many times in different ways, so it’s very likely that Martha gave birth a few times.

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