Who is Eve/Eva in Dark season 3? And why is she important?

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 27, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Netflix series Dark season 3 - who is Eva? Eve

This article “Who is Eve/Eva in Dark season 3? And why is she important?” contains significant spoilers regarding the Netflix series.

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In Dark season 3, viewers are presented with a new character — an old lady with silver-grey hair. No, it’s not Claudia. In the beginnings of the third season, while Jonas is scoping out the “other world” he comes across Eva, sometimes pronounced as Eve.

Who is Eva?

Eva is the older, counterpart version of Martha with a completely separate and unique personality to her younger self. She talks in many theories, with a keen interest in the timelines of both worlds and how it brings cause and effect.

Why is Eva important?

Dark season 3 presents the Adam & Eve dynamic. Jonas is Adam and Martha is Eva, representing and mirror the creation of both worlds. Both characters want to end this vicious cycle for good. Both have an extreme view of how the war should end with different intentions. While Adam wants to destroy and start again to create a “paradise”, Eva believes she has a way to preserve. Both character’s ideologies provide an intriguing contest of time travel, bringing a flurry of breathtaking scenes and thought-provoking plot points.

Is Eva a good person?

Dark season 3 tends to lean towards the idea that Adam is evil and Eva is good — Eva states that she is “light” while Adam is “dark” to her allegiance of followers. Both characters are oddly similar, painfully connected to their past that were consumed by an undying, endless love. There’s an argument that neither Eva nor Adam is good and bad — they are a creation from themselves, generals of a time-traveling war.

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