Panic season 1, episode 6 recap – what happened in “Dead-End”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 28, 2021
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Amazon original Panic season 1, episode 6 - Dead-End


Personal problems, love triangles, and enquiring police begin to mount up in episode 6, as the teens are battling to keep the games alive. The YA series remains intriguing, mostly because of the unpredictability.

This recap of Amazon original Panic season 1, episode 6, “Dead-End,” contains major spoilers. 

This game is getting out of hand, which makes for addictive entertainment.

Episode 6 opens with Heather (played by Olivia Welch) lying in the hospital — after the last chapter, she managed to get out of the haunted house that was burning down. When she wakes up in the hospital, Bishop (played by Camron Jones) is frantically worried about her; he tells her he wishes he was there. Natalie joins, and she is worried as well — she’s grateful that Heather saved her. Meanwhile, Ray is outside the hospital room with flowers, but when he sees who is there, he puts them down and walks off. Sgt. Christine Langley asks Dodge if the incident was part of the game, but he continuously denies it.

The cops are on to the young teens like a hawk 

And the participants have to remain mute in episode 6 as the cops are getting closer to unveiling the judges.

Natalie’s father, Capt. John Williams interviews Heather, and she states that it was a party that went wrong. However, John is cynical about her answers, and he knows the games are on. The other issue is the death of Little Bill Kelly — the cops are not sure if the man died before or after the fire — we know he died of an overdose. Sheriff Jimmy believes the death of Little Bill Kelly was not an overdose, and John seems on board, and he wonders what the man knew about Abby, the woman who died in the games the previous year.

The games are at risk

Heather is worried because they haven’t heard from the judges in a week. She’s desperate to go to college and reminds Natalie that she’s poor. Meanwhile, Bishop’s father approaches his son and tries to conversate on the rumours that he is a judge. He gets angry at Bishop and reminds him that there are eyes out there waiting for them to mess up. Things are closing in on Bishop and fast.

Natalie and Dodge hook up

It’s been a long time coming, but another romance is solidified in episode 6.

Natalie visits Dodge at his home — Dodge opens up about his father killing himself and gets emotional. The pair hug it out and then hook up. After having sex, Natalie and Dodge ask what they will do with the money if they win. They appear to be getting closer emotionally more than physically, so this provides an intriguing outlook for the games.

Who will Natalie choose — Dodge or Heather?

Demolition derby

It’s the annual demolition derby. Ray is participating. Natalie tells Heather that there’s a rumour that a game is coming. Heather asks if they are still partners, and Natalie assures her they are, despite having teamed up with Dodge behind her back. Heather then brings up a hunch; someone is betting on Panic — she doesn’t reveal her full hunch, but she thinks her mother’s boyfriend Bo is involved. Natalie reveals that she likes Dodge and that she’s getting close to him more than she thought. Heather notices that Bishop is at the derby, and Natalie tells her she should tell him how she feels.

Luke approaches Dodge at the derby and tells him his brother must be scared that he will win. Dodge tells Luke his brother has no reason to scare as he is going to win.

Heather and Bishop have a heart to heart

We now have a love triangle: Heather, with Ray and Bishop wanting her love.

Dodge learns that he’s in the lead for Panic — the next challenge is ready. Meanwhile, Heather talks to Bishop and wonders if he’s afraid of what he wants, in case he’s disappointed if he can’t have it. She reminds him about the day she saw him with Leela and admits she was jealous. Bishop said he was jealous of her and Ray after seeing her hook up with him — he doesn’t want her to get the wrong idea about him and Leela. As they are about to kiss, Ray sees in a distance, but then Heather is alerted that there’s something wrong with her sister Lily.

Bo problems

Heather heads home, and Lily gives her sister a big hug. She said she grabbed some cigarettes believing they were her mother’s, and Bo screamed at her. Heather heads into her mother’s bedroom to see her sniffing drugs with Bo. As she looks at her mother, she’s upset. Heather grabs the drugs tray, but her mother says they will talk about it in the morning. Bo tells her to put it back, but Heather throws the tray on the floor, and the coke goes everywhere. Bo starts strangling Heather, so her mother hits him with a beer bottle. He turns around and slaps the mother to the floor — she tells Heather to get out.

Heather tells her sister to join her, and they get into the truck together and drive off. Meanwhile, at the game, they explain they can’t wait for Heather any longer. The participants are all blindfolded and are asked to start walking — a car in front of them turns its lights on and starts revving.

Personal problems, love triangles, and enquiring police begin to mount up in Panic season 1, episode 6, as the teens are battling to keep the games alive. The YA series remains intriguing, mostly because of the unpredictability.

Additional points
  • Sgt. Christine Langley learns that Jimmy Cortez was one of the judges last year — this is a big relevation as she gets closer to the truth about the games.

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