Panic season 1, episode 5 recap – what happened in “Phantoms”?

May 28, 2021
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Episode 5 reveals vulnerabilities in the characters as romances brew, but the games ramp up to a whole new level, putting everyone in danger.

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Episode 5 reveals vulnerabilities in the characters as romances brew, but the games ramp up to a whole new level, putting everyone in danger.

This recap of Amazon original Panic season 1, episode 5, “Phantoms,” contains major spoilers. 

As the series develops, it feels less about the game and more about the relationships developing, which is standard for a YA series.

Episode 5 opens with a ghost story to tease what’s to come. Heather (played by Olivia Welch) narrates about a rich man that used to live in the town named Samuel — he moved into a wealthy house and did not believe in ghosts; he used to knock four times every time he came home, so his wife and kids knew it was him. One day he came home and did not knock and found his wife in the arms of another man. In a fit of rage, he killed his wife and children and then hung himself. This same house is rumoured to be cursed and haunted.

Heather claims she was “just drunk” to Ray but joins him on a boat anyway

Ray asks Heather if she’d like to join him on the boat with his friends — Heather claims she was drunk the other night when they kissed. Ray goes in for the kiss, and she steps back, but she clearly enjoys his attention. Later on, Heather joins Ray on the boat anyway. They talk about each other’s parents — Ray states his mother is dead, and his father lives in prison with life without parole. Heather wonders if his father did all the things he said he did. Ray states that half the s**t his father did, was for him.

Ray then gets silly and grabs Heather to fall into the lake. Afterwards, Ray and Heather kiss again — Heather tries to be in denial about it but continues to kiss him, and then Ray goes down on her.

This is the typical story of a girl falling for the bad boy.

Finding Dodge at training

And there’s another romance brewing, but not as intensely.

Natalie finds Dodge at rodeo training — she tells him she has a thing for cowboys. The pair hang out, and Dodge opens up about his family. He states his mother knew about her father’s affairs. Natalie opens up about her family as well and how she met Heather — the pair hold hands.

Afterward, Natalie asks Heather if she’s upset about Bishop still; as Heather is about to tell Natalie about Ray, Bishop shows up. Later on, Heather tells Bishop that she’s sorry about being weird about Leela. Bishop asks why she was mad when she found out about him and Leela and when she gives a feeble excuse, he kicks her out and makes it known that he knows about her and Ray.

Sarah learns that Bishop is a judge

Sarah heads into Bishop’s house and learns that Bishop is a judge. Bishop’s father returns home, and the Sheriff tells him that there’s suspicion that Bishop is a judge. Sarah has to hide, and eventually, she sneaks onto the roof.


The participants head to the haunted house — they have to stay inside the house all night — the game is called “sabotage”. There’s a 50 point bonus for whoever solves the riddle in the blood. The participants are easily spooked out in the house. Heather finds the bloody riddle, and everyone’s gathers around. Natalie and Dodge move around the house on their own as usual (surprising Heather isn’t bothered yet). Dodge and Natalie nearly kiss, but Dodge tells her he wants to win the game.

Ray doesn’t want to have sex with Heather

While we assume Ray is playing with Heather, the story makes it confusing for the viewers, especially with what happens between them in the haunted house.

Ray finds Heather, and they hook up in the broken-down barn — he grabs a condom, but Heather looks nervous — he asks her if this is her first time, and she insists she isn’t. Ray can sense she is lying and tells Heather to put her clothes on. Heather is annoyed that Ray will not have sex with her when he’s had sex with plenty of other girls — he clearly has feelings for her and does not want to have sex with her randomly in a haunted house during a game.

Locked in

Natalie caught Heather hooking up with Ray, and she questions her about it. Heather says it was a mistake and felt good to have a distraction — Natalie believes Ray is playing her because she’s in the lead of the game. Heather believed Ray liked her, but now she thinks it’s just for the game. Suddenly, Natalie and Heather are locked in a room by someone.

The ending

Tyler and Ray play with an electric unit in the basement, which leads to Dodge suffering from an electric shock upstairs. Meanwhile, Tyler and Ray find Little Bill Kenny dead — he’s overdosed. Due to messing with an electric motor in the basement, it sets on fire.

Sarah is still on the roof of Bishop’s house, and she can see the haunted house on fire in the distance. There’s panic in the house as the participants leave, but Natalie and Heather are still trapped in the house. Dodge will not wake up, and Ray realises that Heather is still inside. Natalie and Heather are struggling to escape, and Ray could not get to them. Drew feels there is no choice but to call 911 — the fire is too aggressive.

Panic season 1, episode 5 reveals vulnerabilities in the characters as romances brew, but the games ramp up to a whole new level, putting everyone in danger.

Additional points 
  • Capt. John Williams finds Little Bill Kenny at the haunted house of Samuel — he finds him with drugs, and he pretends he didn’t see it.
  • Dodge finds a list of all the people who have died in the game in the haunted house.
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