Hanna season 2 review – the second instalment feels like Hunger Games in the first half

July 2, 2020
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The second season could benefit from some more imagination but it still stimulates the brain, providing the prospect for more stories.

This review of Amazon original series Hanna season 2 contains no spoilers. The action-drama series will be released on the platform on July 3, 2020.

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Hanna has always had potential purely on the intrigue of the leading female character. She’s a character who manages to appear cold, but on the other hand, shows flashes of emotions to signal to the viewer that she does have feelings and certainly has a moral compass.

This is why Hanna works well for the second season — it’s a new world and a new problem for the lead character. She’s gone from protected to the protector, with Clara by her side in the familiar woods, hunting but with no end objective in sight. Marissa coolly remains on the sidelines, tentatively ready to protect her but with a wider plan in mind.

Hanna season 2 is enjoyable to watch in many ways but the writers have chosen to appeal more to the YA story formula than a deep, calculated thriller. With the world opening up the depth of the assassin’s program (Utrax) in season 1, the second season feels very… Hunger Games.

The second season heavily bases itself at a new facility where the young girls live and train called The Meadows; the facility feels less of a facility, manipulated in such a way that gives the girls a “life”, a reason to live and want to succeed in their assignments.

But this facility where life feels artificial while the outside world is bordered off as an “other world” speaks volumes to the mentioned movie series above — it gives that segregation vibe; where a higher cause makes the group of young teens the impression there is a sinister motive.

Season 2 has Hanna having to battle with the prospect of a reformatted facility while protecting those she cares about. There’s plenty of ‘cat and mouse’ in the second season as Hanna and Marissa are either being chased or they are the chasers.

From an action perspective, Hanna has its moments but it could benefit from a little more imagination with the sequences — the action is what keeps the episodes alive, so it’s to be expected that this arena of work improves but it’s a little predictable in Amazon’s Hanna season 2.

The second season could benefit from some more imagination but it still stimulates the brain, providing the prospect for more stories.

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