Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

By Nubia Brice
Published: February 12, 2023 (Last updated: February 14, 2024)
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For a show built on teasing and jokes, some of the best parts of this episode are when Nagatoro and Senpai are genuinely trying to help one another. However, that doesn’t mean this episode isn’t filled with laughs, mainly thanks to Senpai’s friends.

We recap the Crunchyroll anime series Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 7, “I Figured That’s How You’d Ski, Senpai,” which contains spoilers.

Nothing screams romance like the holidays, and Episode 6 delivered on both fronts as viewers got to see Nagatoro (voiced by Sumire Uesaka) and Senpai hang out at a couple’s shrine together. Every week, Senpai seems to shock both fans and Nagatoro with his sudden bursts of confidence, ensuring there’s never a dull moment in their relationship.

Hopefully, that confidence carries into this week with Senpai and Nagatoro hitting the slopes. Considering how unathletic he tends to be, this could be either be a recipe for romance or disaster.

Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 7 recap

The episode opens with Senpai concentrating very hard to put together something viewers cannot see before being called to dinner.

On her daily visit to see Senpai in the art room, Nagatoro notices a box of contacts beside him. She asks if he got them for a “glow up,” but he replies that he just wanted to try them out. When he refuses to try them on for her, she teases him for being scared before offering to put them in for him. Nagatoro assures she is an expert, having helped her older brother with his contacts, so Senpai caves and agrees to let her help.

Senpai prides himself on not becoming flustered when Nagatoro sits close to him but finds himself extremely nervous when she straddles him, trying to get the lens in. In the end, she’s successful but teases Senpai knowing he will no longer be able to touch his glasses when he’s nervous.

Senpai and Nagatoro hit the slopes

While on a ski trip, Senpai and his friends notice how good Nagatoro and her friends are at skiing as they easily tackled the hardest slopes. His friends are surprised when she approaches them, unaware that Senpai is friends with such a popular first-year girl.

She invites Senpai to ski with her, and they head to a beginner’s course together, where Senpai promptly crashes into a snow bank. He’s surprised to find out she actually thought skiing might be something he was good at, but she assures he at least isn’t worse than she expected. She attempts to teach him the basics, but Senpai continues to struggle, repeatedly crashing into the snowbank. As her friends ski by effortlessly, Senpai begins to look dejected.

Why doesn’t Senpai want to go night skiing with Nagatoro?

After a full day of instruction, Senpai feels he is no better at skiing than before. Nagatoro invites him for a night lesson, but he refuses, claiming his legs are still sore. When both he and her friends try to figure out what’s going on, Senpai reveals that he doesn’t want to hold Nagatoro back from skiing at her own pace. Gamou and Yoshi assure him that while Nagatoro is no doubt the best skier in their grade, that’s not the real issue here.

Senpai saves a life

That night, Senpai hits the beginner slope again to practice what Nagatoro taught him. While he still struggles, it’s clear at least some of her teachings stuck with him. He’s surprised to find himself enjoying skiing but mostly dreams of a day when he can hold his own on the slopes beside Nagatoro. As he daydreams, another young skier goes by, yelling that he cannot stop. Senpai manages to ski forward and grab the child’s coat just before he runs into a tree.

How does Nagatoro save Senpai on the slope?

After helping save a kid, Senpai decides to continue practicing. Just then, two skiers appear out of nowhere, heading straight for him. He tries to get out of the way but realizes he’s not going to make it. Suddenly Nagatoro appears on a snowboard, pulling him out of the way before scolding the other skiers.

After she congratulates him on saving a child earlier, Senpai nervously asks Nagatoro if she would like to ski with him some more. She agrees, giving him more pointers and making fun of him for gazing at her as they ski. Despite everyone’s faith in his abilities the next day, Senpai still manages to ski right into a snowbank.

Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Back at school, Senpai congratulates Sunomiya for making it into art school by giving her a gift. She asks what he plans to do when he graduates, and Senpai replies that he is also trying to get into an art school. This surprises Sunomiya, who says she never expected such a positive answer from him and wonders if it has something to do with Nagatoro’s influence over him.

As Senpai looks back on the last year, he begins to realize that maybe Nagatoro has been influencing him before wondering what her future goals are. He finds himself upset by the fact that he does not really know those things about her.

While Nagatoro is known for her relentless teasing, especially early on in the series, it’s always nice to see how patient she can be with Senpai as well. Some of their best moments come when she isn’t actually making fun of him but genuinely trying to help or understand Senpai. This type of relationship is clearly new to both of them, and it’s interesting to see how much they’ve both changed in a year.

We don’t see Senpai’s friends often, but I enjoyed their inclusion in the episode. Seeing Senpai have a life outside of Nagatoro makes his character feel more layered and less like a tool for her character to make fun of. The more we learn about them, and they learn about each other, the more this friendship feels genuine and realistic. The slow burn of the relationships and the natural growth of everyone in the series is one of the things this anime does best. It never feels rushed or like the gags are forced, but it still keeps viewers entertained.

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