High School season 1, episode 7 recap – “Fix You Up”

November 4, 2022
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High School continues to thrive on the authenticity of the writing that is capitalized by fantastic acting.

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High School continues to thrive on the authenticity of the writing that is capitalized by fantastic acting.

This recap of the Amazon Freevee series High School season 1, episode 7 recap – “Fix You Up,” contains spoilers.

Last week on High School, we saw the sister relationship continue to flourish within their love of music. However, Maya’s jealousy of the sisters took over, and she confronted Tegan (played by Railey Gilliland) about using her, leading to a blow-up. We are two episodes away from the finale, with so much happening. Let’s dive into this week’s episode.

High School season 1, episode 7 recap

The episode begins with an upset Tegan listening to the songs they made while drawing Maya’s name. A montage of seeing Tegan in school, looking for Maya, who is noticeably missing from school. She slips a bunch of letters into her locker. Then heads to her house to see her, but no one answers and drops a mixed tape on her window. We transition into black with the words High School then Tegan in white lettering.

Tegan sneaks back into the house, and someone knocks on the door. And she gets scared, but only Sara (played by Seazynn Gilliland) tells her about a friend of Phoebe’s that she wants her to meet, and Tegan agrees to meet with them after school. However, as she slipped another note in her locker back at school, Tegan made eye contact with Maya in the hallway. An awkward stare down, and Maya walks away.

We meet Cass, Phoebe’s friend, who instantly grills Tegan with a bunch of questions about some bands. The duo hit it off with some banter about their favorite things, including the battle of coffee with the loser having to make the other a mix tape. Next, they are off to Lilly’s house, whose parents are away, so they all go to hang out. While sitting in Lilly’s room, they hear a guitar, and Sara freaks out because they are excited.

Phoebe speaks up that Tegan and Phoebe play music, putting them on the spot. So they started to play, and their friends loved it, and Lilly’s brother thought it was really good. So Lilly suggests they play at the party at the end of the school year. Her brother suggests that they play before they go on. Sara says she would LOVE to.

Here we go with the pitch by the sisters to Simone and Patrick to get the money to buy a guitar. Patrick says plenty of stuff at the new house needs to be done. Simone says one will work with Patrick and the other with their dad. So the sisters play rock paper scissors for who works for their dads today.

The work has begun for the sisters as one is with their dad doing some psychical labor on the job site. It’s not exactly what she was hoping for, but it’s getting the job done because the sister wants the guitar. While working, Cass decided to show up to see Tegan work to see who was right about the better donut. We see them both enjoy the donuts. Cass says she loses and promises to give her a mix tape. And the transition to black with Patrick’s name in white letters.

Then we see Patrick visiting his mom to fix the sink again. We hear his mom talk about wanting to see Simone and the kids. However, his dad in the background says, “there are not his kids,” and it bothers Patrick, but he leaves it alone. Next, we see him go to the guitar shop, where he sees the sisters playing the guitar. Finally, we move back to the house, where they agree to let the girls work to buy the guitar.

Simone and Patrick have friends over at the house, and it’s story time when Simone is going on and on about something, and it seems to be rubbing Patrick the wrong way. Next, we move to Sara and Patrick, riding in the car together, heading to the job site. As they are working, Sara is listening to music which leads to Patrick heading down to turn it off, leading to a MASSIVE argument between the two. Patrick says that he doesn’t even like that Simone lets them listen to that type of music, and Sara fights back, defending Nirvana.

The ending

And BOOM goes the dynamite, as Patrick mentions he didn’t like Cobain because he was an (insert F word), and Sara is stunned that he used that word. Sara then calls Patrick out for being homophobic, and he gets defensive. After that, she said that people think she and Tegan are weird. What if they called them that, and he said, “it would be different.” She pushes further by saying what if “Cobain was what Patrick said he was,” said, “it would be okay.” She stopped him in his tracks and said you can’t say that word. Wow, what a powerful little scene.

As the episode ends, Patrick and Tegan arrive home, and he tries to joke about Smells Like Teen Spirit being a good song, and Tegan gets out of the car. When he walks to the door, Simone hugs him, and the episode ends. WHAT HOW YOU LEAVE US HANGING!

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