Southern Survival season 1 review – for those who like the outdoors

July 2, 2020
Daniel Hart 0
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From fire to escaping an underwater car to using a solar oven, Southern Survival season 1 has plenty of variety in its ammo.

Netflix series Southern Survival season 1 will be out on the platform on July 3, 2020.

There are certain individuals who love the outdoors — they relish the hell out of it, soaking in that sweet air and pondering their next activities. My three-year-old child absolutely buzzes at the prospect of being outside and I already fear camping with him — I’m going to be terrible at it.

If you are an outdoor person, you will enjoy the blurb for Southern Survival, the new reality series on Netflix. It follows the BattlBox crew, led by two best friends, who test out a range of outdoor gear in various scenarios.

Each episode is uniquely interesting as the crew put the tests into place. In the opening episode, they put a range of fire-related products through their paces, which includes fireproof fabrics — because who knows when you may need it.

The strength of Southern Survival is its charm. The crew are infectious and show a type of parallel passion for the scenarios taking place. It’s easy to imagine that there is never a dull day with this team, as there are no limits to the outdoors, and I guess that’s the point. The crew is genuinely excited about everything that is thrown at them, making it exciting television.

From fire to escaping an underwater car to using a solar oven, Southern Survival season 1 has plenty of variety in its ammo with the series clearly having the mantra of keeping the format exciting. With Netflix really ramping up their reality genre, I wouldn’t grumble at a second season of this malleable series.

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