Hanna season 2, episode 3 recap and breakdown – saving Clara

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 3, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Amazon original series Hanna season 2, episode 3 - To The Meadows


Hanna season 2, episode 3 puts Hanna on a mission to save Clara in an episode that shows deep manipulation and confusion.

This recap of Amazon original series Hanna season 2, episode 3, “To The Meadows” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Hanna season 2, episode 3, “To The Meadows” open?

On the news, the word is travelling fast regarding the Belgian employees who were attacked at the Pharmaceutical company. John rings up the company and they have arrested the girl who Hanna pretended to be on the clinical trial list. John wants to accelerate the trial as well.

She will die

Hanna shows the pill chip that was embedded in Clara and led her to the pharmaceutical company to Marissa. Hanna knows Clara is at The Meadows and asks Marissa why she gave her hope and pretended to be her mother on social media — “If we don’t do something, she will die”. Marissa tells Hanna that they have to stay away. Meanwhile, John gives Terri and Leo two days to sort out Clara — if not, he will make a call. It’s a race against time in Hanna season 2, episode 3, or at least, that’s what Hanna thought.

Give up now

Marissa receives a personal ID for Clara — renamed “Melanie Jean”. Meanwhile, Clara tells Terri that she cannot be the same as the others. Clara questions Terri and asks why she cares. Terri explains she understands what it is like to be the odd one out. Terri tells Leo that Clara doesn’t want help and needs to know if her mother ever loved her. Meanwhile, Marissa asks Sonia if she’d like a coffee so they can get to know each other — she did this so she can track her location.

Getting information

Hanna is outside the pharmaceutical company and manages to steal a pass. She’s spying on Louis Dumont (the Director of Innovation) and gives Marissa the information. Marissa tells her to wait and that she will get there. Hanna steals some car keys and heads into an expensive car. Sonia visits the girl Monica, whose name Hanna used to get into the clinical trials. She gives her photos and says, “It’s her” when they show her Hanna. Hanna season 2, episode 3 shows that Hanna’s reported death does not carry weight anymore.

Have you heard from Hanna

John rings Marissa and asks if she has heard from Hanna — he believes she is now alive.

At the Pharmaceutical company, the director sets off driving. Hanna uses the car she stole to follow him. Hanna makes Marissa aware that she’s following Louis Dumont. Meanwhile, Sonia sees CCTV footage of Hanna getting into a car and tracks a registration plate. John asks Sonia to “Take her”. Sonia gets out a gun. Meanwhile, Hanna continues to follow Louis Dumont and records a video of him at the back of a truck. Louis sees Hanna following her. Meanwhile, Marissa kills Sonia point blank with a gun. Marissa pretends to be Hanna’s mother and acts like she’s in trouble to get her away from Louis. Hanna tells Marissa that the truck is heading to The Meadows.

I will always love you

Terri gives Clara a supposed letter from her mother that she wrote when she was born. At the end of the letter, it says “I will always love you”. Terri tells Clara that all the girls in the facility will never abandon her. Terri believes the letter has worked. Hanna season 2, episode 3 shows the manipulation at play here to keep the assassins in their program.

At the start of the episode, Leo gave Sandy a Bible — he speaks to her about it. Sandy asks about Clara and wonders if she can see her. The Bible was a manipulation ploy and it becomes clearer later in the chapter.

Feeling betrayed

John rings Marissa and states that Hanna is alive and killed one of his people. Marissa tries to bump it off as a conspiracy. John sends Marissa a photo of Sonia, who is dead. Meanwhile, Hanna finds John’s number with the message “Join me” in the car and feels like she is being betrayed. She leaves the car and Marissa cannot find her — Hanna has hidden in one of the lorries.

Marissa enters one of the lorries and Hanna attacks her — they fight. Marissa tells her she is the only ally she has. Hanna tells Marissa she’s a liar before putting her to sleep and leaving her in the lorry. Hanna gets the ferry and arrives in Dover, England.

How does Hanna season 2, episode 3, “To The Meadows” end?

Clara sits with Sandy and Sandy compliments her fighting. Sandy tells her that here is where her family is. Sandy shows Clara her room and suggests that The Meadows is giving her a second chance. We can assume the Bible taught Sandy values regarding forgiveness. Hanna finds Utrax’s new facility. She disarms one of the guards and takes his weapon. When she reaches The Meadows she sees Clara in the garden and she looks happy. Clara turns around and they see each other but Hanna is surrounded by many guards — shocked by what she saw, she drops her guns. Hanna season 2, episode 3 puts Hanna on a mission to save Clara in an episode that shows deep manipulation and confusion.

Additional points
  • Jules tells Sandy and Helen that she’s into women but sees Sandy as a sister.
  • Hanna tells Marissa that she looks good for her age. She also asks her what Canada is like. Marissa tells her she will love it.
  • Hanna tells Marissa that she cares about Clara because they are similar.

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