Hanna season 2, episode 4 recap and breakdown – escape plans

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 3, 2020 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Amazon original series Hanna season 2, episode 4 - Welcome Mia


You can sense the predictability in Hanna season 2, episode 4 as it reaches the dying embers.

This recap of Amazon original series Hanna season 2, episode 4, “Welcome Mia” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Hanna season 2, episode 4, “Welcome Mia” open?

Episode 4 begins with Marissa struggling to get out bed, bruised up, and with a few injuries. John rings Marissa up and tells her that they have caught Hanna. He arranges a pick-up point so Marissa can go to The Meadows. Marissa pairs a tracking device in her lipstick with her phone and then drives her car into a tree.

Can I see her

Jules tells Sandy that she wants to arrange a party after curfew at The Meadows. Sandy distracts a man from a van while Jules steals alcohol — we learn that Leo planned the girls to steal the alcohol so they learn about disobedience. John meets Marissa and tells her she looks exhausted. Her injuries can now be explained. Marissa is emotionally manipulating John so he can see Hanna. John shows Marissa the footage of Hanna taking on the guards and he’s excited because this is the type of assassin they wanted — he wants Hanna back in the program.

Hanna season 2, episode 4, “Welcome Mia” then shows Marissa finding a way to communicate to Hanna so she can gain her trust again in a clever scene between them both. Marissa visits Hanna; Hanna immediately jolts up and Marissa makes out like they haven’t seen each other for a while and then states she crashed her car. Marissa tells Hanna that she knows she killed Sonia because she was a threat. And then Marissa asks for Hanna’s cooperation — “Do you trust me?”.


The man that Marissa called visits the tree she crashed into and he finds her phone buried in the ground. He pairs with the lipstick capsule so now she knows where she is. Hanna tells Clara that she wanted to help her but that was obviously a mistake. She also wants Clara to show her around — “Maybe I want to stay here too”. Clara shows her around The Meadows.

Please leave with me

Hanna season 2, episode 4 sees Hanna showing initiative to talk to Clara, showing how more advanced she is in these situations. Hanna grabs Clara and they head to a private room where John and Marissa cannot track. They hug each other and Hanna apologizes for not listening to her about her mother. Hanna wants to take the chip out of her arm again but Clara doesn’t want her to remove it. Hanna tells Clara that none of it is real and they should escape. The guards reach the room and Hanna begs Clara to join her. As they open the door, the girls pretend to have a smoke with each other for “Old times sake”.

John meets Hanna for their first meeting. Hanna says the facility is better than before. John asks Hanna if she’d like to stay. Hanna acts like she’s exhausted and Marissa secretly hands her something while comforting her. John states that they will set her up with a new identity. Marissa left Hanna a note with a location to meet at 10 pm to escape.

A new life

The assassins are introduced to Hanna by John. He talks about their future — “When you have finished your service with us, you’ll be given a new life”. John makes out that they can one day fall in love, maybe have a family. Hanna season 2, episode 4 continues with the sinister outlook at this new facility. John tells Marissa that Hanna fits right in. Marissa says she no longer needs to be here but John wants to welcome her back to help out. Marissa wants to know who is behind the operation and who is paying for it. John remains mute on it so Marissa asks if he can arrange a car so she can leave. Sandy tells Jules that “this” time she looks different — “Kind of sad like she lost everything she loved”. Hanna asks Clara how the curfew works — she’s prepping for the escape plan.

She wants to me leave tonight

Leo introduces Hanna to her room and tells her that what he saw on the cameras during the break-in was impressive. Meanwhile, Clara tells Sandy that Hanna wants her to leave, tonight. You can sense the predictability in Hanna season 2, episode 4 as it reaches the dying embers. Marissa asks John if she can see Hanna one more time before she goes. Meanwhile, Jules starts the party. The girls ask Hanna if she has been to a real party and if she’s been with boys. Marissa and Leo enter the party and she says goodbye. Leo congratulates the girls for getting the booze — “Face and trigger”.

How does Hanna season 2, episode 4, “Welcome Mia” end?

The ending is predictable but entertaining at least. When Marissa leaves, she puts the plans into action. In the control room, she plans for a power cut at 10 pm. John is watching Marissa leave on camera. Marissa heads into the car. The power then cuts out at the facility. Marissa kills the driver. At the party, Jules notices that Hanna and Clara are missing.

John knows Marissa’s plans and Clara and the girls have set Hanna up. Clara tells Hanna she could be happy here. Sandy says, “We’re your family,” which is odd and creepy in the way she says it.

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